National Film Institute And Audiovisual Arts Organizational Structure - Full Text Of The Standard


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NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CINE AND AUDIOVISAL ARTES Decree 1623/96 Approve the organizational structure of the aforementioned decentralized body of the Ministry of Culture of the Presidency of the Nation.

Bs. As., 23/12/96

VISTO Law No. 24,629 defining the rules for the execution of the budget and the administrative reorganization, Decree No. 768 of 30 April 1992, the Administrative Reform Programme implemented by Decree No. 558/96 and the proposed by the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF AUDIOVISAL CINES AND ARTS, a decentralized agency under the SECRETARY OF CULTURA


That the above-mentioned Act defines the administrative reorganization of the State in order to improve the functioning and quality of the services provided by the different jurisdictions of the National Civil Service.

Decree No. 768/92 was issued in due course by which the existing organizational structure of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CINE and AUDIOVISAL ARTES was approved.

That the proposed organizational structure conforms to the guidelines set out in Decree No. 558/96.

That UNITY OF REFORM AND MODERNIZATION THE STATE has taken the intervention that belongs to it.

That the present measure is in exercise of the powers conferred by article 99, paragraph 1 of the National Constitution and Law No. 24,629, and in exercise of the powers conferred by article 13 of Decree No. 977 of 6 July 1995.




Article 1 . Approved the organizational structure of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CINE and AUDIOVISAL ARTS, a decentralized body dependent on the SECRETARIA DE CULTURA of the PRESIDENCE OF NATION, in accordance with the Body, Primary Responsibility and Actions, and Permanent and Non-Permanent Plants that as Annexes I, II and III form part of this decree.

Art. 2o . Transfer to the SECRETARY UNITY of the SECRETARY OF CULTURE of the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE the agents detailed in the table that as Annex IV is part of this decree.

Art. 3o El The expenditure that demands compliance with this decree will be met with the specific budget line of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CINE and AUDIOVISAL ARTES.

Art. 4o . Please note by the term of NOVENTA (90) days to the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CINE and AUDIOVISAL ARTES to designate on an interim basis and until the corresponding selection processes take place, to the staff to be responsible for the organizational units that are created or changed from denomination through the organizational structure that is approved by the present.

Art. 5o . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Jorge A. Rodriguez. . Carlos V. Corach.


Annex II


Primary responsibility

Planning and executing the financial policy, controlling the consistency of operations and their legal and property and producing the legal and historical budget and management information.


1. . Manage the Film Development Fund and other budget resources and manage income and income, manage material and computer resources and exercise the responsibilities of overall staff control.

2. . Conduct accounting and financial registration, in accordance with the legal principles and practices of internal and property control, reproducing the legally required reports, states and surrenders and those required by the National Directorate.

3. . Taxing accounts surrenders for payments.

4. . Carrying the legal records of the heritage, its movements and interventions and any auxiliary registration required for efficient property control.

5. . Intervene in any movement of funds and values, managing them in due time and maintaining safe transfer procedures, seeking mechanisms for permanent reconciliation of funds.

6. . Processing of public, private and direct competitive bidding, assisting the Preadjudication and Reception Commissions and overseeing the provision of tasks related to the care of the Agency ' s general services and the fitness of physical assets.

7. . Organizing the backup and security tasks of files, databases and data processing in general, controlling the maintenance of operation, the data computer system and the availability of information files to be used interactively and by the Agency's various organizational units.

8. . Supervising the operation of the data computer system for non-interactive tasks, intervening in the management tasks of the data computer system, its subsystem and databases and intervening in the standardization, administration and control of the use of the data computer system and the communications subsystem.


Primary responsibility

Examine and evaluate the application of the rules governing the financial and administrative activity of the Jurisdiction by verifying the maintenance of an appropriate internal control system incorporated into the organization of the Jurisdiction, by emphasizing the guidelines dictated by the economy, efficiency and effectiveness.


