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NATIONAL AGREEMENT OF CIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL PROMOTION Decree 1660/96 Approve the organisational structure of the Agency within the jurisdiction of the Secretariat of Science and Technology.

Bs. As., 27/12/96

VISTO Law No. 24,629, Decree No. 1274 of 7 November 1996, Law No. 23,877 and its Rule Decree No. 1331 of 25 November 1996 and Decree No. 1797 of 13 October 1994 and


In the context of the State II Reform, the National Government aims to achieve greater efficiency in the various areas of the Public Administration in order to optimize the use of resources.

That by Decree No. 1273 of 7 November 1996 the TECHNOLOGICAL SCIENTIFIC AGENCY was established within the scope of the GABINETE DE MINISTROS, which will establish national priorities in the area and the Multi-year National Plan for Science and Technology.

That by Decree No. 1274/96, the functions of the development of scientific and technological policies have been assigned to the SECRETARY of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Culture and Development.

That in order to achieve the priorities established, through the implementation of national plans and programmes of Science and Technology, it is advisable to have promotional and financing instruments outside the scope of state and private institutions that have responsibilities for the implementation of scientific and/or technological activities.

That such an observation is corroborated by the recommendations made by broad sectors of the national scientific-technological community and by the international experience that show the desirability of separating the promotional functions from the implementation of research and technological development activities.

That this is evidenced by the National Science Foundation of the United States of America, the General Secretariat of the National Plan of Research and Development of the Spanish KINGDOM, the CONICIT of the VENEZUELA REPUBLIC, the ORIENTAL REPUBLIC OF URUGUAY and REPUBLIC OF CHILE, COLCIENCES of the REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA, the CNPQ

That the ARGENTINO TECHNOLOGICAL FUND has been transferred to the SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SECRETARIAT of the MINISTERY And EDUCATION, incorporating in this way the same jurisdiction of application of Law No. 23.877 on the Promotion and Promotion of Technological Innovation, which allows for better and more effective coordination of both instruments of support to the national technological innovation system.

In this context, it is appropriate to integrate both instruments and other instruments for the promotion of scientific and technological research into a single body whose exclusive purpose is to promote the national system of science, technology and technological innovation.

That for that reason it is advisable to establish a Promotion Agency within the jurisdiction of the SECRETARIAT for Science and Technology of the Ministry of Culture And EDUCATION, with the necessary powers to fulfill that purpose.

The establishment of a Promotion Agency will encourage public and private agencies to undertake scientific and technological activities within the framework of national sector development policies.

That promotional functions should be supported by strict, rigorous and transparent scientific and technological assessment procedures.

That scientific research, technological research, development and technological innovation require promotional instruments and evaluation modalities that are different and adapted to the characteristics of each activity.

It is necessary to promote undeveloped areas of work, according to appropriate distribution in the various regions of the country, giving priority in all cases to quality above other considerations.

That the measures envisaged in the present decree are ultimately aimed at achieving substantial improvement, in terms of administrative efficiency and reasonableness, by rationalizing the use of resources in order to efficiently apply them to the functions of promoting science and technology.


That this measure is determined in the use of the powers granted by article 99, paragraph 1 of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION, and by Act No. 24,629.




Article 1 de Refer to the jurisdiction of the SECRETARIAT for Science and Technology of the Ministry of Culture and EDUCATION the NATIONAL AUTHORITY OF CIENTIFIC PROMOTION And TECHNOLOGICA, as a deconcentrated organism, whose main mission will be to organize and manage instrument for the promotion and promotion of scientific-technological development and technological innovation in the country. Art. 2o . The government and administration of the NATIONAL AUTHORITY OF CIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL PROMOTION will be in charge of a (1) Directory appointed by the MINISTERY OF CULTURE AND EDUCATION on the proposal of the Secretary of Science and Technology. The Board shall be composed of NUEVE (9) members, who shall serve as ad-honorem.

Within the SESENTA (60) working days of the publication of the present decree, the Secretary of Science and Technology shall propose to the MINISTERY OF CULTURA and EDUCATION the mechanisms for the selection of the Board members.

Art. 3o . The members of the Board shall enjoy accredited scientific hierarchy at the national and international levels, or have a history of having realized original technological developments recognized at the national or international level, or exhibit recognized experience as an innovative entrepreneur, or stand out as a specialist in the administration, management and planning of scientific and/or technological activities, in addition to accrediting an intachable trajectory through the judgment of their peers and associations of their professional field. Art. 4o :: They will be the authority of the Board:

(a) Approve funding allocations for the Agency's promotional instruments.

(b) Propose new promotional instruments.

(c) Monitor and control the operation of the promotional instruments it manages.

