Argentine Mining Geologic Service Organisational Structure - Full Text Of The Norm


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GEOLOGICAL MINERO ARGENTINO SERVICE Decree 1663/96 Approve its organizational structure

Bs. As., 27/12/96

VISTO the provisions of Act No. 24,629 and Decrees No. 558 of 24 May 1996 and No. 660 of 24 June 1996 and the General Budget of the National Administration for the Exercise 1996, and


That the decree mentioned in the second term, in its article 37, provided for the merger in a new body called MINERO ARGENTINE GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR), of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MINERA TECHNOLOGY (INTEMIN), of the REGIONAL CENTRE OF SUBTERRAN WATER (CRAS) and of the NATIONAL INSTITUT OF SESCTIVE PREVENTION

That reasons for specialty and administrative economy suggest that the current National Directorate of the Geological Service of the SUBSECRETARIA DE MINERIA under the SECRETARIAT OF INDUSTRIA, TRADE and MINERIA become part of the merged Agency.

That the agencies and units merged in SEGEMAR are involved in the Argentine Mining Sector Support Program (PASMA), which is funded by the International BANCO of RECONSTRUCCION and FOMENTO (BIRF), and specifically contemplates a component of Institutional Strengthening of the National Mining Sector.

That the studies of the above-mentioned Institutional Strengthening Program will allow to optimize, on the basis of racio-nalization and efficiency criteria, the current organizational structures and the services provided by the different areas of the public sector linked to mining.

Without prejudice to the development of the above-mentioned Programme, it is essential to immediately provide SEGEMAR with a basic organizational structure that will enable its operation and operation.

That the Unit for the Reform and Modernization of the State and the Technical Advisory Commission on Public Sector Salarial Policy have taken the intervention that they are responsible for, with a favourable expiation.

That the present is given in the exercise of the emerging powers of article 99 (1) of the National Constitution and Law No. 24.629.




Article 1 . Approve the organizational structure of the MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR), in accordance with the Organizational chart, Objectives, Primary Responsibility and Actions, Permanent Plant, Temporary Plant and Global Doing, which, as ANEXOS identified as I, II, IIIa, IIIb and IIIc, are an integral part of this Decree. Art. 2o . Incorporate the MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR) the personnel, equipment and infrastructure of the former National Directorate of the Geological Service, under the SUBSECRETARIA DE MINERIA of the SECRETARIA DE INDUSTRIA, TRADE AND MINERIA. The payroll of the staff that is transferred, with the respective category of magazine and corresponding Executive Functions, is added in SIETE (7) tables annexed to this article. Art. 3o Transfer to the MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR) the staffing, equipment and infrastructure of the MINERA TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE (INTEMIN), created by Decree No. 2818/92, of the REGIONAL CENTRE FOR SUBTERRANEA WATER (CRAS), created by Law No. 20.077 and the NACIONAL INSTITUTION The payroll of the staff that is transferred, with the respective category of magazine and corresponding Executive Functions, is included in NUEVE (9) tables as annexes to this Article. Art. 4o . Modify the Administrative Distribution of the National Budget NacionalHuman resources Ju of the Jurisdiction 50.00, MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTS AND PUBLIC SERVICES, in the part of the SUBSECRETARIA DE MINERIA dependent on the SECRETARIA DE INDUSTRIA, TRADE and MISENERIA GESERVICE GEOLOGICO MIN Art. 5o El The MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR) will be headed by UN (1) President and UN (1) Executive Secretary, both designated by the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER. Commend the President of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MINERA TECHNOLOGY (INTEMIN) and the National Director of the Geological Service the exercise "ad honorem" of the transitional functions of President and Executive Secretary of the MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR), respectively. Art. 6th s They will be the exclusive powers of the President of the MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR):

(a) To exercise the overall direction and legal representation of the entity.

(b) Consider the draft general budget of expenditure and resource calculation and submit it to the Under-Secretary for Mining for approval.

