National Administration Of Social Security Powers And Obligations - Full Text Of The Norm


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Decree 399/97

Please refer to the Executive Directorate of the above-mentioned Agency, powers and obligations set out in Act No. 13,064, for the refurbishment and refurbishment of properties to operate as Comprehensive Care Units as well as for the construction of Central Headquarters.

Bs. As., 7/5/97

B.O: 13/5/97.

VISTO Act No. 13,064 and its amendments, and


That article 2 of the above-mentioned Act authorizes the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER to delegate the powers and obligations set out therein for the recruitment and execution of public works.

That the MINISTERY OF WORK AND SECURITY SOCIAL, is developing a policy of decentralization of the organizational structure of the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF SOCLAL SECURITY (ANSES) aimed at the immediate efficiency and simplification of the procedures related to the Social Security System.

Such decentralization consists of the care of beneficiaries in reception desks distributed in Capital Federal, Conurbano and the rest of the country, called Units of Integral Care.

That for the fulfilment of such objectives the Ministry of Labour and Security SOCIAL needs to have the necessary and appropriate infrastructure to carry out such an undertaking.

That the lack of appropriate properties to provide the service within the Ministry requires the construction and/or work to adapt the existing building structure and that which is incorporated into service in the future.

On the other hand, the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY (ANSES) does not count in the Federal Capital, with an efficient operating operation resulting from the disintegration of its different units.

That the Administration currently operates in several buildings, located in turn in various areas of the Federal Capital, resulting in significant costs in terms of cleaning, monitoring, internal messaging and other additional services that are carried out simultaneously in all the buildings involved, with the consequent multiplication of costs.

It should also be particularly borne in mind that the deconcentration of political and administrative activities produces costs of an intangible nature resulting from the dysfunctional location of the Headquarters of the Administration in respect of the other units of the Administration.

It is therefore essential to take the driving measures to concentrate on a single building the main activities carried out by the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY (ANSES), without prejudice to the deconcentration of the functions that will be carried out by their characteristics in the Comprehensive Care Units.

At present there is no available property in the area of the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY (ANSES) that meets the characteristics required for the operation of that property, which is why it is necessary and convenient to proceed to its construction.

That the adoption of this measure will result in the rationalization of the use of available physical spaces and the reduction of operating expenses.

That the immediacy of the implementation of the comprehensive care units policy and the inescapable need to rationalize expenditures - in the framework of the overall reduction of the costs of the Public Administration - requires authorization to the EXECUTIVE DIRECTION of the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF SECURITY SOCIAL (ANSES) to hire and execute the necessary works to convert the Integral Care Units into operations and achieve the concentration of their political and administrative activities in a single Central Headquarters.

To revise the constructions and/or works to carry out the character of public works, and that it must be carried out with the speed that merits the objective set, it is appropriate for the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER to delegate to the EXECUTIVE DIRECTION of the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY (ANSES Attention) the powers and obligations set out in the Comprehensive Headquarters of Social Security.

That the present is given by virtue of the emerging power of Article 2 of Act No. 13.064 and its amendments.





Article 1-Refer to the EXECUTIVE DIRECTION of the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF SECURITY SOCIAL (ANSES), in accordance with article 2 of Act No. 13,064 and its amendments, the powers and obligations determined by it for the hiring and execution of buildings, works or services that are public works, as well as for the acquisition of materials, furniture and elements, aimed at the operationalization of the units for the comprehensive care of the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY (ANSES)

Art. 2°-Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. - MENEM. - Jorge A. Rodriguez. - José A. Caro Figueroa. - Roque B. Fernandez.