National Institute Of Historical Inv. Eva Peron Creation - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE INV. HISTORICAS EVA PERON CREACION - Texto completo de la norma

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NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL INVESTIGATIONS EVA PERON Decree 1113/98 Consider the aforementioned Institute in Jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture of the Presidency of the Nation. Competition and responsibility. Integration.

Bs. As., 23/9/98.



That the purpose of the project is to study and investigate the life and work of Doña María Eva DUARTE de PERON in an institutional sphere of academic character, in accordance with the rigorous requirements of scientific knowledge.

That for having transcended the political dimension to be definitively established in the popular imaginary, the figure of María Eva DUARTE de PERON must be researched by various disciplines, capable of incorporating new perspectives.

That, in this regard, the Institute whose creation is available, envisages in its objectives the enriching contribution of art, literature, cinema, music and all those cultural manifestations that, to some extent, will help to establish the political and social importance of Evita.

That the activity of the Institute will allow to deepen the knowledge of the life and work of Doña María Eva DUARTE de PERON, especially in those aspects related to his extraordinary task in defense, protection and promotion of the most humble, as well as in the full incorporation of the political life of the Argentine woman.

That the relevant tasks of love for the neighbor and social justice, which concretely during his life Doña María Eva DUARTE de PERON, is one of the most significant solidarity experiences in the history of our country, so it is appropriate to highlight it, through systematic studies and research, to be taken as an example.

That the creation of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HISTORIC INVESTIGATIONS EVA PERON will allow the institutional continuity of a rigorous study on the "Abanderada de los humbles" and its time, by collecting the existing documentary and testimonial material and promoting congresses, courses and publications that contribute to the deepening and dissemination of their personality and their social historical impact.

As a result, it is relevant to provide the Institute in question with the material resources necessary to achieve the optimal realization of its objectives.

That UNITY OF REFORM AND MODERNIZATION THE STATE has taken the intervention that belongs to it, expiating favorably.

That the present measure is made in the use of the powers conferred by article 99, paragraph 1 of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.





Art. 2°- Note as the primary purpose of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HISTORIC INVESTIGATIONS EVA PERON the study, weighting and teaching of the personality of Doña María Eva DUARTE de PERON and his work.


(a) Historical research and historiographic, critical, philosophical, social, economic, educational, legal and political studies related to the public and private action of Doña María Eva DUARTE of PERON and his era.

(b) The diffusion of the popular knowledge of the life, personality and ideas of Doña María Eva DUARTE de PERON, to which end the Institute will make publications, organize cultural events, trips, seminars, congresses, academic and scientific research meetings, both at its headquarters and in educational establishments, civilians and cultural centers of the country.

(c) Collaboration with the national, provincial and municipal authorities and with the official and private educational institutions, to teach the basic objectives that should guide teaching for the best use and understanding of the lessons left to our people by María Eva DUARTE de PERON as well as the advice on historical fidelity in everything related to the personality of the nominee.

(d) The formation of museums, archives and documentary records, biographical, bibliographical, iconographical, numismatic, philatelic, etc., as well as the realization of literary, historical, musical courses, etc., referring to the work of doña María Eva DUARTE de PERON, can give distinctions and awards, both inside and outside the country.

(e) Cooperation with authorities, institutions and individuals regarding the historical context and the preservation and security of the establishments, buildings, historical sites, works of art and other elements rescued or recovered in the future linked to the life and work of Doña María Eva DUARTE de PERON.

(f) The study and registration of toponymy and other denominations related to doña María Eva DUARTE de PERON, as well as everything related to efigies, distinctive and emblems.

(g) The performance as the centre of concentration of the existing documentary material in the country and abroad linked to the life, work and idea of doña María Eva DUARTE de PERON, working at the same time as a data bank, graphic archive, library, hemeroteca, cinema, video library and museum.

(h) Conducting studies, research, courses, conferences, seminars, publications, etc., on the participation of women in the political, economic, social, and cultural life of our country.

Art. 4°- Note as the responsibility of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HISTORIC INVESTIGATIONS EVA PERON organizes the official acts of homage to Doña María Eva DUARTE de PERON in the following days of each year: 7 May (day of birth); 26 July (day of her death) and 22 August (day of her historical resignation).