1. . Develop overall Internal Audit planning in accordance with the General Internal Control and Internal Audit Standards, applying the integrated control model.

2. . Develop the Annual Internal Audit Plan.

3. . Advising in the definition of rules and procedures to establish in accordance with the Higher Authority of Jurisdiction the Internal Control System and to follow up.

4. . Verify compliance with the policies, plans and procedures established by the higher authority.

5. . Evaluate the application of operational, accounting, legal and financial controls.

6. . Verify whether erogations are made in accordance with the legal regulations and budgetary levels established by the existing legislation.

7. . Constate the reliability of the data used in the development of the information.

8. . Determine the accuracy of the asset registrations and the safeguard measures taken to their protection.

9. . Producing periodic reports on activities developed and corresponding, making recommendations and observations.

10. . Communicate the recommendations and comments made to the superior authorities and the General Assembly of the Nation.

11. . To follow up on the recommendations and observations made.

12. . Report on the topics required by the General Syndicature of the Nation regarding the development of its activities.


Primary responsibility

Train and train students in cinematography by participating in the development and implementation of relevant policies.


1. . Develop specific selection systems for admission to different specializations.

2. . Develop the academic curriculum.

3. . Dictate the corresponding courses, seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.

4. . Participate and collaborate in managing national and international meetings of film schools.

5. . Exchange academic issues with other entities.

6. . Propend to the hierarchization of teaching at the highest level.


Primary responsibility

Fiscalize the perception of the Film Development Fund, within the guidelines of the Law on the Promotion and Regulation of Film Activity throughout the country.


1. . Procurate in accordance with the regulations of the Film Act in the functions that specifically belong to it.

2. de Compatibility of cross-checking tasks between the activity assigned to the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CINE and AUDIOVISAL ARTS and that established to the General Tax Directorate for the Perception of Taxes determined in Article 24, subparagraphs (a) and (b) of Law No. 17.741.

3. . Verify the compliance of display quota.

4. . Conducting operational audit tasks in all the Films, Videos, and/or another body regulated by the Law to adequately establish the evasion of the rules established by the Law and the general resolutions issued by the General Impositive Directorate.

5. . Build the registration of companies required to register according to the rules of the Film Law, and control it.

6. . Promote the initiation of the respective summaries to dismantle the tax criminal responsibility of each taxpayer who performs the standard activity in the Film Act.

7. . Propose the security measures that guarantee a reliable safeguard of the elements that regulate the entrance to the Cinematographic Chambers (Official Film Bulletins) that include the control of the delivery, use and inventory of such Tickets and the safeguard of transparency in the award of the stimulus prizes through the system of public draw of the cinematographic tickets.

8. . Establish a permanent statistics by province, region, Capital Federal, in terms of the number of spectators and amount collected, in the case of Cinematographic Rooms; in Video, the number of crazy films and sold and the amount collected; in terrestrial and satellite audiovisuals, recorded films and the amount collected.


Primary responsibility

Understand the legal advice and legal representation of the agencies in any judgement that the agency is a party in order to contribute to the efficiency of management and to ensure its alignment with existing legal standards.


1. . Exert the Agency ' s representation and sponsorship in the trials in which the Agency is a party and in any other instance requiring the participation of lawyers.

2. . To advise on matters of interpretation of legal norms in any matter of legal nature and to develop draft legal norms.

3. . Produce legal opinions ordered by the National Director or required by organizational units of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CINE and AUDIOVISAL ARTS.

4. . Understanding the substance of summaries, remedies, complaints and administrative complaints, and the response of judicial offices.

5. . Understand the contracts to which the Agency is a party.

6. . Intervention in procedures for the application of fines.

7. . Understand in any legal norm that is propitiated by the Agency and evaluate its application and need for permanent adjustment, replacement and cancellation.

8. . Understand every international and national convention to be held and in its follow-up.


