Law N ° 25.422. Modification

Original Language Title: Ley N° 25.422. Modificación

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SHEEP sheep farming law 27230 law N ° 25.422. Modification.
Adopted: 26 November 2015 promulgated: 29 December 2015 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: article 1 - amending article 1 of the law 25.422, for the recovery of the sheep, which shall be worded as follows: article 1 - instituting a regime for the recovery of sheep farming, which will govern with the scope and limitations established in this law and the complementary norms that dictate the national executive power in its consequence aimed at achieving the adaptation and modernization of the ovine production systems that allow their sustainability over time and, as a result, let maintain and increase employment and the establishment of the rural population. This law includes the exploitation of the sheep Ranch that has the ultimate goal of achieving a marketable production, whether of animals on foot, wool, meat, leather, milk, fat, semen, embryos or another derivative product, and that occurs anywhere in the national territory, land and agro-ecological conditions and the production of flames.
Article 2 ° - amending article 2 of law 25.422, for the recovery of the sheep, that shall be written in the following way: article 2 - sheep farming-related activities covered under the procedure established by this law are: the recomposition of the flocks, improvement of productivity, the racial intensification of farms, improvement of the quality of the production , the use of appropriate technology of extensive management, land consolidation restructuring, the promotion of associative enterprises, the improvement of the processes of shearing, sorting and packaging of wool, sanitary control, use and wildlife control, support to small farms and marketing and industrialization of production actions carried out directly by the producer or through cooperatives or other companies of vertical integration where the farmer is a direct and active participation in their driving. Activities for sheep and llamas are covered in the following scheme: financing of infrastructure, commercial prefinanciamiento, financing of working capital, purchase of supplies, equipment and machinery required to deliver to the producer services in the form efficient, operation or readjustment of plants for processing of fiber, meat, hides or milk, logistics , promotional products, putting into operation and purchase of equipment and/or supplies to shops, fairs and markets.
Article 3 ° - amending article 4 of law 25.422, for the recovery of the sheep, that shall be written in the following way: article 4: will be beneficiaries natural or legal persons and the undivided performing activities subject to this Act, and comply with requirements that establish its regulations, as well as service providers Transformers, marketers of sheep and llamas. Service providers are considered to those natural or legal persons who provide the producer services related activities provided for by this law. Transformers are considered natural or legal persons who develop, starting from the raw material, products derived from or intended for production. They are marketers to natural or legal persons who sold raw materials or manufactured products.
Article 4 - 25.422 law enforcement, in all its articles, will be extended to the producers that have populations of sheep or llamas and other beneficiaries referred to in article 4 of this law.
Article 5 ° - contact the national executive power.
-REGISTERED UNDER NO. 27230 - JULIAN A. DOMINGUEZ. -GERARDO ZAMORA. -Lucas Chedrese. -John H. Estrada.

Publication date: 01-04-2016