Art. 5°- When acts are carried out by individuals, private institutions, authorities, public, provincial or municipal divisions that require financial or other support from the official sphere for their realization, it will be essential to request the prior advice of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL INVESTIGATIONS EVA PERON, who will also have the necessary intervention in events organized by the National State or with its participation.

Art. 6°- NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HISTORIC INVESTIGATIONS EVA PERON will rule with autarchy. To this end its heritage will be formed with the following resources:

(a) Items identified in the National Budget.

(b) Those from donations and legacies.

(c) Interests and rents that deflect investments from the resources obtained.

(d) Funds from agreements and/or agreements with public or private national institutions held by the Institute.

Art. 7°- Form the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HISTORIC INVESTIGATIONS EVA PERON, with an Academic Body composed of VEINTE (20) Members of Number, who must be historians and/or researchers specialized in the life and work of Doña María Eva DUARTE de PERON, and of those who at least CINCO (5) must come from the interior of the country.

Art. 8°- When a vacancy occurs in the Academic Corps, the new Member of Number shall be appointed on the proposal of THREE (3) members and accepted by the vote of TWO THIRD (2/3) of those present in the Assembly convened for that purpose.

Art. 9°- NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HISTORIC INVESTIGATIONS EVA PERON will be led, administered and represented by UNA (1) DIRECTIONAL COMMISSION consisting of: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Prosecretary, Treasurer, Treasurer, THREE (3) Vocals and THREE (3) Supplementary Vocals.

Art. 10.- The term of office of the Members of the HONORABLE DIRECTIVE COMMISSION shall last two years, shall be elected by the ASSEMBLY of the MEMBERS, by a simple majority and may be reelected.

Art. 11.- The HONORABLE DIRECTTIVE COMMISSION will be responsible for the drafting of the Internal Regulations to be approved by the ASSEMBLY OF NUMERO MEMBERS.

Art. 12.- The President of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HISTORIC INVESTIGATIONS EVA PERON shall be appointed by the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER on the proposal of the SECRETARIAT OF CULTURE of the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE. Such a proposal will emerge from UNA (1) tena originating from the election that, by the simple majority, would be made by the ASSEMBLY OF NUMERO MEMBERS.


(a) To represent the Institute in all public, private and official acts.

(b) To convene and chair all meetings and assemblies in all cases with the right to vote which is doubled in the event of a tie.

(c) Ensure compliance with and implementation of the resolutions of the DIRECTIVE COMMISSION.

(d) To resolve for itself, all matters of common procedure and those of an urgent nature, having to inform the DIRECTIVE COMMISSION on the first occasion.

(e) To exercise control over all publications carried out by the Institution.

(f) Subscribe records, books and accounting and communications documents and orders of any kind, either by itself or together with the Registrar, the Treasurer or the appropriate authority.

Art. 14.- The Registrar and the Treasurer shall serve the President of the Institute in his or her functions, for which the Secretariat and the Patrimonial Administration of the Institute shall have direct orders and responsibility respectively.

Art. 15.- The Assemblies of the MEMBERS of NUMERO will be Ordinary and Extraordinary. Both will meet on the day, time and place to determine the HONORABLE DIRECTTIVE COMMISSION and will be convened with DIEZ (10) day, in anticipation of circulating to its members, with the Order of the Day to be treated.

Art. 16.- The Ordinary Assembly will be held annually within the VEINTE SCIENT (120) days of the end of the year, to be held on 30 June each year, for:

(a) Consider, approve and modify the report, the General Balance, the Inventory, the Expenses and Resources Account, the Report of the FISCALIZATION BODY and the opinion of the accounting professional.

(b) To elect, as appropriate, the members of the HONORABLE DIRECTIVE COMMISSION and the FISCALIZATION ORGANIZATION, holders and alternates.

(c) Treat any other matter included in the Agenda.

(d) Choosing, as appropriate, one (1) within the NUMERO MEMBERS to be elevated to the PRESI DENCE OF NATIONAL CULTURE SECRETARIAT, proposing the post of President.

Art. 17.- With TEN (10) days in anticipation of the convening of the Ordinary Assembly, the report, General Balance, Inventory, Expenditure and Resources Account and Report of the FISCALIZATION BODY shall be considered by the MEMBERS. In the Assemblies, other items may not be addressed than those included in the Agenda.