(c) Accept donations and legacies for the GEOLOGICAL MINERO ARGENTINO SERVICE (SEGEMAR) and establish the tariffs that will govern the services provided by the Agency.

(d) To enter into obligations on behalf of the Agency for the purpose of fulfilling its objectives.

(e) Subscribe agreements with companies and agencies, public or private, national or foreign, for the implementation of joint projects within areas of mutual interest.

(f) Approve the lower openings of the organizational structure of the MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR).

Art. 7o ): The Executive Secretary of the MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR):

(a) Develop annual Operational Programmes.

(b) Supervising and controlling technical management.

(c) Coordinate, monitor and control economic, financial, accounting and personnel management.

(d) Develop the draft general budget for expenditure and calculation of resources for consideration by the Chairman of the Agency.

(e) Replace the president of the Agency in cases of temporary absence.

Art. 8o ). The property of the MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICA SERVICE (SEGEMAR) will constitute all the assets of the SUBSECRETARIA DE MINERIA dependent on the SECRETARIA DE INDUSTRIA, TRADE AND MINERIA currently affected by the National Directorate of the Geological Service, and the assets of the NATIONAL INSTITUT OF MINERA TECHNOLOGY (INTS) Art. 9th Los The resources of the MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR) will be integrated with:

(a) The amounts allocated to it in the National Budget.

(b) Contributions and grants from Provinces, Municipalities and other public distributions.

(c) Inheritances, legacies and donations.

(d) The rights, fees or tariffs it acquires or perceives in accordance with its functions and activities; as well as the income or fruits of its property and the benefits or profits obtained as a result of its participation in projects aimed at the promotion or promotion of mining development.

(e) Income from services to third parties.

(f) Industrial patents that are registered to their name and intellectual rights that may correspond to them for research, inventions or development of technologies.

(g) Any other resources assigned to it by special laws or determined by the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER.

Art. 10. El El MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR) will be able to hire professionals, technicians or institutions of prestige, national or foreign, with a view to the best performance of the Agency's own tasks. It may also highlight its professionals and technicians outside the country when this is necessary to provide training or to perform tasks committed to utilizing services. Art. 11. El The MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR) may agree on subsidies, grants or scholarships, in the form, amount and opportunity it deems appropriate, for the better performance of its functions, under specific budget headings. Art. 12. El The MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR) may register in its name the industrial and invention patents resulting from its work, being entitled to grant and hire the corresponding licenses for the use of the same by third parties. Art. 13. Los Agreements, agreements, contracts, labor orders and any other pre-existing commitment in the NATIONAL DIRECTION OF THE GEOLOGICAL SERVICE, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MINERA TECHNOLOGY (INTEMIN), REGIONAL CENTRE OF SUBTERRANEAN WATER (CRAS) and NATIONAL INSTITUT OF SESTIC PREVENTION (INPRES respect) Art. 14. INTRODUCTION MINERO ARGENTINO (SEGEMAR), in order to the recommendations that arise from the studies of the National System of Mining and Institutional Strengthening, the specific subcomponents included in the PROGRAMME OF SUPPORT TO THE SECTOR With regard to the areas of Administration, Internal Audit Unit and Legal Counseling, the President of the MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR) will provide the measures leading to its immediate unification, inter alia, by designating each of these areas of support to the Financial Administrative Service Owner, the Owner of the Internal Audit Unit and the Legal Counselling Officer of any of the Agency. Art. 15. . In addition to the extra-curricular posts of President and Executive Secretary of the MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR) the total retributive amounts corresponding to Level 1 of the Higher Authorities of the National State Agencies, as set out in Resolution No. 1117 of September 29, 1992, of the MINISTERIO OF ECONOMY AND SERVES (1) Art. 16. . The staff of the NATIONAL DIRECTION OF THE GEOLOGICAL SERVICE, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MINERA TECHNOLOGY (INTEMIN), REGIONAL CENTRE OF SUBTERRANEA WATER (CRAS) and NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SESSION PREVENTION (INPRES), which is transferred to the GEOLOGICO SEMARINE, Art. 17. ). Please provide the President of the GEOLOGICAL MINERO ARGENTINO GEOLOGICAL SERVICE (SEGEMAR) to dictate the relevant acts to resolve the situations of the agents of the NATIONAL INSTITUT OF MINERA TECHNOLOGY (INTEMIN), REGIONAL CENTRE FOR SUBTERRANEA WATER (CRAS) and NATIONAL INSTITUT OF NATIONAL PREVENTIONS Art. 18. Las The budgetary changes resulting from the provisions of this Decree shall be effected from the validity of the General Budget for Expenditures and Resource Calculation for the Exercise 1997. Until this is realized, the erogations to which this measure takes place will be carried out by the administrative-financial services that currently serve them. Art. 19. . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Jorge A. Rodriguez. Guido Di Tella.


