National Prize For Integration Creation - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: PREMIO NACIONAL A LA INTEGRACION CREACION - Texto completo de la norma

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NATIONAL PREMISSION TO INTEGRATION Decree 1149/98 Please refer to the above-mentioned Award, aimed at distinguishing anyone who considers himself disabled and who, through his personal efforts, has overcome the obstacles of his condition, played a prominent role in the benefit of society. Category allocation. Bs. As., :29/9/98 B.O: 2/10/98

VISTO the proposal made by the SECRETARY-GENERAL of the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE, and


It is necessary to support and recognize persons with disabilities who stand out in different activities and thus achieve greater integration in all social spheres.

That the stimulus will contribute to the full development of the capacities, intelligence and talent of the disabled, immanent of their human condition.

That society needs the integration of all its members to grow and perpetuate, beyond any limitation of physical, psychological or social order, which they suffer.

To this end, it is possible to generate guidelines that guarantee a more democratic and equitable participation of men in universal society.

That in a whole in accordance with the objectives of Law 22,431 and its amendments, it is essential to establish incentives to reduce the obstacles that the disability causes, facilitating the full development and integration of the individuals who suffer it.

That the distinction instituted is aimed at eliminating any kind of prejudice and discrimination with respect to disabled persons, supporting their ability to stand out in the different roles within them.

That the present is given in the use of its powers granted to the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER by article 99 (1) of the National Constitution.




Article 1-Believe the "National Prize for Integration" intended to distinguish anyone who, according to art. 2nd of Law 22,431 and its amendments, it is considered disabled and, through its personal effort, it has overcome the obstacles of its condition, playing a prominent role for the benefit of society. Art. 2°-The distinction referred to in this decree consists of a monthly assignment of PESOS $ 500 for the term of one year, and a diploma of honour, which will be given annually by the President of the Nation in a public act. Art. 3°-The distinction created by Article 1 shall be assigned in the following categories:

- Handicapped engines. - Sensory disabled - Mentally disabled

- For each category a maximum of three (3) annual distinctions, of which one ((1)) shall be for a minor of eighteen (18) years

Art. 4°-La SECRETARY-GENERAL of the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE shall be responsible for coordinating the actions necessary for the granting of the distinction, following the selection of the applicants made by an SPECIAL COMMISSION established for that purpose, whose integration and functions are set out in the Regulations, which as Annex I, is an integral part of this Decree. Art. 5°-La SECRETARY-GENERAL of the NATIONAL REPRESIDENCE shall constitute the SPECIAL COMMISSION referred to in the preceding article, and must request the agencies concerned to designate their respective representatives. Art. 6°-The expenses required to comply with this decree shall be met with funds from the jurisdiction 2001 - SECRETARY-GENERAL of the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE Art. 7°-Contact, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archívese.-MENEM.-Jorge A. Rodríguez,- Carlos V. Corach.

Annex I


ARTICLE 1-The selection of the applicants will be made by an SPECIAL COMMISSION, composed of two representatives of each of the following agencies: Ministry of Health and Social Action, Ministry of Culture and Education, General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Nation, Ministry of Social Development of the Presidency of the Nation and National Advisory Commission for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities, under the Chief of Staff of Ministers, their performance will be ad-honorem.

ARTICLE 2-The functions of the SPECIAL COMMISSION in addition to that described in Article 10.

(a) Dictate its internal rules of procedure:

(b) To make clear and complementary rules necessary for the implementation of the provisions set out in the present decree, and to resolve any matter not covered by the decree:

(c) Make a public call for the selection of the prize seekers:

(d) Verify the authenticity of the reported data and background data:

(e) Require the certification of disability to be accredited in accordance with article 3 of Law 22,431 and its amendments:

(f) To study and evaluate the merits of the candidates, pondering the actions they perform or have performed for the benefit of society:

(g) Select private institutions that may participate in the submission of candidates, verifying that they are within the appropriate legal framework;

(h) Make the forms to apply to the prize, whose distribution to the institutions will be free and free of charge:

(i) Refer to such forms, which must be signed by the head of the Institution and the candidate for the distinction:

(j) To elect the General SECRETARY of the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE the payroll of the selected candidates to be awarded in the respective categories, exposing the merits that, in each individual case, would have been taken into account in deciding the application;

(k) Require the above-mentioned institutions for additional information that it deems appropriate.

ARTICLE 3°-For the purpose of elaborating the corresponding payroll, the SPECIAL COMMISSION shall take into account only the candidates nominated by the Public and/or Private Institutions, unable to admit the presentation of individuals.

ARTICLE 4°-The SPECIAL COMMISSION is empowered to form an ASESOR COMMITTEE, consisting of a maximum of six (6) members designated for this purpose, to demonstrate experience in the treatment and integration of persons who suffer the disabilities to which the different categories in which the award is divided, those who will perform ad-honorem.

ARTICLE 5°-The SPECIAL COMMISSION shall be issued within a period not exceeding 90 (90) days from its call.