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image inicio sitio infoleg MInisterio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos
FEDERAL SERVICE Decree 1658/96 Convolus a Licitación Pública Nacional e Internacional para la contratante de la elaboración del proyecto y la construcción de dos instalaciones penitenciarios en las locales de Marcos Paz y Ezeiza, Provincia de Buenos Aires.

Bs., As. 27/12/96

VISTO file No. 111.389/96 of the registry of the Ministry of Justice, and


That by Decree No. 1040 of September 11, 1996 the Ministry of Justice was entrusted to elevate to the consideration of the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER, the Bases and Conditions Pledges to summon a new National and International Public Litigation, as provided for in article 51 of Law No. 24,447, as amended by section 9 (c) on the purchase of the prison system

In pursuance of that command, the aforementioned ministerial portfolio has submitted to the approval of this instance the new Base and Conditions folds elaborated by the competent technical areas of the same.

Accordingly, it is appropriate to grant the required approval and to convene new National and International Public Litigation for the purpose specified in the First Considering of the present.

That the measure is determined in accordance with articles 51 of Act No. 24,447 9 (c) of Act No. 24,624 and 4 of Decree No. 1040/96.

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Article 1 los Approval of the bases and conditions set forth in the present as Annexes I and II, for the hiring of the project and the construction of DOS (2) penitentiary establishments by the turnkey system". financed by the contractor at its sole risk, to execute in sitos prices in the towns of Marcos Paz and Ezeiza, Province of Buenos Aires. for this purpose, the NATIONAL STATE shall transmit in trust; and the subsequent rental with option of purchase of such property in favour of the NATIONAL STATE, for its impact on the use of the PENITENCIARIO FEDERAL SERVICE. Art. 2° . Convócase a Licitación PÚBLICA Nacional e Internacional para las contrataciones a que seludes en el artículo que antecede. Art. 3rd . Commend the Ministry of Justice to process both bidding procedures, empowering it to set the dates on which the different stages of such procedures should be met. Art. 4° . Make the Minister of Justice award "ad referendum" of the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER, the respective tenders. Art. 5° . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Jorge A. Rodriguez. . Elias Jassan.

NOTE: This Decree is published without Annexes. Unpublished documentation can be consulted at the Central Headquarters of the Official Gazette (Suipacha 767, Capital Federal).