Supertintendence Of Insurance Of The Nation Organizational Structure Of Contingency - Updated Text Of The Norm


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SUPERINTENDANCE OF NATIONAL ASSESSMENT Decree 1587/96 Approve the organisational structure of contingency of the aforementioned auto-archic entity.

Bs. As., 19/12/96

I look at the Nros Laws. 20.091 and 24.629, the Nros Decrees. 1066 of 29 June 1992, 558 of 24 May 1996, 660 of 24 June 1996, 852 of 25 July 1996, 928 of 8 August 1996 and 1231 of 30 October 1996 and


That Act No. 20.091 defines NATIONAL ASSESSMENT as an autonomous entity with functional and financial autonomy, within the jurisdiction of the then MINISTERY OF HACIENDA AND FINANCIALS, which exercises control of all the insurers.

That Decree No. 660/96 in its article 46 - Annex III provides that the SUPERINTENDANCE OF NATIONAL FOLLOWERS shall act in the jurisdictional sphere of the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWS AND PUBLIC SERVICES.

That Decree No. 1066/92 approved the organizational structure of the NATIONAL SUPERINTENDANCE and Joint Resolution SSN/SFP/SH No. 136 of 29 June 1994 approved the organizational structure of the Internal Audit Unit of that Agency.

That Act No. 24,629 establishes in Chapter II the rules on improving the functioning and quality of services provided by the various jurisdictions of the National Civil Service, as well as its financing.

That the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER created, through articles 1 and 7 of Decree No. 558/96, the UNITY OF REFORM AND MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE and the LABAL RECONVERSION FUND OF THE NATIONAL PUBLICO SECTOR in the field of the SAFETY OF MINISTERS AND WORKING MINISTERIO SOCIAL, respectively, establishing that the decentralized agencies of the National Civil Service shall give prior intervention to the said unit, in all programmes that include institutional strengthening components, whatever its source of financing.

That Decree No. 928/96 established, for a group of decentralized agencies of the National Civil Service, the obligation to design a strategic plan aimed at guiding their respective functioning, formulating a transformation plan, which should be raised for approval to the MINISTERS GABINETE JEFTURE.

That the current organizational structure of the NATIONAL SUPERINTENDANCE, characterized by an inadequate distribution of functions, over-dimension of the managerial level and inappropriate salary scale for the level of professionalization of the human resources that requires the performance of the functions in its office, requires immediate measures to optimize the results.

That all this determines the need to provide the NATIONAL SUPERINTENDANCE with the necessary powers and the organizational structure that will enable it to efficiently carry out the missions in its charge.

It is therefore appropriate to extend to the NATIONAL ASSESSMENT as set out in Decree No. 928/96.

That the Agency is in full development of a strengthening plan that is set out in the terms of Decree No. 928/96, requiring a minimum time for its adequacy.

That the new organizational structure and distribution of the permanent and temporary staff plants presented by the SUPERINTENDENCIA DE SEGUROS DE LA NATION contemplates the reduction levels that conform to the proposed budget for the year 1997.

That he has taken the intervention of the UNITY OF REFORM AND MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE OF THE GABINETE JEFATURA OF MINISTERS, atoning favourably.

That the present act is in exercise of the emerging powers of article 99, paragraph 1 of the National Constitution.




Article 1 . Include to the self-employed entity in the jurisdiction of the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY and ARTWS and PUBLIC SERVICES in the terms of Decree No. 928/96. Art. 2o . Within the time limit of TREINTA (30) days from the publication of this decree in the Official Gazette, the SUPERINTENDANCE OF ANSWERS OF the Autonomous entity in the jurisdiction of the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTS AND PUBLIC SERVICES - shall refer to the UNITY of REFORMATION AND MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE OF Strategic JEFATURA Art. 3o :: (Article Derogated by Article 2 of the Decree No. 1084/2004 B.O. 26/8/2004). Art. 4o . Default of Decree No. 1066/92 and amended rules from the date of publication of this decree. Art. 5o . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Jorge A. Rodriguez. . Roque B. Fernández.