Property Requirements - Station Cordoba - - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: INMUEBLES PRESCRIPCION ADQUISITIVA - ESTACION CORDOBA - - Texto completo de la norma

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INMUEBLES Decree 1341/98 Delárase operada la prescription adquisitiva en favor del Estado Nacional respecto del edificio que con forma el tabla de la Estación Córdoba, Departamento Capital, provincia de Córdoba, jurisdicción de la ex-Línea Mitre. Bs. As., 16/11/98 B.O.: 19/11/98



That through it is processed the regularization of the dominial of UN (1) building, member of the painting of the Station CORDOBA, CAPITAL Department, Province of CORDOBA, jurisdiction of the ex-Línea Mitre, belonging to the NATIONAL STATE, whose situation, measures, linens and other circumstances are described in the plain approved by the DIRECCION DE CATASTRO of the Province of CORDOBA.

That, by a proposal of Engineer Don Allan CAMPBELL dated September 5, 1854, elevated to the then Minister of the Interior Don José Benjamín GOROSTIAGA, was designed the realization of a railway line between the cities of Rosario (Province of SANTA FE) and Córdoba (Province of CORDOBA).

That the proposal referred above was approved by Decree of the President of the ARGENTINA ex-CONFEDERATION, dated 5 September 1854.

That the MINISTERIO DEL INTERIOR, dated April 2, 1855, authorized Don José BUSCHENTHAL to hire in Europe the construction of the ROSARIO Railway (Province of SANTA FE) to CORDOBA (Province of CORDOBA).

That by law sanctioned by the SENADO and CAMARA DE DIPUTADOS de la ex-CONFEDERATION ARGENTINA, promulgated on June 24, 1855, the contract between the then President of the ARGENTINA REPUBLIC and the Engineer Don Allan CAMPBELL, was approved in order to carry out the necessary studies for the construction of a railway between a Puerto del Río PARANA and the City.

By Law of September 5, 1862, the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER was authorized to enter into a contract for the construction of a ROSARIO Railway (Province of SANTA FE) to CORDOBA (Province of CORDOBA).

That, on March 19, 1863, the executive branch approved the contract between the then Minister of the Interior, representing the Government of the ARGENTINA REPUBLIC, and Mr. Guillermo WHEELWRIGHT, for the formation of an Anonymous Society under the title of "FERROCARRIL CENTRAL ARGENTINO", intended for the construction and exploitation of a single railroad between the cities of Rosario (Provi Córdoba).

That the contract was subsequently approved by the National Law enacted on 22 May 1863.

That at the level of the Crisol project, dated 20 November 1911, the property whose purchasing prescription is declared is taxed.

That, by virtue of the agreement concluded with the British Capital Railways, the NATIONAL STATE acquired all the goods affected or not to the railway exploitation, through global writing No. 303 of May 5, 1949.

That the NATIONAL STATE has on the property in consideration an unquestionable legal title, which is that of the purchasing prescription, subtracting only to produce a feasible instrument of being inscribed in the REGISTER OF PROPERTY INMUEBLE, under the MINISTERY OF JUSTICE, which can be obtained through the application of the procedure established by Law No. 20,396, which was promulgated in order to regularize the legal titles of the NATIONAL STATE on those properties of its private domain that are in a situation similar to that of us.

That, as a result of the above, it is necessary to adopt the means to incorporate this good into the patrimony of the NATIONAL STATE according to the purchasing prescription operated under article 4015 of the Civil Code.

That the General Directorate of Humanitarian Affairs of the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWS AND SERVICES PUBLICOS has taken the intervention that belongs to him.

That the measure proposed finds legal basis in the faculty conferred by Article 2 of Law No. 20,396.




Article 1 -The purchasing requirement in favour of the NATIONAL STATE, in respect of the property that conforms the painting of the CORDOBA Station, CAPITAL Department, CORDOBA Province, jurisdiction of the ex-Line Mitre, shall be terminated. Art. 2° -THERE'S NOTHING. LADO 17-18 de OCHENTA y SIETE METROS WITH CUARENTA AND A CENTIMETROS (87.41 m.), all these sides bordering with BOULEVARD JUAN DOMINGO PERON, LADO 18-19 de TREINTA METROS (30 m.), bordering on Calle A. THERE'S NOTHING. Art. 3° -THE GENERAL SCRIBANY OF THE GOVERNMENT OF NATION, under the MINISTERY OF JUSTICE, shall grant the relevant declarative writing of dominion and shall process the registration of the respective testimony in the REGISTER of the INMUEBLE PROPERTY, under the Ministry, as determined in Article 2 of the Law No. 20,396; PUBLICOS will make the corresponding property annotations. Art. 4° -Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. -Jorge A. Rodriguez. -Roque B. Fernández.