Higher Education University Institute Of The Isalud Foundation - Full Text Of The Norm


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SUPERIOR EDUCATION Decree 1412/98 Promptly authorize the creation and operation of the University Institute of the Isalud Foundation, with headquarters in the Federal Capital. Bs. As., 7/12/98 B.O.: 14/12/98

VISTO file No. 8,340-0/96 at CINCO (5) bodies of the MINISRERIO registry of CULTURA and EDUCATION, Higher Education Act No. 24,521 and Regulation Decree No. 576 of 30 May 1996 and


That in the above file the INSTITUTE FUNDATION OF HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, ECONOMY AND SOCIEDAD (ISALUD FUNDATION) headquartered in Viamonte street No. 1167, 2nd and 3rd floors, FEDERAL CAPITAL, requests provisional authorization to create and put into operation the UNIVERSITARY INSTITUT of the ISALUD FUNDATION, in the terms of the 62.

That the proposal, which credits the economic and sponsorship of the petitioner entity, is in line with the provisions of article 27 of the above-mentioned law, meets the criteria set out in article 63 of that rule and conforms to the guidelines and requirements required by articles 3 and 4 of Decree No. 576/96.

That the NATIONAL COMMISSION ON EVALUATION AND ACREDITATION UNIVERSITARIA, in its Views provided for in Articles 62 and 63 of Law No. 24.521 and in Article 6 of Decree No. 576/96, recommends granting the provisional authorization for the operation of the INSTITUTO UNIVERSITARIO of the FUNDATION ISALUD, not only the proposed consistency and feasibility of the project, but also the proposed quality of the study.

That, from the institutional approach, the Petitioning Foundation has a short but intense cultural and educational background in the field of health management, supported by the experience in the development of purely academic functions, including the training and training of scientists, professionals, teachers and technicians in the field.

On the basis of the above precedents and on the basis of the requirements established by Decree No. 576/96, MINISTERY OF CULTURAY EDUCATION advises to grant provisional authorization for the establishment and operation of the Institute mentioned, under the Act No. 24.521.

That the authorization must be granted with express indication of the careers, degrees and degrees to offer and issue by the respective institution, in accordance with article 62 of Law No. 24.521 and Article 3 of Decree No. 576/96.

To grant to the university institution the provisional authorization, before the start of the academic activities, must be approved by the Ministry of Culture and Education, the Statute, the careers and the corresponding curricula, as well as by the accreditation of compliance with all the requirements and commitments assumed and with the approval of the buildings by the relevant agencies, verified by the Ministry of Education, Articles 496 and 896.

That this measure is determined in the use of the powers conferred by article 62 of Act No. 24.521.




Article 1 -Authorize provisionally the creation and operation of the UNIVERSITARY INSTITUTE of the ISALUD FUNDATION, with headquarters in Viamonte Street No. 1167, 2nd and 3rd floors, FEDERAL CAPITAL, in which they will develop, if approved according to the provisions of Article 2 of this decree, the following postgraduate courses: SOCIAL, leading respectively to the postgraduate degrees of: MAGISTER IN ECONOMY AND HEALTH GESTION, MAGISTER IN HEALTH SYSTEMS AND SOCIAL AND SPECIALISTS IN SOCIAL SERVICES GESTION. Art. 2° -Please note that prior to the commencement of the academic activities related to the careers indicated in the previous article, the Institute shall obtain from the Ministry of Culture and EDUCATION the approval of its Statute, of the careers and of the respective curricula, in accordance with the proposal of the institutional project, objectives and plan of action for its development by SEIS (6) years, as well as the verification by the agencies of the implementation of the requirements of the Decree Art. 3° -Communicate, publish, give to the NATIONAL DIRECTION OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION and, archívese. -Jorge A. Rodriguez -Susana B. Decibe.