Secretary Of The Press And Difoion Organizational Structure - Approval - Full Text Of The Norm


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PRESIDENCE OF THE NATION Decree 1646/96 Approve the organizational structure of the Press and Dissemination Secretariat.

Bs. As., 26/12/96

VISTO Decrees No. 2.622, dated 28 December 1992, No. 1,265, dated 29 July 1994, amendments, No. 1,545, dated 31 August 1994 and No. 660, dated 24 June 1996; and


That the first decree approved the organizational structure of the ex-SECRETARIAT OF MEASURES OF COMMUNICATION OF NATION, modified, in turn, by the norms mentioned in the second term.

In order to improve the functioning and quality of the services provided by the different jurisdictions of the National Civil Service, as set out in Law No. 24,629, it is necessary to modify the organizational structure of the current SECRETARIAT OF PRENSA and DIFUSION of the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE.

That in order to operationalize the objectives set out in the present structure, it is appropriate to establish the coverage of existing vacancies in the area of the PRESIDENCE SECRETARIAT OF NATION, as soon as possible, by providing emergency with certain emergency measures.

That the present measure is in use of the powers conferred by article 99, paragraph 1 of the National Constitution.




Article 1 . Approve the organizational structure of the SECRETARIAT OF PRENSA AND DIFUSION of the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE, whose Organigrams, Objectives, Primary Responsibility and Actions, Permanent Plant and Global Doing, which, as Annexes I, II, IIIa and IIIc, respectively, form an integral part of this decree.

Art. 2o , Amend Annex I to Decree No. 660/96, in the relevant part of the SECRETARIAT for PRENSA AND DIFUSION, which will be drafted:


Undersecretariat for Press and Dissemination

Administrative Technical Assistant

Art. 3o . Amend Annex II to Decree No. 660/96, in the relevant part of the SECRETARIAT on PRENSATING AND DIFUSION, in accordance with Annex II to this Decree, which is an integral part of the Decree.

Art. 4o , Amend Annex III to Decree No. 660/96, in the relevant part of the SECRETARIAT for PRENSA AND DIFUSION, which will be drafted:



State-managed Commercial Emissors

Federal Broadcasting Committee

Art. 5o . Amend the Nomenclator of Executive Functions, in the relevant part to the EX-SECRETARIAT OF Current SECRETARY MEASURES OF PRESS AND DIFUSION in accordance with Annex IV, which is an integral part of the present.

Art. 6th . Except for the SECRETARIAT OF PRENSATING AND DIFUSION of the PRESIDENCE OF NATION, for the term of NOVENTA (90) days, of the application of Titles II and III, Chapter I and Chapters I, II and III, respectively, of Annex I to Decree No. 993/91 T.O. 1995.

Art. 7o . Destroy the Nros Decrees. 2622/92 and 1265/94 and their modifications.

Art. 8o . The expense that demands the fulfillment of this decree will be charged to the specific provisions of the Jurisdiction 2001 - NATION PRESIDENCE.

Art. 9th . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Jorge A. Rodriguez. . Carlos V. Corach.