Annex II

Objectives of the Argentinean Mining Service - SEGEMAR · Generate and process the geologic-mineral and technological information of natural resources, soil, subsoil and water, and promote the rational use of them. · Prevent the effects of natural and atropic risks on the establishment of human settlements, infrastructure and economic enterprises. · To develop and adapt technologies for the mining sector, in order to optimize the economic use of mineral resources as raw materials for the national manufacturing industry, and to seek access for these products to international markets, increasing their added value. · Contribute to planning and making decisions at the state and private levels, based on knowledge of the territory, resources and technology, in the different fields of human activity, with emphasis on the environmental sustainability of the activities. · Develop and propose geological, technological and seismic prevention policies at the national level. Primary Liability and Actions of the substantive areas of the Argentine Mining Geological Service - SEGEMAR



Examine the geological structure and non-renewable natural resources of the national territory and ensure the availability of geoscientific information and technical expertise required to promote the effective use of the natural resources of the Nation and to contribute to the safeguarding of the lives and properties of its inhabitants against the emerging risks of geodynamic processes.


1. Manage in time and form the Geological Legislation, the consensual supervision and coordination of its implementation and execute the National Program of Geological and Thematic Letters.

2. Implement and sustain the National Geological Repository.

3. Conduct the study and indentification of the Mining Geological Resources of the National Territory and implement Programs of Evaluation of the Regional Mining Potential, Metalogenia, Geochemistry, Air Geophysics and Geothermal, to promote sectoral investments.

4. Identify the emerging risks of external geodynamic processes to predict or prevent their damage and mitigate their socio-economic effects.

5. Programme and execute baseline studies aimed at the rational planning of the use of natural spaces and resources linked to human settlements, infrastructure and economic undertakings, in coordination with provincial and municipal authorities.

6. Intervene in studies linked to major civil works, in the development and/or approval of reports linked to the corresponding geological studies.

7. Process remote information and implement geological information systems (GIS) in which databases and geographical attributes flow.

8. Intervene in the preservation of the landscape, promotion of natural geological monuments and protection of paleontological sites.



Coordinate and undertake further review of the activities carried out by the entity, in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 24,156, its regulations and complementary standards, using the comprehensive and integrated control approach, verifying compliance with the principles of efficiency, efficiency and economy.


1. Develop the planning of the internal audit to be developed in the agency, in accordance with the general internal control and audit standards, applying the integrated and integrated control model.

2. Verify compliance with policies, plans and procedures established by the senior authorities of the entity.

3. Participate in the definition of rules and procedures for the purpose of establishing, in accordance with the higher authority of the agency, the internal control system and subsequently follow up.

4. Review and evaluate the application of administrative and operational controls.

5. Verify whether erogations are made in accordance with applicable legal accounting standards and corresponding budgetary levels.

6. Produce reports on activities developed and make appropriate recommendations or comments.

7. Verify and validate the budget formulation.



To advise and assist in legal matters and legally represent the agency in matters of a jurisdictional nature.


