Law 24962 Total Veto - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: LEY 24962 VETO TOTAL - Texto completo de la norma

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VETO Decree 725/98 Note in full the Draft Law registered under No. 24.962. Bs. As., 18/6/98 B.O.: 24/06/98

VISTO the Bill registered under No. 24,962, sanctioned by the HONORABLE CONGRESS OF NATION on 20 May 1998 and


That through the Bill quoted in the Hittite the domain of SEIS MIL NOVECIENTAS (6,900) Hectáreas located in the southeastern sector of the property called Fraction "A" of the Campo Iguazú (Puerto Península), which are part of the largest extension, registered in the Register of the Property inmueble of the Province of Tomo,

That the aforementioned predio is the property of the Argentine National State, which after several changes in the allocation of use, by Decree No. 394/77 was reintegrated into the then Command in Chief of the Army, with an area of DIECISEIS MIL DOSCIENTAS VEINTI SEIS (16.226) Hectáreas, TREINTA and CINCO (35) Areas, TREINTCHA and SEIS

That this Dominican situation has been corroborated and accepted by Law No. 23,810, which resulted in the transfer to the Municipality of Puerto Iguazú of DOS MIL (2,000) Hectáreas, belonging to the fraction described above.

That the above-mentioned Decree No. 394/77 has been protocoled to Folio 376 of the Notarial Registry of the National State, finding the above-mentioned writing in the process of registration.

That under Act No. 23,985, specific legislation governing all matters relating to national State property allocated in the use of the Armed Forces, and the principles and policy of economic emergency set by the National Government, which imposed on all legal businesses that are aimed at the real estate of the National State, the said property cannot be transferred free of charge.

That in the legal framework mentioned above, an Act of Intention was signed on 12 May 1997 between the Governor of the Province of Missions and the Chief of General Staff of the Army, by which the Argentine Army undertook to transfer to the Province SEIS MIL NOVECIENTAS (6,900) Hectáreas, which form part of a greater extension of the Industrial Establishment and Forestry Iguazú, receiving as a counterpart of service.

That the Act of Intention of which the former considers was ratified by the Governor of the Province of Missions by Decree No. 1325 of 14 August 1997.

That the Armed Forces Restructuring Act No. 24,948 establishes as a source of financing to carry out the process of modernizing and transforming them, the sale of unnecessary properties.

To accept the transfer without charge of the marras property would undermine the current restructuring process in which the Argentine Army is immersed.

That by the above-mentioned foundations it is appropriate to observe the Bill registered under No. 24.962.

That the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER is entitled to dictate the present pursuant to article 83 of the National Constitution.




Article 1 - Note in full the Bill registered under No. 24,962. Art. 2o - Return the Draft Law mentioned in the previous article to the HONORABLE CONGRESS OF NATION. Art. 3o - Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register, and archvese. - MENEM. - Jorge A. Rodriguez. - Jorge M. R. Domínguez. - Roque B. Fernández.