(d) Develop the Agency ' s proposed budget.

(e) Define the functions of the Director-General and the Directors.

Art. 5o . The holder of the NATIONAL AGENTIFICA AND TECHNOLOGICAL PROMOTION will be a Director General, dependent on the Board, and it will be composed of the ARGENTINO TECHNOLOGICAL FUND (FONTAR), the FONDO FOR CIENTIFICAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION (FONCYT) and the Management and Legal Affairs Control Unit. Art. 6th la Approved the organizational structure of the NATIONAL AUTHORITY OF CIENTIFICATIVE PROMOTION And TECHNOLOGICAL according to the Organization, Primary Responsibilities and Actions, which as Annexes I and II form an integral part of this decree. Art. 7o El The ARGENTINO TECHNOLOGICAL FONDO (FONTAR) will be responsible for the implementation of Law No. 23,877 on the Promotion and Promotion of Technological Innovation, the management of resources from external credits for innovation and technological linkage, the recovery of the reimbursable financing granted and other resources allocated to it. Art. 8o El The FONDO FOR CIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION AND TECHNOLOGY (FONCYT) will have as its main mission the promotion and promotion of the areas of scientific and technological knowledge, both in basic and applied themes, and of technological development, guiding financial support according to the National Multi-year Plan of Science and Technology and the policy guidelines established by the TECHNICAL GABINETE.

In line with the characteristics that differentiate the activities associated with the basic and applied research of those associated with research and technological development, the FONDO FOR SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION (FONCYT) will establish two separate mechanisms of promotion and evaluation for the treatment of projects that promote according to one or other type of activity.

Art. 9th El The FONDO FOR CIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION (FONCYT) will promote scientific and technological activity through the presentation of projects. They will be promoted by FONCYT:

(a) Scientific and technological research projects, including those aimed at establishing or enhancing scientific and technological cooperation among groups engaged in activities in various regions of the country and abroad under international cooperation agreements.

(b) Human resources training including external scholarships.

(c) New infrastructure for specific purposes, to be incorporated into the technological scientific system, such as: networks, information centres, national laboratories, complex technology services, significant cost equipment.

(d) Economic support, for limited time, and previously established, to institutions that carry out activities considered to be priorities.

(e) Conduct of national congresses and national and international workshops and working meetings.

Art. 10. El The FONDO FOR SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION (FONCYT) will be responsible for the management and implementation of the budgetary resources of the National Treasury, those from external credit operations and international cooperation, aimed at financing the promotional objects mentioned in the previous article. Art. 11. El The FUND FOR CIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION AND TECHNOLOGY (FONCYT) may not have under its direct responsibility any task of implementing scientific or technological activities, the only way to avoid the conflict of interests that arises by bringing together in one institution the actions of promotion and execution. Art. 12. La SECRETARIAT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF CULTURE MINISTERY And EDUCATION shall establish by resolution, and on the proposal of the NATIONAL AUTHORITY OF CIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL PROMOTION, the institutional organization of the FUND FOR CIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION (FONCYT) and the operating manuals, which shall consider the following criteria:

(a) The FONDO FOR SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION (FONCYT) will allocate resources through public and open competitions for projects presented by state and/or private agencies and executing groups, and to this end it will make known in advance the bases of the calls, including the evaluation mechanism to which the initiatives will be subject. Calls and invitations to the contest you make will take into account the differentiated treatment of the various areas of knowledge, established groups, incipient research activities and that meet the requirements of quality, merit and relevance that defines the same FUND FOR CIENTIFICA AND TECHNOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION (FONCYT).

(b) In order to use the resources as effectively as possible, the FONDO FOR SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGY INVESTIGATION (FONCYT) will establish in the call to contest the characteristics and conditions that should be met by the groups that formulate the projects in response to the calls and will promote interactive work among groups of different geographical regions.

(c) The FONDO FOR SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION (FONCYT) will publish and disseminate the results of the calls using media, computer network and institutional newsletters.

(d) Project financing may include equipment, consumer material, scholarships (excluding external scholarships), incentives, travel, emerging obligations of agreements with other institutions, national and foreign, contracting services to third parties, publications, attendance at congresses and other scientific events in the country and abroad.

Art. 13. La SECRETARIAT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF CULTURE MINISTERY And EDUCATION shall establish by resolution, and on the proposal of the NATIONAL AUTHORATION OF CIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL PROMOTION, the operating manuals of the quality assessment and accreditation system that shall precede and approve any activity that is promoted in its field.

The evaluation and accreditation system should ensure that priorities for project financing are based on transparent mechanisms that reflect quality recognition and should also include a management control system during, and at the end, project implementation.

