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Decree 961/97

Apply a Model of Loan Convention to be signed with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (BIRF) for the AIDS Control and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Project.

Bs. As., 18/9/97

B.O: 24/9/97

VISTO file No. 2002-5108/97-9 of the registration of the MINISTERY OF HEALTH and SOCIAL ACTION, the proposed model of the Loan Convention for the realization of the PROJECT of AIDS CONTROL and SEXUAL TRANSMISSION ENVIRONMENTS -LUSIDA, to be signed between the ARGENTINA NATION and the INTERNATIONAL BANCO of RECONSTRUCTION and FOLLOWER:


That through the aforementioned Convention on the Promotion of International Reconstruction and Promotion (BIRF) BANCO undertakes to financially assist the ARGENTINA NATION in order to enable the implementation of the DRAFT AIDS CONTROL and SEXUAL TRANSMISSION ENVIRONMENTS - LUAIDS.

That the formulation and preparation of such a project was funded by a donation from the Government of Japan and governed by Decree No. 229 of 13 March of 1.997.

That in the decree the project was called "PROJECT OF LUCHA AGAINST AIDS -LUAIDS" and for the purposes of its execution the INTERNATIONAL BANCO OF RECONSTRUCTION AND FOMENT (BIRF) has proposed that it be called "PROJECT OF CONTROL OF AIDS AND SEXUAL-LUAIDS TRANSMISSION INFERENCES".

It is necessary to establish a Project Coordinating Unit that acts directly and specifically in the activities relating to the implementation of the project on behalf of the National Government.

That the general conditions, the delays of amortization, the interest rates and the other clauses contained in the proposed Loan Convention are the usual ones that are agreed in this type of operation and are appropriate to the purposes and objectives to which the Loan is intended.

That the formalization of this operation requires that the NATION ARGENTINA through the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWORKS AND SERVICES PUBLICS subscribes to the Loan Convention and all its supplementary documentation.

That this Convention is covered in the terms of article 60 in fine of Law 24,156 on Financial Administration and National Public Sector Control Systems.

That in accordance with article 16 of the Permanent Supplementary Law on Budget (T.O. 1.996 and article 99 (1) of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION, the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER is empowered to adopt such operations and subject any disputes to the decision of the Arbitral Tribunals.





Article 1 Apply the proposed Loan Convention Model consisting of SIETE (7) Articles and CINCO (5) Annexes, for the DRAFT CONTROL OF AIDS and SEXUAL-LUAIDS TRANSMISSION ENVIRONMENTS, to subscribe between the ARGENTINA NATION and the INTERNATIONAL RECONSTRUCTION AND FOMENT BANCO (BIRESSURE 1 DOLAQUIRE). ANNEX I, the original version of the Spanish language translation as Annex II, the General Conditions Applicable to the Agreements of Loan and Coin Guarantee, dated 30th of May, 1.995

Art. 2o- Faccinate the MINISTER OF ECONOMY AND ARTWORKS AND SERVICES PUBLICS or to the staff member or officials designated by him, to subscribe, on behalf of and representation of the ARGENTINA NATION, the Loan Convention adopted in article 1 of this Decree and its additional documentation.

Art. 3o- MINISTER OF ECONOMY AND SERVICES PUBLICS or the staff member or officials who designate, agree and subscribe, on behalf of and representation of the ARGENTINA NATION, modifications to the Loan Convention approved by Article 1 of this Decree, provided that they do not imply substantial changes to the object and destination of the funds and do not result in an increase in their amount or in alterations in the agreed Arbitration Procedure.

Art. 4o- Créase la Unidad Coordinadora del PROJECT de CONTROL del SIDA y ENFERMEDADES de TRANSMISION SEXUAL - LUAIDS under the Loan Convention to be signed, which will be responsible for the implementation of the project,

Art. 5o- The Monitoring and Management of the Project will be carried out by the MINISTERY OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL ACTION, through the SECRETARIAT OF HEALTH PROGRAMMES, to which the COORDINARY UNITY of the Project (UCP) will depend. The Secretary of Health Programmes will serve as the National Director of the DRAFT AIDS CONTROL AND SEXUAL TRANSMISSION ENVIRONMENTS - LUAIDS.

Art. 6o- Please refer to the Secretary of Health Programmes of the MINISTERY OF HEALTH and SOCIAL ACTION to celebrate by himself or to delegate its realization in the COORDINARY UNITY of the PROJECT, contracts of construction and services with third parties, without relation of dependence, as well as to acquire the movable goods and equipment that are necessary for the execution of the project, through the revised contract of the respective ones,

Art. 7o- The expenditure required to comply with this measure will be met with a charge against the items allocated to the specific provisions of the MINISTERY OF HEALTH and SOCIAL ACTION.

Art. 8o- Any other designation of the project other than that of "PROJECT OF CONTROL OF AIDS and SEXUAL TRANSMISSION ENVIRONMENTS - LUSIDA" is without effect.

Art. 9o- Contact, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archívese.-MENEM.- Jorge A. Rodríguez.- Alberto Mazza.- Roque B. Fernández.

NOTE: This Decree is published without Annexes. Unpublished documentation can be consulted at the Central Headquarters of this National Directorate (Suipacha 767, Capital Federal).