Law No. 25.188. Modification.

Original Language Title: Ley Nº 25.188. Modificación.

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Ethics in the exercise of the function public ethics in the exercise of the function public law 26.857 law 25.188 Nº. Modification. Passed: May 8 2013 promulgated: 21 may 2013 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: character public the statements sworn heritage INTEGRALS of the officials public article 1 ° - establish that the affidavits heritage integral presented by persons who are required under the rules of ethics in the exercise of public authority, and in accordance with the provisions of article 5 ° law 25.188 are of a public nature , free accessibility and can be consulted by anyone interested free of charge through the Internet, in accordance with the procedure established regulations.
Article 2 ° - replace article 5 of law 25.188 with the following: "(Artículo 5°: Quedan comprendidos en la obligación de presentar la declaración jurada: a) the President and Vice-President of the nation;" (b) the senators and deputies of the nation; (c) the judges of the power Judicial from the nation; (d) the magistrates of the Public Ministry; e) the advocate of the people of the nation and the Ombudsman attachments; (f) the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministers, Secretaries and undersecretaries of the national executive power; (g) the federal auditors; (h) the Comptroller-General of the nation and the Deputy of the General Audit Office of the nation, the President General Trustees and Auditors General of the General audit of the nation, the higher powers of regulators and other bodies which integrate control of national public systems, and members of judicial administrative bodies; (i) the members of the Council of the Magistrature and jurors of prosecution; (j) the ambassadors, consuls and officers stationed in permanent official mission abroad; (k) the personal activity of the armed forces, of the Argentina Federal Police, of the police's airport security, the national gendarmerie, the Argentina Naval Prefecture and the service Federal Penitentiary, with no less than Colonel or equivalent hierarchy; (l) Losrectores, decanosy Secretaries of the universities national; (m) officials or employees category or function not less than that of director or equivalent, providing service in the national public administration, centralized or decentralized, self-governing entities, banks and banks of the formal system, the social works administered by the State, State enterprises, State companies and personnel with similar category or function appointed on the proposal of the State societies of mixed economy, corporations with State participation and in other entities of the public sector; (n) the cooperating officials of federal auditors, with not less than that of director or equivalent function or category; or staff of the agencies indicated in subsection h) of this article, with no less than that of director or equivalent category; (p) any official or public servant responsible for granting administrative authorizations for the exercise of any activity, as well as any official or public servant responsible of controlling the operation of such activities or exercise any other control under a police power; (q) the officials that integrate them bodies of control of them services public privatized, with category not lower to the of director; (r) staff who serves in the legislature, with no less than the director category; (s) the personal that compliance services in the power Judicial of the nation and in the Ministry public of the nation, with category not lower to Secretary or equivalent; (t) all official or employee public that integrate commissions of award of tenders, of purchase or of reception of goods, or participate in it takes of decisions of bids or purchases; (u) any public officer having function is to administer a public or private heritage or control or oversee public revenues either outside their nature; (v) them directors and administrators of the entities subject to the control external of the Congress of the nation, of conformity with it willing in the article 120 of the law 24.156. "."
Article 3 ° - are also included in the scope of the present law candidates to exercise national elective public.
Article 4 °-them statements sworn public to is concerns this law will be equal to those that is presented before the Administration Federal of income public, not governed for these cases the secret tax established by the legislation tax, with exception of the annex reserved planned in the article following. The persons concerned article 5 of law 25.188 not making sworn statements to date to the fiscal authority, arising from the exercise of the public service or any other activity, must submit a declaration of content equivalent to the tax income, to the tax on personal assets and if applicable a similar showing in any concept for the purposes of compliance with the obligations laid down in the law, as well as the relevant reserved annex.
Article 5 ° - the public affidavits will have a quiet annex containing all of the personal and economic data exempt from advertising corresponding to each one of those forced into the presentation of your spouse, cohabitant and children not emancipated, in accordance with the provisions of law 25.188 and its complementary regulations. article 6 ° - establish that all of the affidavits received, with the exception of the quiet annex, will be published on the site Internet of the Bureau of anti-corruption of the Ministry of Justice and human rights, that it should be kept up-to-date. The public affidavits and reserved annex shall be submitted by the officials referred to in article 2 of this law to the anti-corruption Office of the Ministry of Justice and human rights in the case of the national executive power and the individuals in the article 3 ° of the present, and the unit to determine the legislative and Judicial powers respectively, which shall send them to the office. Even not mentioned dependence, the presentation has been appointed must be made directly to the anti-corruption Office.
Article 7 ° - people who have access to an affidavit through the Internet, are subject to the provisions and penalties provided for in law 25.188 and 25,326.
Article 8 ° - repeal of Chapter VIII of the law 25.188.
Article 9 ° - is invited to the provinces, the autonomous city of Buenos Aires and the municipalities adhere to this law.
ARTICLE 10. -Communicate to the national executive power.
-REGISTERED UNDER NO. 26.857 - AMADO BOUDOU. -JULIAN A. DOMINGUEZ. -Gervasio Bozzano. -John H. Estrada.

Date of publication: 23/05/2013