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INTERNATIONAL TRADE And CULTO Decree 1312/98 Recognise the antiquity of a second-class Minister Plenipotentiary. Bs. As., 6/11/98 B.O., 12/11/98

VISTO Decree 1340 of 10 December 1997 promoting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade And CULTO, a staff member of the category "C", Minister Plenipotentiary of second class to various officials, including the Counsellor of Embassy and Consul General D. Julio Alberto OLLETA, and


Article 2 of Decree 1340/97 provides that promotions should be considered for the purposes of antiquity from 1 January 1997.

That, however, in the particular case of the above-mentioned staff member, it is incumbent on the date to be adjusted to the provisions of Decree No. 1051 of 17 September 1996, which resulted in the hierarchical remedy of subsidy against several administrative acts, including Joint Resolution No. 1824 of the then MINISTERIO DE RELATIONS EXTERIORES y CULTO y N° 1676 del MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA AND ARTWS AND PUBLIC SERVICES dated 19 December 1991, and it was also decided to establish that the category with which it was to be included in the aforementioned administrative acts was that of Economic and Commercial Counselor.

That effectively and according to the considerations of Decree No. 1051/96, the aforementioned Joint Ministerial Resolution provided for the transfer from 16 December 1991 of all officials of the Foreign Economic and Commercial Service of the Nation at that time. MINISTERIO DE RELATIONS EXTERIORES y CULTO, individualizing the applicant as Economic and Commercial Counselor instead of mentioning it with the category of Minister Economic and Commercial Counselor, who already tried the date of such transfer, for having been promoted to it according to Resolution No. 390 of 13 December 1991 of the then SECRETARIAT OF INDUSTRIA AND TRADE OF THE MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND PUBLIC SERVICES.

That in Act No. 6 of 14 July 1995 of the Honorable Qualifying Board of the MINISTERIO DE RELATIONS EXTERIORES, INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND CULTO, which is also referred to in the Considerings of Decree 1051/96, in addition to advising to apply for the Agreement of the Honourable Senate of the Nation and to recognize the category of Minister Plenipotentiary of Second Class Economic Affairs, it is considered that

That the recognition of the category of second-class Plenipotentiary Minister through the Agreement provided by the HONORABLE SENADO DE LA NATION at its meeting on 19 November 1997 and the dictation of Decree No. 1340/97 should be fulfilled by completing the process by prior recognition of seniority in the new category.

That this measure is given in the use of the emerging powers of article 99, paragraph 1, of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.




Article 1 - Please note that the antiquity of Mr. Minister Plenipotentiary of Second Class D. Julio Alberto OLLETA, referred to in Article 2 of Decree 1340/97, should be considered the only effect of the compute of antiquity in that category, beginning on 13 December 1991, the date on which it was promoted to the category of Minister Economic and Commercial Counsel by Resolution No. 390 of the then, SECRETARIAT OF INDUSTRIA AND TRADE OF THE MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND PUBLIC SERVICES.

Art. 2° - Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. - Guido Di Tella.