Newberian National Institute Its Creation - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: INSTITUTO NACIONAL NEWBERIANO SU CREACION - Texto completo de la norma

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Decree 468/97.

Trust the Secretariat of Culture of the Presidency of the Nation. Competition. Responsibility. Integration. Functions.

Bs. As., 22/5/97.

B.O.: 27/5/97.

VISTO file No. 6082-5/95 in DOS (2) bodies, of the registry of the MINISTERY of CULTURE and EDUCATION, by which the INSTITUTO ARGENTINO de HISTORIA AERONAUTICA is requested, and


That the purpose of the Institute is to promote the research and dissemination of the Aeronautical and Space History of Argentina and to rememorate, in particular, the life, work and ideas of Engineer Jorge Alejandro NEWBERY, Founder of Civil and Military Aviation.

That the said Institute, is a private body founded on May 27, 1,975, Legal Personary No. C-6744, with status approved by Resolution of the then GENERAL INSPECTION OF JURIDIC PERSONS No. 2301/76 with the amendments adopted by Resolution of the General INSPECTION OF JUSTICE No. 225/87.

It has also carried out a weighty task of research and historical aeronautics and spatial dissemination, editing with intellectual solvency a vast bibliography, issuing courses and conferences and conducting academic events and commemorative ceremonies in the country and abroad, intensively striving to contribute efficiently to the formation of aeronautical and spatial awareness in the Argentine people.

That for the reasons stated, the above-mentioned Institute credits sufficient merits and background to be transformed into a national official body, in recognition of its fruitful trajectory, and in order to stimulate its ownership and strengthening.

That UNITY OF REFORM AND MODERNIZATION THE STATE has taken the intervention that belongs to it, expiating favorably.

That the present measure is made in the use of the powers conferred by article 99, paragraph 1 of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.




Article 1-Trust the NATIONAL INSTITUTE NEWBERIANO, denomination and dependence under which it will continue to carry out its work, the Civil Association "ARGENTINE OF AERONAUTICAL HISTORY" (Legal Personería No. C-6744 - Resolution of the then General INSPECTION OF JUNISTIC PERSONS) No. 2301/76 with the amendments adopted by Resolution of the General INSPECTION OF JUSTICE No. 225/87).

Art. 2o-Note the following:

  1. Promote knowledge, research, study and dissemination of the Argentine Air and Space History.
  2. Disseminate in the country and abroad the life, work and ideas of the Founder of the Aeronautics Argentina, Engineer Jorge Alejandro NEWBERY, and other men and women who made possible their development.
  3. To contribute to the formation and consolidation of the tradition and of the Aeronautical and Space Culture, promoting the conduct of historical research, on scientific bases and documentaries, in an integral way, in its various manifestations and in all fields of Aeronautics.
  4. Disseminate Air and Space History through publications and the organization of academic events, conferences, commemorative ceremonies, congresses, exhibitions, courses, etc., in cultural centres and in civil and military educational establishments of the country and abroad.
  5. Link and support the work of the historical aeronautical and spatial researchers of the country and abroad.
  6. Grant distinctions to benefactors and qualified collaborators of the Institute, and to people of outstanding versation or performance in Aeronautics and Space History, and awards, in the specific contests that it organizes.
  7. Promote the formation of museums, archives and documentary, bibliographical, iconographical, numismatic, philatelic, etc., referring to the Aeronautical and Space History.
  8. Propitiate the erection of monuments that perpetuate the memory of prominent figures of the National Aviation, throughout the national territory and abroad.
  9. Collaborate with the national, provincial and municipal authorities and official and private institutions on matters within their competence, advising them on the historical fidelity of the facts.

Art. 3°-Note as the responsibility of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE NEWBERIANO the organization of the official acts of homage to the Founder of the Aeronautics Argentina, Engineer Jorge Alejandro NEWBERY, on the following days of each year: May 27, date of his birth, November 24, anniversary of his historic first double air crossing of the Rio de la Plata, occurred in the year 1.912 and March 1st, date of his death.

Art. 4°-The acts of any nature to be carried out by the State or with the participation of the State and related to the Engineer Jorge Alejandro NEWBERY, will require prior advice to the NATIONAL INSTITUTE NEWBERIANO. In addition, where acts are to be carried out by individuals, private institutions, authorities, provincial and municipal units that require financial or other support by the State, the above-mentioned prior advice will be essential.

