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Commission BICAMERAL of it truth, it memory, LAJUSTICIA, the REPAR Commission BICAMERAL of the truth, the memory, the justice, the repair and the strengthening of them institutions of the democracy law 27217 creation. Sanctioned: 25 November of 2015 promulgated: 02 December 2015 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: creation of LA Commission BICAMERAL of truth, justice, memory, the repair and the strengthening of the institutions of the democracy article 1 ° - created in the scope of the Congress of the nation the Bicameral Committee on identification of the economic and financial complicity during the last military dictatorship for the search for truth memory, justice, repair and strengthening the institutions of democracy.
Article 2 ° - the Bicameral Commission shall consist of five (5) members and five (5) national senators appointed by the President of each camera while respecting the policy of each representation corresponding three (3) members in each Chamber to block that holds the majority or first minority, one (1) member to the second minority and one (1) member to the third minority. It will be chaired by a member of most block or in the absence of the first minority in the Chamber of deputies elected in the bosom of the Commission itself. Also will elect a Vice President, respecting the representation political of the Commission. The quorum of the Commission complies with the simple majority of all its members. Decisions shall be taken by a majority of those present.
Article 3 ° - the Commission will aim to a report with a detailed description of the most salient aspects as well as of the economic, monetary, industrial, commercial and financial consequences of the policies adopted by the dictatorship that de-facto governed Argentina between 1976 and 1983 and the identification of economic and technical actors who contributed and/or benefited from this dictatorship providing financial support technical, political, logistical or otherwise. The Commission must formulate concrete and useful proposals to build memory, point to accomplices, and consolidate and strengthen the institutions of democracy as well as legislative reforms that lead to discourage behaviors as the investigated. article 4° - the Commission shall publish the report within one hundred and eighty (180) days from its Constitution, term which may be extended only once by the same.
Article 5 - to this end, the Commission must make within twenty (20) days following its Constitution a work schedule which shall be governed by the principles of participation, inclusiveness, transparency, evidentiary amplitude, advertising and unrestricted respect for constitutional guarantees. This schedule shall provide for: 1. the receipt of information and complaints. 2. the citation and hearing to the society civil, organizations not governmental, academic, entrepreneurs, companies and Chambers entrepreneurs, associations Union and parties political, and to all those people that facilitate the clarification of them made. 3. the requirement of reporting to companies, public or private, non-governmental organizations to dependencies of the three powers of the State national, provincial, and municipal and foreign States.
Article 6 ° - the Commission must urge those who identify as economic and financial accomplices of the last dictatorship military to voluntarily acknowledge their participation, make apologies and relief to those affected by their actions and to provide mechanisms for caused damages to interests or rights, individual or collective, that in no case terminate legal actions which by law may be applicable.
Article 7 ° - the Commission may require all officers of the national executive power, its dependent agencies autarchic entities and of the armed forces and security that provide reports, data and documents. Officials and agencies are required to provide these reports, data and documents requested. You may also request reports, documents, background and any other element deemed useful for the performance of their functions, any public, national, provincial or municipal agency, and individuals or legal, public or private. In no case will be opposable to the Commission the secret banking, fiscal, stock or professional, or them commitments legal or contractual of confidentiality insofar as is concerned of reports, documents or background dated until the 10 of December of 1983. The Commission may have recourse to justice in order to remove all arbitrary obstacle presenting himself to the research.
Article 8 °-concluded them objectives expected in the article 3 ° of this law, the Commission is dissolve must send it all of it information and documentation collected, any outside the support that it contains, to the file national of the memory, it truth and it justice that creates this law. The Commission before its dissolution must, where is warned the eventual Commission of crimes, formulate them corresponding complaints before the justice.
Article 9 °-create is in the field of the Honorable Congress of the nation Argentina, the file national of it memory, it truth and it justice, which will have by purpose it put to available free of the public general of them documents that serve to it Commission created by this law for the elaboration of its report as well as all another document related with them objectives pursued by it last dictatorship military and their complicities economic. article 10. -The Commission will have an annual budget that will fall within the budget of each camera. If necessary, the Presidency of the Honorable House of representatives of the nation will provide to the Commission physical media and human resources necessary for the performance of its functions.
ARTICLE 11. -The Commission which hereby is created will dictate the rules for its internal function. For administrative purposes, will be of supplementary application as regulated in the rules of procedure of the Chamber of Deputies.
ARTICLE 12. -Communicate to the national executive power.
-REGISTERED UNDER NO. 27217 - JULIAN A. DOMINGUEZ. -GERARDO ZAMORA. -John H. Estrada. -Lucas Chedrese.

Date of publication: 03/12/2015