Federal Administration Of Public Income Non-Permanent Plant Of Personnel Creation - Full Text Of The Norm


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FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION OF PUBLIC INCOME Decree 1091/98 Please refer to the above-mentioned auto-archic entity, a Non-Permanent Multi-year Contractual Staff Plant for the incorporation of professional lawyers to exercise judicial collection in pending cases for tax collection, social security resources, customs taxes, fines and other charges, whose application, control or perception is in charge. Bs. As., 18/9/98 B.O: 23/9/98

VISTO Issue No. 252.196/98 of the Register of FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION OF PUBLIC INCOME, autarchical entity within the scope of the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWS AND PUBLIC SERVICES, and


That through it the aforementioned Federal Administration raises the situation arising from the existence of an important portfolio of pending trials for tax collection, social security resources, customs taxes, fines and other charges, for amounts of significant magnitude.

That the extraordinary economic importance of the litigation in question undermines both the effectiveness of the Agency concerned, and the flow of resources for the satisfaction of community needs.

That, in turn, the operational activity of the said Ente continuously generates new trials that cannot be absorbed efficiently by the permanent lawyers' office in charge of the representation of the interests of the National State in the above-mentioned cases.

In response, it proposes the creation of a Non-Permanent Staff Plant that would enable recruitment in relation to the dependency of professional lawyers, thereby strengthening the staffing level currently affected by the functions referred to.

That the adoption of such a measure is in conformity with the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWORKS AND PUBLIC SERVICES and is fully justified in the increase in the tax collection expected to be achieved.

In the face of the restrictions laid down in article 15 of Act No. 24,938 on the increase in the number of charges in the staff plants, an emergency measure is imposed that would enable the immediate implementation of the proposal made by the National State collect agency.

That such a measure involves both issues of tax administration and of human resources policy, which are not included in matters expressly referred to in article 99, paragraph 3, of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.

That the present decree is determined by virtue of the powers set out in article 99, paragraph 3 of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.



Article l°-Créase en el ámbito de la ADMINISTRACIÓN FEDERAL DE INGRESOS PUBLICOS entity autárquica en el ámbito del MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA Y ARTWS AND SERVICES PUBLICOS a Planta No Permanente de Personal Contracttado de carácter Plurianual, con vigencia hasta el 31 de diciembre del año 2000, para la integración de hasta QUINIENTOS (500) (Note Infoleg: For Decree No. 1284/2000, B.O. 10/1/2001 extended until 31 December 2002 the validity of the Permanent Contracted Staff Plant of a multi-year nature. Art. 2°-Professionals incorporated in the conditions referred to in the previous article will receive only the sum of THREAT PESOS ($ 300).

They will also have the right to participate in the distribution of the Account " GENERAL IMPOSITIONAL - Jerarquization account" created by article 77 of Law No. 23,760 and in force by application of the penultimate paragraph of Article 13 of Decree No. 618 of 10 July 1997: only in respect of subparagraphs (a) and (c) of Article 1-Annex I of Resolution No. 1103 of 2 October 1997 of the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND SERVICES

For the liquidation of the amounts corresponding to both subparagraphs, the weight of CENTESI CINCUENTA (0.50) weight will be considered on the salary set out in the first paragraph of this article.

Art. 3°-The contracted lawyers shall have the right to liquidate and receive third-party fees in the form and conditions set out in article 98 of Law No. 11.683 (text ordered in 1998) and in the other rules that currently govern the payment of such a concept or those that replace them. Art. 4°-The FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION OF PUBLIC INCOME MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWORKS AND PUBLIC SERVICES will proceed to the hiring in relation to the dependence of professional lawyers who will have to integrate the staff plant approved by article 1 of this decree.

The Agency is empowered to determine the models of contracts and to establish the conditions of recruitment and performance (requirements of applications, selection, recruitment, contract validity, grounds of extinction, rights and obligations of the parties, regulations, regimes and rules of work) and the regulations and/or interpretation required for the implementation of the provisions contained in article 2 of this decree.

As appropriate, it may refer to institutes contained in the Collective Labour Convention adopted by the Award No. 15/91.

Ar. 5°-Incorporate into the Distribution of Charges and Hours of the Chair of the Jurisdiction 50 - MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWS AND PUBLIC SERVICES, Decentralized Agency 625 - FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION OF PUBLIC INCOME, Program 01 - Central Activities, approved by Administrative Decision No. 6 of January 1998, the annexed part

The expenditure that demands compliance with the provisions above will be met by reassignment of the budgetary provisions of the FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION OF PUBLIC INCOME, for which it is exempted from the same of the limitations set out in article 37 of Act No. 24.156.

Art. 6°-Modify the General Budget of the National Administration for the 1998 exercise of Jurisdiction 50 - MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWS AND PUBLIC SERVICES, Decentralized Agency 625 - FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION OF PUBLIC INCOME - Programme 01 - Central activities, according to the detail in the annexed tables that form an integral part of this article. Art. 7°-This decree of necessity and urgency shall enter into force on the same day of its publication in the Official Gazette. Art. 8°-To account for the HONORABLE CONGRESS OF NATION under article 99, paragraph 3, of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION. Art. 9°-Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archívese.-MENEM.-Jorge A. Rodríguez.- Roque B. Fernández.-Susana B. Decibe- Jorge Domínguez.-Raúl E. Granillo Ocampo. -Alberto J. Mazza.-Antonio E. González.- Carlos V. Corach. NOTE. Tables attached to articles 5 and 6 are not published. Unpublished documentation can be consulted at the Central Headquarters of this National Directorate (Suipacha 767, Capital Federal).