Primary responsibility

Qualify films within the current regulations.


1. . Schedule the film material for the purposes of its qualification, verifying the documentation presented.

2. . Manage the organizational functioning of the Advisory Commission on Film Exhibitions.

3. . Intervene in the qualification and exhibition certificates and all other legal documentation in the matter.

4. . Keep the records and file of qualification and display.

5. . Promote studies on the subject.


Primary responsibility

Coordinate staff policies and the application of rules governing the administrative career and its development, planning and organizational design by seeking to improve productivity, job satisfaction and quality of the Institute ' s benefits.


1. . Exert technical coordination for the proper implementation of human resources legislation, organization and work procedures, proposing and developing appropriate administrative measures accordingly.

2. . Coordinate and technically assist the authorities and the Jurisdictional Delegation of the Standing Committee on Careers in the processes of search, selection and integration of staff, evaluation of performance and re-learning and evaluation of jobs, monitoring the progress of staff in the career system and proposing the relevant measures.

3. . Coordinate and assist in training processes.

4. . Participate and assist in processes and systems aimed at the continuous improvement of quality in the production of goods and services originating in the Institution.

5. . Keep up-to-date staff and databases.

6. . Assist in the management of labour and union relations and in the implementation of collective agreements and negotiations.

7. . Ensuring the proper application of standards related to care, hygiene and safety at work by coordinating the relevant actions with other relevant areas.


Primary responsibility

To carry out the actions and assessments carried out by the policy of Production of the Area, through credits, subsidies, co-productions, participations and awards to film makers, and audiovisual productions, such as their marketing, monitoring and control processes, and the follow-up on the regulations provided for in the field of folding and the coordination and supervision of the Cinemateca, Satellite System and INCAA Exhibition Complex. Produce the broadcasting of the Agency ' s film and audio-visual activities at the national and international levels. Understand the relationship with the Ministries of Culture of the Provinces and the City of Buenos Aires.


1. . Organize a system of promotion of production under the forms of credit, subsidy or awards to the audiovisual activity that respects the conditions of impartiality of jurors, competition and transparency of procedures, documenting all actions with the extreme care that requires the management of public funds and the allocation to projects that need appreciation of jurors and production evaluation committees at their different stages.

2. . Determine a reliable system of standard-based cost measurement in all physical inputs and with maximum control procedures in the case of the payment of artistic talent, with documentation of the prices of physical inputs resulting from application in a given period.

3. . Establish modes of control and structuring of statistical information of film production and audiovisual arts, supervising every project until its completion, both in the aspects of production in its different stages, and in the economic-financial, marketing and finished products for the INCAA Cinematheque.

4. . Propose projects and means to implement and operate them, when determined by the INCAA Satellite System for the transmission of images and audio, according to the Law.

5. . Propose the credit policy and execute the corresponding actions.

6. . Maintain relevant contact and administrative relationship with the Project and Credit Assessment Committees, and classification of films and audiovisual products.

7. . Evaluate and release credits, co-productions, shares and subsidies as appropriate, from the different productions and in accordance with the current regulations.

8. . Propose promotion policies for film production competition and audiovisual products.

9. . Propose the organization, supervision and execution of seminars, conferences, and projections that signify contributions to film production and audiovisual arts.

10. . Run the bend control system according to the applicable regulations.

11. . Supervising and coordinating the functioning of the INCAA Cinematheque.

12. . Monitor and coordinate the operation of the INCAA display system.

13. . Understanding the relationship with the Ministries of Culture of the Provinces and the City of Buenos Aires.

14. . Propose the annual international action of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CINE and AUDIOVISAL ARTES and execute the corresponding action, proposing the publication of publications for this purpose.

15. . Organizing the transmission of offers and information received from both the outside and the interior of the country, to the sectors concerned: film schools, entities of the film industry, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

16. . Systematize national film information by generating an interactive data bank with provinces, government agencies and international agencies.