Integrated Access To Medically Assisted Reproduction Assistance Techniques And Procedures.

Original Language Title: Acceso integral a los procedimientos y técnicas médico-asistenciales de reproducción médicamente asistida.

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REPRODUCTION MEDICALLY assisted reproduction MEDICALLY assisted Act 26.862 access integral to them procedures and technical assistance of reproduction medically assisted. Adopted: June 5 2013 fact promulgated: 25 June 2013 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. sanction with force of law: article 1 °-object. The present law has by object ensure the access integral to those procedures and technical assistance of reproduction medically assisted.
Article 2 ° - definition. To the effects of the present law, is understands by reproduction medically assisted to them procedures and technical made with assistance medical for the achievement of a pregnancy. The techniques of low and high complexity, involving or not the donation of gametes or embryos are covered. Developed by scientific advances, new procedures and techniques may include when they are authorized by the enforcement authority.
Article 3 ° - implementing authority. It will be the authority for the application of this law the Ministry of health of the nation.
Article 4 ° - registration. Create, in the field of the Ministry of health of the nation, a single register in which must be registered all those health facilities equipped to perform procedures and techniques of medically assisted reproduction. Are included those establishments medical where work banks receptors of gametes or embryos.
Article 5 ° - requirements. Only medically-assisted reproduction techniques and procedures can be enabled health facilities that comply with the requirements to be determined by the enforcement authority.
Article 6 ° - functions. The health's Ministry, without prejudice to his functions as application and authority to carry out the object of the present, must be: to) arbitrate the measures necessary to ensure the right to equal access of all beneficiaries to the practices imposed by the present; b) publish the list of reference centres public and private-enabled, distributed throughout the national territory with a view to facilitating the access of the population to them; (c) carry out information campaigns in order to promote the care of fertility in women and men. (d) promoting training and continuous training of human resources specialized in medically assisted reproduction techniques and procedures.
Article 7 ° - beneficiaries. Has right to access to them procedures and technical of reproduction medically assisted, all person greater of age that, of full compliance with it planned in the Law 26.529, of rights of the patient in your relationship with them professional e institutions of the health, has set out its consent informed. Consent is revocable until just before occur implantation of the embryo in the woman.
Article 8 ° - coverage. Public health, social works framed in 23.660 and 23.661 laws, the work Social of the Judicial power of the nation, the direction of Social assistance to the staff of the National Congress, medicine entities returned prepaid and the entities that provide care to the staff of the universities, as well as all those agents that provide assistance to its affiliates services regardless of the legal figure who have incorporate as statutory benefits and to provide to its members or beneficiaries, coverage comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach, diagnosis, medication and support therapies and procedures and techniques that the World Health Organization defines as medically assisted reproduction which include: ovulation induction; controlled ovarian stimulation; the triggering of ovulation; the techniques of assisted reproductive technology (art); and, intravaginal, intracervical and intrauterine insemination with gametes of the spouse, domestic partner or not, or a donor, the criteria establishing the implementing authority. They are included in the compulsory medical programme (PMO) these procedures, as well as those of diagnosis, medication and supportive therapy, with the criteria and modalities for coverage that establishes the enforcement authority, which may not introduce requirements or limitations involving exclusion because of sexual orientation or marital status of the recipients. Also are covered in it coverage planned in this article, them services of keeps of gametes or woven reproductive, according to the best technology available and enabled to such end by it authority of application, for those people, even minor of eighteen (18) years that, still not wanting to carry forward the immediate achievement of a pregnancy, by problems of health or by treatments medical or interventions surgical can see committed its capacity of procreate in the future.
Article 9 ° - budget. For the purpose of ensuring the fulfilment of the objectives of this law the Ministry of health shall annually provide the corresponding budgetary allocation.
ARTICLE 10. -The provisions of the present law are of order public and of application in all the territory of the Republic. The provinces and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires are invited to sanction, for the areas of exclusive competence, applicable standards.
ARTICLE 11. -This law will be regulated within ninety (90) days of its publication.
ARTICLE 12. -Communicate to the national executive power. given in the room of session of the Argentine Congress in BUENOS AIRES, to five in the month of June of the year two thousand THIRTEEN.

-REGISTERED UNDER NO. 26.862 - AMADO BOUDOU. -JULIAN A. DOMINGUEZ. -Gervasio Bozzano. -John H. Estrada.

Date of publication: 26/06/2013