LT 88

TV Canal 11 - Formosa

LU 91

TV Canal 12 - Trenque Lauquen - Pcia. Buenos Aires

LT 11

Radio General Francisco Ramírez - C. del Uruguay - Entre Ríos

LT 12

Radio General Madariaga - Paso de los Libres - Corrientes

LT 14

Radio General Urquiza - Paraná - Entre Ríos

LV 4

Radio San Rafael - Mendoza

LV 8

Radio Libertador - Mendoza

LV 19

Radio Malargüe - Mendoza


Radio Patagonia Argentina - Comodoro Rivadavia - Chubut


Emissora Lago Argentino - El Calafate - Santa Cruz





L.R.A. 1

Radio Nacional Buenos Aires

L.R.A. 2

Radio Nacional Viedma

L.R.A. 3

Radio Nacional Santa Rosa

L.R.A. 4

Radio Nacional Salta

L.R.A. 5

Radio Nacional Rosario

L.R.A. 6

Radio Nacional Mendoza

L.R.A. 7

Radio Nacional Córdoba

L.R.A. 8

Radio Nacional Formosa

L.R.A. 9

Radio Nacional Esquel

L.R.A. 10

National Radio Ushuaia

L.R.A. 11

Radio Nacional Comodoro Rivadavia

L.R.A. 12

Radio Nacional Santo Tomé

L.R.A. 13

Radio Nacional Bahía Blanca

L.R.A. 14

Radio Nacional Santa Fe

L.R.A. 15

Radio Nacional San Miguel de Tucumán

L.R.A. 16

Radio Nacional La Quiaca

L.R.A. 17

Radio Nacional Zapala

L.R.A. 18

Radio Nacional Río Turbio

L.R.A. 19

Radio Nacional Puerto Iguazú

L.R.A. 20

Radio Nacional Las Lomitas

L.R.A. 21

Radio Nacional Santiago del Estero

L.R.A. 22

Radio Nacional San Salvador de Jujuy

L.R.A. 23

Radio Nacional San Juan

L.R.A. 24

Radio Nacional Río Grande

L.R.A. 25

National Radio Tartagal

L.R.A. 26

Radio Nacional Resistencia

L.R.A. 27

Radio Nacional Catamarca

L.R.A. 28

Radio Nacional La Rioja

L.R.A. 29

Radio Nacional San Luis

L.R.A. 30

Radio Nacional San Carlos de Bariloche

L.R.A. 42

Radio Nacional Gualeguaychú

L.R.A. 51

Jáchal National Radio

L.R.A. 52

National Radio Chos Malal

L.R.A. 53

Radio Nacional San Martín de los Andes

L.R.A. 54

Radio Nacional Ingeniero Jacobacci

L.R.A. 55

Radio Nacional Alto Río Senguerr

L.R.A. 56

Radio Nacional Perito Moreno

L.R.A. 57

Radio Nacional El Bolsón

L.R.A. 58

Radio Nacional Paso Río Mayo

L.R.A. 59

Radio Nacional Gobernador Gregores

Annex II



1.- Understand the formulation and control of social communication and social media policies.

2.- Understand the dissemination of the activity of the National Executive and its relation to national and international journalism.

3.- To disseminate the acts of the National State in order to project the image of the country in the domestic and external spheres.

4.- Manage and control the media under the responsibility of the National Executive, and those companies in the sector where the Press and Dissemination Secretariat is a shareholder.

5.- Coordinate and control the communication management of the companies dependent on the area.

6.- Intervene and undertake planning and recruitment of official advertising.

7.- Coordinate and control the implementation of policies set by the National State for the broadcasting sector that are implemented through the Federal Broadcasting Committee.



1.- Establish guidelines for journalistic coverage and graphic record of the activity of the National Executive and the dissemination of government acts.

2.- Plan and control social communication and media policies, evaluating their information impact.

3.- Plan and control the management of a comprehensive radio and television communication system of interest for communicating and coordinating its implementation with other relevant agencies in the national, provincial and municipal order.

4.- Organize and coordinate press conferences convened by the National Executive and plan and control the management of the Conference Room.

5.- Manage the intervention of the Official Locutores in all acts of the National Executive.



1.- Assist the Secretary of the Press and Dissemination in the administration and control of the media in his office and of his decentralized agencies whatever their nature.

2.- Understand the administration of the assets and resources of the Secretariat and of the stations under the jurisdiction.

3.- Understand the management and development of the human resources of the Secretariat.

4.- Control the legal and administrative acts of the Secretariat and provide the defence in the opinion of the Secretariat in matters within its jurisdiction.

5.- Understand the contentious matters to which the Secretariat is a party.

6.- Understand the planning and hiring of the official publicity of the National Public Sector.