The system should provide:


(a) The use of two instances in the evaluation; the first instance will evaluate projects through the peer system, and the second will use ad-hoc Advisory Commissions that respect the peers ' opinion will establish the merit order (quality and relevance) of the projects.

(b) The creation of a data bank of national and foreign evaluators, made up of people of recognized prestige in the scientific and technological area.

(c) Make the peer assessment strictly confidential.

(d) The projects are evaluated at least by two pairs, as far as possible by one national and another foreigner, through duly completed forms and attaching the appropriate documentation.

(e) Let no evaluator participate in the evaluation on those topics where their presence involves conflict of interest.


The FONTAR will develop management evaluation and control methods that, consistent with the already established modalities for the financing lines in operation, tend to assimilate the forecasts indicated in I.

III. The development of mechanisms for the assessment of persons and/or institutions in which the NATIONAL AUTHORATION OF CIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL PROMOTION intervenes.

Art. 14. la Displace the NATIONAL DIRECTION OF PROMOTION INSTRUMENTS, under the SECRETARIAT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY of the MINISTERY OF CULTURE And EDUCATION, approved by Decree No. 1274/96, and delete Annex II of that decree in the relevant part thereof. Art. 15. . Replace the Organizational Structure of the MINISTERY OF CULTURA and EDUCATION, approved as Annex I to Decree No. 1274/96, with the Annex that integrates this article. Art. 16. . Replace the relevant part of Annex III of Decree No. 1274/96 PREPLANTA BUDGETARIA, JURISDICCION MINISTERIO DE CULTURA AND EDUCATION, ESCALAFON DECRETO No. 993/91-SINAPA. with the Annex that integrates this article. Art. 17. El This decree will not demand greater expenses. Following its publication, the budgetary provisions of the NATIONAL COUNCIL for CIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL INVESTIGATIONS (CONICET) and the SECRETARY for Science and Technology of the MINISTERY OF CULTURE and EDUCATION will be adjusted. Art. 18. . Default of Decree No. 1797/94. Art. 19. . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Jorge A. Rodriguez. Susana B. Decibe.


Annex II



Identify, propose, manage and evaluate scientific and technological promotion tools.


Develop and propose promotional instruments.

Coordinate the operation of the funds and other promotional instruments you manage.

Develop the budget and annual programming of resources and expenditures.

Coordinate the preparation of periodic reports and reports that are agreed with national and international funding agencies.

Spread the operational lines you manage.

To intervene in the implementation of Decree No. 2427 of 19 November 1993.




Fund projects in the areas of Science and Technology within the framework of the plans, programmes and priorities established for the sector, through strict, rigorous and transparent evaluation procedures that ensure quality, merit and relevance.


Conduct public and open examinations of research projects and other scientific and technological development programmes within the framework of the Multi-year National Plan on Science and Technology.

Establish and disseminate widely the basis for the calls and results of project financing. Implement evaluation mechanisms by forming collegiate bodies that, while respecting peer assessment, prioritize projects to finance, ensuring transparency in the method, ethics in proceeding and rigor in the selection of quality.

Encourage the formulation of projects aimed at establishing or enhancing cooperation between working groups located in different areas of the country.

Manage the resources allocated to it.




Funding technological modernization projects for productive enterprises and developing capacities to provide technological services to the productive sector.


Promote the implementation of technological modernization projects.

To advise and technically assist stakeholders in project formulation.

Coordinate the technical, economic and financial assessment of funding requests.

Manage the resources allocated to it, including those under Act No. 23,877 on the Promotion and Promotion of Technological Innovation.

To agree with entities of the financial system on the administration of economic resources.

Disseminate promotional mechanisms.



Assist the Director-General of the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion in the management control of the promotional instruments he organizes and manages, in the accounting control and legitimacy of the acts and administrative procedures of the agencies of the Agency, and in the development of the regulations, administrative acts, contracts and agreements for the performance of their respective functions.


Process the information provided by the remaining units of the Agency for management control in order to fulfill your promotional mission and weight your results.

Intervene in the administrative acts and procedures of the Agency for the purpose of accounting control and legitimacy.

Verify the regularity of administrative acts and contracts granted by the provincial enforcement authorities and the Autonomous Government of the City of Buenos Aires of promotional decentralised execution regimes, involving transfers of federal funds.

Participate in the development of proposals for promotional instruments and their modifications, as well as specific regulations required by the Agency.

Intervene in the development of administrative acts, contracts and agreements inherent in the activity of the Agency.

(Note Infoleg: The expression "activity of the Agency" does not arise from the text published in the Official Gazette but from the official copy of this Decree, so we have decided to include it for your best understanding. )

Annex to Article 15