Art. 18.- The Assemblies will be held validly, regardless of the number of concurrent members, half an hour after the call, if the majority had not been met to hold the Assembly in second call, with the members present. They shall be presided over by the President of the Institute; or by whom the Assembly designates a plurality of votes, who presides over the Assembly shall be entitled only to vote in the event of a tie.

Art. 19.- The resolutions of the Assemblies shall be adopted by a majority of the votes cast. No Member of Number may have more than one vote and the Members of the HONORABLE DIRECTIVE COMMISSION and the FISCALIZATION ORGANIZATION may not vote on matters related to their management.

Art. 20. The Extraordinary Assemblies shall be made when the HONORABLE DIRECTIONAL COMMISSION convenes them, either in case or at the request of the FISCALIZATION BODY, or at the written request of half of the Members of Number, which shall express in writing the reason and points to be considered.

Art. 21.- There will be one (1) FISCALIZATION BODY composed of UN (1) President, DOS (2) Vocals and UN (1) Supplementary Vocal, whose terms will last for CUATRO (4) years. To integrate such a body, a Member of Number shall be required and its election shall be made in the Ordinary Assembly.

Art. 22.- The FISCALIZATION BODY shall have the following powers and duties:

(a) Examine the books and documents of the Institution at least every THREE (3) months.

(b) To attend the meetings of the HONORABLE DIRECTIONAL COMMISSION with a voice when it deems it appropriate.

(c) Fiscalize the administration, frequently checking the status of the Fund and the existence of the titles and values of all species.

(d) Dictamine on Memory, Inventory, Balance and Account of Wins and Losses, presented by the HONORABLE DIRECTTIVE COMMISSION.

(e) To convene the Ordinary General Assembly, when the governing body fails to do so.

(f) Request the convening of the Extraordinary Assembly when it deems it necessary, putting the background behind your request in the knowledge of the SECRETARY OF CULTURE of the NATIONAL RESIDENCE, when the HONORABLE DIRECTTIVE COMMISSION is denied.

(g) If any, monitor the operations of the liquidation of the Institute and the fate of the assets. Once the debts are paid, the remnant of the property that integrates the patrimony must pass to another exempt entity recognized by the FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION OF PUBLIC INCOMES dependent on the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWS AND PUBLIC SERVICES, or to the power of the Nation, Provinces or Municipalities.

Art. 23.- To injure the FISCALIZATION BODY you will need the presence of at least DOS (2) of its members, a number that will be a majority to adopt resolutions. If for any reason it is reduced to less than DOS (2) members, once the alternates have been incorporated, the HONORABLE DIRECTIVE COMMISSION shall convene within the QUINCE (15) days to Assembly for integration, until the termination of the mandate of the ceasers.

Art. 24.- Without prejudice to the provisions of articles 10, 12 and concordants of this decree, to be appointed as interim authorities of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL INVESTIGATIONS EVA PERON to the following: President of Mrs. María Cristina ALVAREZ RODRIGUEZ (D.N.I. No. 18.605.828), First Vice-President to Mrs. María Cristina BANFI (D.N.I. No. 6.485.591), Second Vice-President to Mr. Marcelo Jorge DUHALDE (D.N.I. No. 7.642.066). Secretary to Mrs. Cecilia Eva ALVAREZ RODRIGUEZ (D.N.I. No. 4.806.900), Secretary to Mr. Miguel Angel CUBEROS (D.N.I. No. 18.414.956), Treasurer to Mrs. Blanca María ALVAREZ RODRIGUEZ (D.N.I. No. 4.981.071). N° 4.705.555) to the TRES (3) Vocals, Mrs. Noemí CASTINEIRAS (D.N.I. No. 11.410.874).

Art. 25.- For the purposes provided for in article 3 (g) of the present report, see the MARIA EVA DUARTE DE PERON MUSEUM to perpetuate the work and memory of Doña María Eva DUARTE de PERON and to function under the dependence of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HISTORIC INVESTIGATIONS EVA PERON.

Art. 26.- All charges created by this decree are of an "ad-honorem" character.

Art. 27.- The provisions of this decree should not generate additional costs in respect of the approved budget for the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE SECRETARIAT.

Art. 28.- Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. - MENEM. - Jorge A. Rodriguez. - Carlos V. Corach.