Direct and control in its technical, artistic and operational aspects the broadcasting stations that are part of the Official Broadcasting Service, managing the resources allocated to it.


1.- Design guidelines for the development of the artistic programming of broadcasters in their jurisdiction and control their compliance.

2.- Fiscalize the activities of broadcasters in their technical and operational aspects according to the current regulations.

3.- Develop and propose specific rules regarding the integral operation and maintenance of the broadcasters that make up the Official Broadcasting Service.

4.- Form National Chains and Broadcasting and Television Officers, according to established guidelines.

5.- Disseminate through the short waves of Argentine to foreign broadcasting, the activities of the National Government, as well as the artistic, musical, cultural and sporting aspects of our Country to the world.

6.- Manage the human, economic and financial resources allocated to it and manage the legal affairs of the area of its competence.



Coordinate, plan and propose the policies of the Secretariat for the proper communication of acts of government and the journalistic coverage of the official activity of the National State and the National Executive Branch, in order to project the image of the country in the domestic sphere. Develop the necessary guidelines, guidelines and standards for the implementation of the publicity objectives of the National Public Sector.


1.- Analyze the information produced by the various media regarding acts of government and its incidence and receptivity by the people of the country.

2.- Coordinar el cumplimiento de la política de información de los actos de gobierno.

3.- Planning the journalistic campaigns of government events.

4.- Coordinate the provision to the various media in the country of full coverage of government action.

5.- Address the needs of technical materials necessary for the implementation of the publicity campaigns of the acts of government.

6.- Understand all about the accreditation of professional journalists in the House of Government and the functioning of the Journalists' Chamber.

7.- Disseminate information, advertising and/or publications related to the activity of the National Government.

8.- Intervene in the publicity campaigns of the National Government.

9.- Produce printed and/or audiovisual materials linked to government action.

10.- To promote programmes and campaigns to disseminate government action and to assess its outcome.

11.- Provide the facilities provided for in the Broadcasting Act without charge of general interest announcements, monitoring their content and quality.

12.- Intervene in the organization of press conferences convened by the National Executive.



1.- Do the tasks for the photographic record of those events that are requested.

2.- Conduct photographic records of any official act involving officials of the Presidency of the Nation.

3.- To register any event or event involving officials of the Presidency of the Nation and those required.

4.- Coordinate with the TELAM S.A.I.y P. Agency the choice and publication of the photo shoots and the filming of the acts in which the intervention is required.

5.- Perform the photographic and film archive of the official and government acts and of the most outstanding personalities of which to make national and international.

6.- Order and perform the laboratory works necessary for the performance of its functions.

7.- Order and plan the intervention and participation of the photographers in the different events in order to ensure comprehensive and adequate coverage of them.



1.- Understand the supply of official information.

2.- Intervene in all activities related to journalism accredited in the House of Government, both national and foreign and control the accreditation and functioning of the Chamber of Journalists.

3.- Supervising journalistic writing tasks.

4.- Make special and outreach notes for the different media.

5.- Develop the information material required for distribution according to specific instructions.



1.- Conduct studies leading to the development of social communication and media policies and coordinate them among government agencies.

2.- Analyze and elaborate information on government action and the degree of media penetration.

3.- Develop and implement mechanisms that tend to produce a unified and reliable communication message.

4.- Coordinate compliance with the information policies of government actions.

5.- Develop journalistic reports of the opinion of the population regarding the management of government officials.



1.- Maintain the Conference Room in optimal conditions to be required for top-level events.

2.- Produce the adaptation of the Conference Room for each type of event for which it is required.

3.- Coordinate the protocol and technical aspects of government events to be held in the Conference Room.

4.- Promote cultural activities for the efficient use of the Conference Room.



Manage resources allocated to commercial stations under the Press and Dissemination Secretariat.

Coordinate and plan the recruitment of publicity by official agencies of the national public sector. To assist the Secretariat in all acts and situations that require legal intervention.


