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Decree 1589/96

Specific aspects of the merger process of the National Customs Administration and the General Impositive Directorate established by Decree No. 1156/96 are preferred.

Bs. As., 19/12/96

VISTO file No. 253.246/96 of the registration of the IMPOSTITIVE GENERAL DIRECTION, an organism dependent on the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWS AND PUBLIC SERVICES, and the Nros Laws. 23,696, 23,697 and 24,629, Decree No. 928 of 8 August 1996 and 1156 of 14 October 1996 and the opinion of the Joint Commission on State Reform and Follow-up to Privatizations issued on this last decree, and


That Decree No. 1156/96, within the powers delegated by the legislative branch to the executive branch by the laws mentioned in the "vist", has provided for the merger of the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF ADUANAS and the general IMPOSITTIVE DIRECTION, organisms dependent on the MINISTERY OF ECONOMIC AND SERVICES

That the new agency has assigned high powers for the administration of the State, especially with regard to its source of income and the application of relevant aspects of foreign trade policy.

That these functions originate complex legal relations with the private sector which must be clearly and without ambiguity in order to avoid questions that may prejudice the exercise of such functions.

That, therefore, it is necessary to specify more accurately different aspects of the merger process established by Decree No. 1156/96.

That the present decree is issued under the emerging powers of article 99, paragraph 1, of the National Constitution and Law No. 24.629.





Article 1- Within the SESENTA (60) days of the completion of the merger process in the terms of Article 3 of this Decree, the FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION OF PUBLIC INCOME, an auto-archic organization under the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND PUBLIC SERVICES, shall present the strategic plan in accordance with the provisions of Decree No. 928/96.

Art. 2°- Substitute article 5 of Decree No. 1156/96 for the following text:

"ARTICULO 5°-Dentro de los CIENTO VEINTE (120) días de la publicación del presente Decreto, el Director General de la DIRECCION GENERAL IMPOSITIVA debe eleva a la aprobación del PODER EJECUTIVE NACIONAL el texto ordina de las normas referentes a las competences, faculties, derechos y obligaciones y la propuesta del primer nivel de la estructura organizationaltiva del ente autárquico que se crea".

Art. 3rd- On the date of publication of the norm of implementation of the organizational structure and of the ordained text referred to in Article 5 of Decree No. 1156/96, replaced by Article 2 of the present, the process of merging the FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION OF PUBLIC INCOMES, an organism dependent on the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND PUBLIC OURS and SERVICES. On the same date the merged agency will be responsible for the Dn License. Carlos Alberto SILVANI (M.1.4.392.939) without the need for another formal requirement, the IMPOSITIVE GENERAL DIRECTION and the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION are extinguished DE ADUANAS, organisms dependent on MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA AND ARTWORKS AND PUBLIC SERVICES. To date, the above-mentioned agencies will continue to act independently under the direction of their legal authorities and the superintendence of the Dn License. Carlos Alberto SILVANI.

Art. 4°- Until such time, the necessary rules are issued to assist and unify the Nros Acts. 11.683 (text ordained in 1978), 22,091 and 22,415, and their modifications, and adapt them to the existence of the FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION OF PUBLIC INCOME, an organism dependent on the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY . PUBLICS shall remain fully in force, as amended by the rule mentioned in the preceding article.

Art. 5°-Communicate, post, go to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.-MENEM.-Jorge A. Rodríguez-Roque B. Fernandez.