Creating The System Of Comprehensive Protection For Individuals Transplanted.

Original Language Title: Créase el Sistema de Protección Integral para Personas Trasplantadas.

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TRANSPLANTS TRANSPLANTS Law 26.928 create is the system of protection Integral for individuals transplanted. Adopted: 4 December 2013 fact promulgated: 10 January 2014 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. sanction with force of law: creation system of protection INTEGRAL for people TRANSPLANTED article 1 °-the object of the present law is create a regime of protection integral for them people that have received a transplant enrolled in the record national of procurement and transplant or is are in list of expected for transplants of the system national of procurement and transplantation of the Republic Argentina (SINTRA) and with residence permanent in the country.
Article 2nd - El Instituto Nacional Central Unico Coordinator of ablation and implant (Incucai) in coordination with the judicial agencies of procurement and transplantation, extend a certificate - credential whose single presentation served to prove the status of beneficiary as the article 1 of this law.
Article 3 ° - this law enforcement authority is the Ministry of health, which must coordinate their actions with the jurisdictions and the competent national authorities on the matter. The jurisdictions will be enforcement authority governing the provinces and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires.
Article 4 ° - the public health system, the social works framed in laws 23.660 and 23.661, the work of the Judicial power of the nation, the direction of Social assistance to the staff of the National Congress, institutions of medicine prepaid and institutions that provide care to the staff of the universities, as well as all those agents that provide medical care to its members regardless of the legal figure with , must provide to the individuals in the article 1st of the present law the % coverage per cent (100%) in the provision of drugs, diagnostic tests and care practices of your state of health of all those diseases that are directly or indirectly related to the transplant.
Article 5 ° - the enforcement authority, through the agency concerned, should grant the individuals in the article 1st of the present law passengers land or river transport passages of national jurisdiction, in the way that mediate between the address of those and any destination that must attend for medical reasons duly accredited. The franchise be extended to a companion in case of documented need. In cases of necessity, and for exclusively medical reasons, tickets will be awarded for travel on air transport.
Article 6 °-it authority of application should promote before them organisms relevant, it adoption of plans and measures that facilitate to them people covered in the article 1 ° of the present law, the access to a proper housing or its adaptation to them demands that its condition les demande.
Article 7 ° - be transplanted, related donor or be enrolled in waiting list of the Instituto Nacional Central Unico Coordinador of ablation and implant (Incucai) with medical indication for transplantation, or be escort of person transplanted in the terms to be determined by regulation, will not be causal of impediment to entry or continuity of an employment relationship, both in the public sphere , as in the private. Ignorance of this law shall be considered discriminatory act under the terms of the law 23.592.
Article 8 ° - everyone understood in article 1 of this law that controls should be performed periodically, shall have the right to special licenses allowing it to perform the studies, restorations and treatments inherent to the recovery and maintenance of their State of health, which would be necessary unless it was causal losses from Presenteeism or dismissal of their source of work.
Article 9 ° - the employer has the right to the computation of a deduction in the income tax equivalent to seventy per cent (70%), in each tax period, remuneration paid to workers covered by article 1 of this law.
ARTICLE 10. -The Ministry of labour, employment and Social Security should promote programmes of employment, entrepreneurship and protected workshops intended for persons covered by article 1 of this law.
ARTICLE 11. -The State should grant, on the terms and conditions of the 13.478 law and its rules amended and complementary, a non-contributory monthly allowance equivalent to a pension for disability for the individuals in the article 1 of this law, forced unemployed and who do not have no other character pension benefits. If any, the beneficiary may choose one of them.
ARTICLE 12. -Expenses that demands the fulfillment of this law will be treated with headings which allocate annual General budget of the public administration for agencies involved in its implementation.
ARTICLE 13. -Invite the provinces and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires to adhere to this law.
ARTICLE 14. -This law will be regulated within ninety (90) days of its enactment. article 15. -Communicate to the national executive power.
-REGISTERED UNDER NO. 26.928 - AMADO BOUDOU. -JULIAN DOMÍNGUEZ. -Gervasio Bozzano. -John H. Estrada.

Date of publication: 22/01/2014