1. Produce the legal opinions requested by the different areas, in accordance with the current regulations.

2. To exercise the legal representation and sponsorship of the body in trial and in administrative proceedings.

3. Instruction of summaries and investigative actions by the higher authorities of the agency.



Conduct the comprehensive study of underground water resources, including the search for groundwater, the quantum assessment of reservoirs and the planning of its exploitation and preservation.


1. Conduct comprehensive studies of underground water resources, in coordination with the respective provincial jurisdictions, including in such studies the prospecting of groundwater sources, the quantitative assessment of reservoirs, the qualification of resources according to the uses to which they are intended (human, domestic, agricultural, livestock, industrial) and the planning of their exploitation and preservation over time, in order to avoid their depletion or degradation.

2. To advise and provide technical services of their specialty to productive activity and investment projects, as well as to municipal, provincial, national and foreign bodies responsible for planning in the field.

3. Permanent research to identify technical bases for the fair and harmonious exploitation and use of groundwater.

4. Promote research in the aspects of its competence, participating in its results, to promote the widest knowledge of the underground water resource.



Conduct basic and applied studies and research on seismic seismology and engineering, aimed at the prevention of seismic risk through the dictation of standards that allow for the stability and permanence of existing civil structures in the country ' s seismic zones.


1. Plan and conduct the study of the seism of the national territory, evaluating the seismic risk in each and every area of the same.

2. Operate throughout the National Territory the National Seism Stations Network, the National Acelograph Network and the Sismorresist Structures Laboratory.

3. Projecting and advising norms that regulate anti-sysmic constructions appropriate to each of the seismic zones of the country that lack them.

4. Project and conduct technological studies on anti-sysmic construction materials and systems.

5. Conduct outreach campaigns at all levels, aimed at raising awareness of the seismic problem and its solutions; conduct technical outreach publications.

6. To provide specific technical assistance in the event of disasters caused by earthquakes in order to solve the problems arising from the destruction of civilian buildings and infrastructures.

7. To act as a validation unit at the national level, from a seismic point of view, in large infrastructure such as: hydroelectric complexes, mining establishments, nuclear power plants, etc., installed or installed in the national territory.

8. Implement the National Seismic Prevention Policy.



Provide support for the technological update of the mining sector, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises and provide laboratory services to the other units of the Argentine Mining Geological Service.


1. Implement national technology-mining policy by establishing measures for the development and incorporation of new technologies and the improvement of existing ones.

2. Promote concepts of productive conversion, both at sectoral and regional levels.

3. Establish a technological tool capable of accompanying and enhancing the development of mining and industries using mineral raw materials.

4. Promote the implementation of the quality assurance system, in the production, marketing and use of mineral substances and their derivative materials.

5. Technologically monitor and control environmental standards and parameters in the planning and development of mining activities at the request of the mining environmental authorities or the productive sector, in order to verify compliance with the environmental protection law for mining activity.

6. Technically assist in the development of private investment in the mining sector and/or in the analysis of financing opportunities for mining investments.



To carry out the management and supervision of the administrative, economic-financial, property and general services services, in order to help the tasks of the Argentine Mining Geological Service.


1. Conduct the programming, organization, control and registration of administrative acts linked to the administration of human, economic-financial and property resources of the Service.

2. Conduct audits of the Institute ' s administrative-counting units and monitor the renditions of accounts for payment of salaries, expenses and investments.

3. To counter the performance of the Budget and its modifications, preparing the financial statements, results tables, projections and other financial-contable documentation, for submission to the control bodies.

4. Conduct the processing of contracts, purchases and locations of goods and services.

5. Operate the Treasury of the Service, take the measures for the custody of funds and values and carry out the registration and control of property assets, taking the measures for their safeguarding, maintenance and maintenance and exercising the supervision of the general services.

6. Understand the organization of the General Service, the maintenance and maintenance of the Service.