1.- Develop control mechanisms for the operation of radio and television stations under the Secretariat.

2.- Plan, schedule and arrange for the conduct of the accounting and operational audits of the stations and dependent agencies.

3.- Control the management and privatization procedures of dependent stations, at the time they are proposed for that purpose.

4.- To monitor and control the liquidations of privatized stations under the jurisdiction.

5.- Understand the coordination of publicity recruitment by the official agencies of the national public sector.

6.- Develop control mechanisms for the functioning of decentralized agencies, whatever their nature, under the Secretariat.

7.- Control the management of trials and contentious and administrative matters to which the Secretariat is a party.

8.- Assist in the development of draft laws, decrees, Resolutions and Regulations related to the area of competence of the Secretariat.

9.- To make the drafting and interpretation of contracts to which the Secretariat is a party and to supervise those belonging to decentralized agencies regardless of their nature.

10.- Manage the amounts that are initiated in Secretariat units and monitor those that are carried out in the entities dependent on it and the substance of administrative resources.

11.- Coordinate relations with governmental and non-governmental agencies and institutions, public or private, and analyse and interpret the agreements with such agencies.

12.- To establish criteria for appreciation for the institutional legal issues under consideration and to issue the relevant Views and Reports.



1.- Develop administrative legal advice opinions and reports required.

2.- Prepare draft laws, decrees, resolutions and provisions related to the area of competence of the Secretariat.

3.- Participate in the discussion and subscription of the Collective Labour Conventions applicable to staff of dependent entities.

4.- Project contracts that may be required by the Superior for the performance of its operational work.

5.- Provide policy information and evacuate consultations on them and keep the respective registry.

6.- To exercise the representation and sponsorship of the Secretariat, in judicial, contentious and administrative matters to which it is interested.

7.- Understanding and acting on all extra-contractual and contractual matters in the Secretariat.

8.- Conduct the instruction of the summons initiated in Secretariat units and in the entities dependent on it, and the substance of the administrative resources entrusted to it.

9.- Intervene the judicial issues covered by the public debt consolidation regime.



Coordinate the management and development of human resources of the Press and Dissemination Secretariat.


1.- Organize actions to manage and develop the human resources of the Secretariat.

2.- Lead the actions of analysis, planning and organizational design.

3.- Coordinate and assist technically in vacancy coverage processes.

4.- Implement, maintain and update the Performance Assessment System.

5.- Relead the training needs of Secretariat staff and coordinate actions to meet relegated demand.

6.- Manage and manage administrative acts affecting the staff of this Secretariat.



To schedule, organize and conduct actions to ensure efficient and expeditious development of tasks related to the administration, processing, budgetary control and refurbishment of assets assigned to the Press and Dissemination Secretariat.


1.- To schedule and implement the follow-up to administrative-counting arrangements undertaken by the Secretariat.

2.- Develop and manage the budget of the Secretariat, the stations and their decentralized agencies.

3.- Conduct tasks related to the accounting, registration and property control of movable and immovable property assigned to the use of the Secretariat and its independent stations.

4.- Understand the procurement, location of goods, and/or services required by the organizational units of the Secretariat.

5.- To direct the tasks related to the protocolization, departure and archive of the administrative acts emanated from the authorities of the agency and to the registration and diligence of the documentation and correspondence being processed.

6.- Implement budgetary forecasts for judicial creditors outside the debt consolidation regime.

7.- To grant to the Ministry of Economy of the Ministry of Finance to commercial stations under the Secretariat, and to develop relevant surrender to the General Treasury of the Nation.

8.- To effect to the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Nation and/or Ministry of Finance of the Ministry of Economy and Public Works and Services the schedule of payments for the billing of the services provided to the National Executive, TELAM and ATC S.A.

9.- Coordinate the administrative and/or budgetary procedures of the Secretariat-dependent enterprises and decentralized agencies.