Art. 5°-The NATIONAL INSTITUTE NEWBERIANO will be governed with autarchy. To this end its heritage shall be formed:

  1. With the contributions of its Members.
  2. With the legacies, inheritances and donations you receive.

Art. 6°-NATIONAL INSTITUTE NEWBERIANO will be constituted with UN (1) CUERPO ACADEMICO Integrado por CUARENTA (40) Members of Number, chosen by the Honorable DIRECTIVE COUNCIL among national aeronautical historians who stand out significantly for their knowledge and for their ongoing scientific research in the field of Aeronautics and Argentine space history, and by Members of Founder, Vitalicio Members, Correspondent Members in the country and abroad,

Art. 7°-NATIONAL INSTITUTE NEWBERIANO will be directed, administered and represented by UN (1) DIRECTIVE COUNCIL consisting of: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Prosecretary, Treasurer, Protester, First Vocal, Second Vocal, Third Vocal and DOS (2) Supplementary Vocals; by UNA (1) REVISORY COMMITTEE OF TABLES composed of DOS (2) members; and by UN (1) ASESOR COUNCIL Integrated by the extitulary lords of the ARGENTINE INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICA HISTORY who are distinguished as Honorary Vitalicio Presidents, by decision of the Ordinary Assembly.

Art. 8°-The terms of reference of the members of the Honorable DIRECTIVE COUNCIL and of the REVISORY COMMITTEE shall last four years, shall be elected by the Ordinary Assembly and may be reelected.

Art. 9°-The Honorable DIRECTIVE COUNCIL shall be responsible for the drafting of the Organic Regulations, which shall be approved by the Ordinary Assembly.

Art. 10.-The President of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE NEWBERIANO will be appointed by the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER on the proposal of the SECRETARIAT OF CULTURE OF NATIONAL PRESIDENCE. Such a proposal will emerge from UNA (1) tena originating from the election that, by a simple majority, will be made by the Ordinary Assembly.

Art. 11.-Note the following functions as the President of the Institute:

  1. To represent the Institute in all public, private and official acts.
  2. To convene and chair the Assemblies and meetings of the Honorable DIRECTIVE COUNCIL, directing its development, with the right to vote, which will be doubled in the event of a tie.
  3. To enforce the resolutions of the Assemblies and the Honorable Governing Council.
  4. Solve for itself all those matters of common procedure, as well as in cases of emergencies, those reserved to the Honorable DIRECTIVE COUNCIL, in charge of giving account to it, on the first occasion.
  5. Subscribe records, books and accounting documents, communications and orders of any kind, either by itself or together with the Registrar, the Treasurer or the Member concerned.

Art. 12.-The Registrar and the Treasurer shall accord to the President of the Institute in his functions, for which the Secretariat and the Patrimonial Administration of the Institute shall have direct orders and responsibility, respectively.

Art. 13.-The Assemblies, composed of all Members of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE NEWBERIANO, may be Ordinary and Extraordinary. Its resolutions shall be adopted by a simple majority of the members present and their purposes and other provisions shall be set out in the Organic Regulations.

Art. 14.-REVISORA COMMISSION DE CUENTS shall have the following powers and duties:

  1. Examine the books and documents of the Institution, at least every THREE (3) months.
  2. Assist with voice the sessions of the HONORABLE DIRECTIVE COUNCIL when it deems appropriate.
  3. Fiscalize the administration, frequently checking the status of the Fund and the existence of the titles and values of all species.
  4. Dictamine on the Memory, Inventory, Balance and Account of profits and losses presented by the HONORABLE DIRECTIVE COUNCIL.
  5. To convene the Ordinary General Assembly, when the governing body fails to do so.
  6. Request the summons to the Extraordinary Assembly when it deems it necessary, putting the background behind your request in the knowledge of the SECRETARIAT OF CULTURE of the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE, when the HONORABLE DIRECTIVE COUNCIL is denied.
  7. If any, monitor the operations of the liquidation of the Institute and the fate of the assets. Once the debts have been paid, the remnant of the assets that make up the patrimony must go to another exempt entity recognized by the General IMPOSITIVA DIRECTION, dependent on the MINISTERY of ECONOMY and ARTWORKS and PUBLIC SERVICES, or to the power of the Nation, Provinces or Municipalities.

Art. 15.-The anniversary of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE NEWBERIANO will be celebrated on May 27, in memory of the creation on that date of the year 1,975, of the ARGENTINE INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICA HISTORY.

Art. 16.-Mr. NARDEN, Mr. NORWAY, Mr. NORWAY,

Art. 17.-All charges created by this decree are "ad-honorem".

Art. 18.-Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.-MENEM.-Jorge A. Rodríguez.-Carlos V. Corach.