National Programme For The Prevention Of Disease Hlb. Creation.

Original Language Title: Programa Nacional para la Prevención de la Enfermedad HLB. Creación.

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PUBLIC health publishes Law 26.888 program national health for the prevention of disease HLB. Creation. Sanctioned: September 11 of 2013 enacted in fact: October 2 of 2013 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the nation Argentina gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: program national for the prevention of the disease HLB of the CITRUS chapter I object, scope and scope article 1 - this law aims at the creation of the national programme for the prevention of HLB (Huanglongbing or citrus greening) disease, whose insect vector is the Asian the citrus Psyllid (Diaphorina citri).
Article 2. - for the purposes of this Act, be labeled "quarantine pest" to the bacterial agent of the HLB (Candidatus liberobacter spp.), established in article 2 of law 25.218 of accession in accordance with the International Plant Protection Convention.
Article 3º - qualified public utility the fight against the scourge called Asian Citrus Psyllid - Diaphorina citri - and other associated Hemiptera, referred to in the rules relating to the production, transport and marketing citrus.
Article 4th - national prevention programme established by this law and the measures derived from it, will be enforceable in all provinces where there is commercial production of citrus.
Article 5º - the activities of the national programme of prevention of the HLB will refer to: 1. increase the control and other actions of prevention at border crossings, terminals and airports. 2. implementation of press and broadcasting of national and regional campaigns in order to provide the population in general and the citrus fruit sector in particular expertise relating to the basic provisions to take by the actors involved and raising awareness on the potential of the problem severity. 3 train the staff of official and private institutions in detection and diagnosis of the disease in field and laboratory. 4. control the production and marketing of species plants susceptible to the HLB and of the vector Diaphorina citri (Psyllid). 5. demand the use of nurseries under cover antiafido and the marketing of plants citrus certified according to it established by the resolution SAGPyA 149 / 98 and those others that it replace or modify.
Article 6º - set as mandatory reporting the presence of citrus with symptoms suspected of the disease, the complaint will be out in an irrefutable manner by the owners, holders or holders of the premise, occupying, nurseries, as well as any other responsible for those places where there are citrus plants, both in rural and urban, to the national surveillance system and monitoring of agricultural pests of SENASA (Sinavimo) created by resolution SENASA 218/02 and in compliance of the resolutions SENASA 778 / 04 and 458 / 05 and those others that the replaced or modified.
Article 7º - the finding of suspicions or allegations must be carried out by the network of laboratories belonging to SENASA, INTA, the Estación Experimental Agroindustrial "Obispo Colombres" (EEAOC) and universities.
Article 8º - for the purposes of complement research and transfer projects developed in the present subject, national prevention program will process data originated from studies carried out in survey activities carried out by the same disease and the insect vector, subject to the following items before December 1 of each year (: a) detailed information on the areas in which applied phytosanitary measures related to the insect vector and the results of its execution, broken down according to the type of measure applied, with an evaluation of the obtained efficiency in the control of populations of the same; (b) registration of authorized nurseries and traceability of plants.
Chapter II of the implementing authority article 9º - will be application authority of this law the Ministry of agriculture, livestock and fisheries of the nation, through the Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria (SENASA), who will regulate and run the national program created in this law.
ARTICLE 10. -Allowed to SENASA the coordination of an inter-agency task team, consisting of the National Directorate of plant protection, the National Institute of agricultural technology (INTA), the National Institute of seeds (INASE), to the Estación Experimental Agroindustrial "Obispo Colombres" (EEAOC) and other official centres of research, universities, provincial governments, representatives of the public and private sector provincial regions of the Nordeste Argentino (NEA) Noroeste Argentino (NOA) , and any institution linked to the sector citrus national; which shall establish the phytosanitary procedures, preventive measures, monitoring, alarm and control services most suitable to be implemented by the national programme for the prevention of disease HLB.
Chapter III coordination and financing article 11. -The overall coordination of the national programme for the prevention of disease HLB of the Citrus will be held by SENASA. The national system of surveillance and monitoring of pests (Sinavimo) will keep updated information derived from the activity detailed in article 6 of this law, which are of public knowledge through the official portal of the coordinating body.
ARTICLE 12. -The Ministry of economy and public finances, within the limits of headings available for these purposes, to finance preventive measures and appropriate phytosanitary treatments for the reduction of populations of the pest in the amount of up to seventy percent (70%) of the costs, on the basis of the information provided by the enforcement authority.
ARTICLE 13. (- The amount of State funds provided for in the national budget for the implementation of the national programme for the prevention of disease HLB of the Citrus, will be distributed according to the following guiding criteria: to) the distribution of costs of fight against recurrent citrus pests in previous exercises; (b) the data of early attacks of citrus pests in previous years, giving priority to measures in the most vulnerable areas; (c) the measures that the affected provinces provide for adoption in the period and expected situation that could influence the origin and progression of the plague.
Chapter IV provisions general article 14. -The provisions of this law shall have the character of the basic regulation, on the basis of relevant constitutional standards.
ARTICLE 15. -Them expenses that demandare the execution of the program national for the prevention of the disease HLB of them Citrus, prior to its regulation, will be assigned to the treasure national according to the article 75, subsection 9, of the Constitution national.
ARTICLE 16. -Empower is to the Ministry of economy and finance public to dictate, in the field of its competences, the provisions necessary for the development of this law.
ARTICLE 17. -Communicate to the national executive power.
GIVEN in the Hall of sessions of the Congress Argentine, in BUENOS AIRES, to the eleven days of the month of September of the year two thousand THIRTEEN.

Date of publication: 04 / 10 / 2013