Argentine Judicial Digestion Commission Of Jurists - Call - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: DIGESTO JURIDICO ARGENTINO COMISION DE JURISTAS - CONVOCATORIA - Texto completo de la norma

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DIGESTO JURIDICO ARGENTINO Decree 1050/98 Convokes, within the Ministry of Justice, a Commission of Jurists for the elaboration of the said Digesto pursuant to article 10 of Law No. 24.967. Integration. Bs. As., 10/9/98. B. O.: 14/09/98.

VISTO the sanction of Act No. 24.967 and


That the aforementioned law protects and regulates the ordering and advertising of existing national laws and their regulations.

That the purpose of the Act No. 24.967 is to establish the principles and procedures for the consolidation of existing general laws and their regulations, through the elaboration and approval of the Argentine Legal Digest.

That the Argentine Legal Digest will contribute to the normative order, strengthen legal security and thus provide a better perspective for trade and domestic and foreign investment.

That with the aforementioned Digesto will be given to the powers of the State of a technical tool for the development of norms, which will help to avoid ambiguity, darkness and legal voids.

The proper application of the law in judicial proceedings will also be strengthened, as time and resources will be avoided in the necessary information collection processes.

That by Decree No. 162 of 10 February 1998 the loan contract model was approved to be signed with the INTER-MERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK for the SUPPORT PROGRAMME TO THE SYSTEM REFORM OF JUSTICE, of which one of its components is the development of a Digest that consolidates the whole of national legislation.

That article 4 of the decree quoted in the previous consideration designates the executing agency of the aforementioned Program for the Ministry of Justice.

That the present measure is in exercise of the powers conferred by article 99, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.



Article 1- Convoke, within the scope of the Ministry of Justice, a Commission of Jurists for the Development of the Argentine Legal Digest pursuant to article 10 of Act No. 24.967. Art. 2°- The Commission convened by article 1 of the present report shall consist of one (1) functioning of the MINISTERY OF JUSTICE, one (1) official of the LEGAL SECRETARIAT and TECHNICAL of the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE, both of which rank not less than Assistant Secretary and VEINTISEIS (26) experts, one for each of the subjects set out in article 7 of Act No. 24.967. Art. 3°- The Commission convened by article 1 of the present report shall coordinate the work with the experts who make the Argentine Legal Digest within the framework of the PROGRAMME OF SUPPORT TO THE REFORM OF THE SYSTEM OF JUSTICE (IDB 1082/OC-AR), and issue scientific opinion by legal status, on the validity and consolidation of the laws in each of the subjects set out in article 7.9 of Act No. Art. 4°- The MINISTERY OF JUSTICE shall dictate the Internal Regulations, make up the Commission within the SESENTA (60) days of dictation of the present and propose to the official to be chaired, which shall be appointed by the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER. Art. 5°- Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. - MENEM. - Jorge A. Rodriguez. - Raúl E. Granillo Ocampo.