Bases And Principles Of The Driver Education. Create Observatory. Law N ° 23.348. Repeal

Original Language Title: Bases y principios de la Educación Vial. Créase Observatorio. Ley N° 23.348. Derogación

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LAW of promotion of the education road law of promotion of the education VIAL law 27214 Bases and principles of the driver education. Create Observatory. Law N ° 23.348. Repeal. Sanctioned: 25 November of 2015 fact promulgated: 16 December 2015 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: law of promotion of the education VIAL article 1 - this law establishes the basis for road education, understood as individual and social law and non-delegable responsibility of the State.
Article 2 ° - the driver education includes the promotion of knowledge, practices and habits for the circulation and the safe passage on the public highway.
(Article 3 ° - are principles of the driver education: to) the inscription of the problematic of the driver education in the broader civic education field, and as such, responsibility of adults as a whole. b) recognition of the role of the State in the generation of public policies for transit and road safety, to ensure a responsible and safe movement. (c) the promotion of the reconfiguration of the urban circulation space, the discussion concerning the practices of transit, the visibilization of the fundamental role of the human in that context intervention and recovery of the social sense of the care itself and the other on the public highway. (d) the promotion of egalitarian and democratic access of all children, girls, adolescents, young people and adults to knowledge, habits and practices central to the protection of life and physical and mental, well-being built by groups human inhabiting different contexts involving. (e) the dissemination of the universal and democratic access to knowledge and relevant knowledge on rules, regulations and existing principles on transit. (f) involvement and appeal to the various social actors in the development of actions for driver education, especially organizations of workers whose labor axis develops in road situations and for the automotive industry. (g) the socialization of significant knowledge of standards and rules in force on the land transit, as the learning of concepts relating to the pedestrian, vehicular liability and safe behaviour in public. (h) strengthening of social coexistence and the construction of a culture of prevention and of solidarity.
( article 4 - the Ministry of education, through the appropriate agencies, shall be: to) attend, through specific agreements concluded in the framework of the Federal Council of education, provincial jurisdictions and of the city of Buenos Aires, in the implementation and deepening of plans and initiatives in all educational modalities. (b) designing and implementing teaching resources for teacher training of new teachers and teachers. (c) develop and distribute materials of the teaching task support and information for parents and community in general, to promote curricular development of centres of learning priority (NAP). (d) joint with official bodies and organizations non-governmental the driver education courses, intended for both students of compulsory education, and teachers and other members of the educational community. (e) promoting the realization of communication actions in different media and formats of prevention and promotion of road safety, periodically, with the object that they form part of mass media campaigns. (f) ensure systematic inclusion of the driver education in the fields of broadcasting official. (g) joint with the Council of universities, the diffusion of this law and the promotion of education special programs at universities throughout the country.
Article 5 ° - created the Observatory of the driver education in the field of the Ministry of education, which shall consist of a multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary team that includes specialists from the Ministry of education, academics and researchers from universities and representatives of organizations of recognized experience in the field of driver education.
(Article 6 ° - objectives of the Observatory of the driver education are: to) encourage research and the development of strategies. (b) build a diagnosis of the situation in our country, through research, that address the phenomenon fully. (c) contribute to the jurisdictions of the country with the information of proposals and actions coming from themselves and from other countries. (d) joint contributions of various ministerial bodies and, in particular, those emanating from national road safety agency. (e) disseminate research international. (f) contribute to the development of public policy. (g) contribute to raising public awareness. (h) institutions offer theoretical and practical tools for its approach. (i) to contribute to debate and reflect on the problem of the driver education and its implications. (j) provide instances of training of qualified human resources.
Article 7 ° - expenditures that requires compliance with the present law shall be charged to the budget of the Ministry of education - jurisdiction 70 - of the General budget of expenses of the public administration.
Article 8 - repealed law 23.348 of driver education.
Article 9 ° - contact the national executive power. given in the room of session of the Argentine Congress in BUENOS AIRES, to twenty-fifth day of November in the year two thousand and fifteen.

Date of publication: 17/12/2015