Regimen Retributive Conduction Superior - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: REGIMEN RETRIBUTIVO CONDUCCION SUPERIOR - Texto completo de la norma

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Decree 1129/97

Approve the retributive regime for the extra-conventional staff of Higher Conduction.

Bs. As., 30/10/97

B.O: 4/11/97

VISTO Law No. 24,629, Decree No. 928 of 8 August 1996 and Decree No. 1187 of 18 October 1996 and


That Act No. 24,629 laid down rules for improving the functioning and quality of services provided by the different jurisdictions of the National Civil Service.

That Decree No. 928/96 established that the decentralized agencies of the National Civil Service, referred to in article 22 of Decree No. 558 of 24 May 1996, should develop a Strategic Plan that would include a redesign of functional organic structures and the system of remuneration.

That Decree No. 1187/96 adopted, within the framework of the Second State Reform and in accordance with the provisions of Decree No. 928/96, the Strategic Plan of the National ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY (ANSES) under the SECRETARIAT for SOCIAL SECURITY of the MINISTERY OF WORK and SECURITY SOCIAL, including the modification of the functional organic structure of contingency of the ,exercise level of the body and the proposal of the redesign of the remuneration system of the staff members of that level.

That the system foresees the formation of remuneration through fixed components and other variables, considering productivity within the latter in a prominent way.

That the framework criteria by which Productivity will be measured should be set based on the fulfilment of previously defined goals.

That the establishment of the remuneration approved in accordance with the above-mentioned considerations does not imply in any way an increase in the budget of the agency.


That the SECTOR ' s TECHNICAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE PUBLICO has taken the intervention that belongs to him.

That the present measure is determined by the emerging powers of article 99, paragraph (1) of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.




Article 1Appropriate the retributive regime for the extra-conventional staff of higher-conducting of the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY (ANSES), which will be made up of three (3) components referring to a Suma Base Fixed, the Functional Position assigned to the agent and the performance obtained by Productivity and/or Results.

Art. 2o-The extra-conventioned higher-conduction charges referred to in the preceding article shall be paid under the Suma Base for the salaries set out in Annex I as an integral part of this Decree.

Art. 3o-The component relating to the Functional Position will be equivalent to the amount of Functional Modules detailed for each level in Annex II to the present. The monetary value of the Module will be set by Joint Resolution of the MINISTERIES OF ECONOMY AND PUBLIC AND WORKING SERVICES AND SECURITY SOCIAL, following the intervention of the State (URME) and the TECHNICAL ASSORA TECHNICAL COMMISSION ON PUBLIC SECTOR SALARY POLICY. Each agent shall perceive the component of the Functional Position in proportion to the compliance of the Competition Directory that was appropriately approved by the Resolution of the National ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY (ANSES). In no case may this component exceed the amount of Functional Modules assigned for each of the posts listed in Annex II mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Art. 4o-The component relating to the Functional Position shall be accorded only when, in the selection of the respective candidate, compliance with the procedures, requirements and competencies to be detailed in the Resolution to be issued by the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY (ANSES) referred to in the preceding article. In all cases the continuity of the total assigned perception of this component is conditioned on the result of the evaluation of the functional performance that must be carried out annually by the person responsible for the allocation of the same.

Art. 5o.-The component of the Functional Position shall be assigned by the Executive Director. In the case of the Executive Director, this component will be assigned by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

Art. 6o-The regulation of the component by Productivity shall be approved by Resolution of the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY (ANSES), which shall be communicated to the JEFATURA DE GABINETE DE MINISTROS and shall conform to the following parameters:

(a) It will only be applied on the savings of the administrative budget of the agency on the subject, as the base budget for this year, for the period 1997. The regulation should include the savings criteria and the calculation methodology of the same, as well as the homogeneous comparison base for future periods.

(b) The amounts to be distributed may not exceed the VEINTE BY CIENTO (20 %) of the annual wage mass, of the managerial levels that are carried in the present. For the purposes of the application of the same, the sum of the Salaries and the Functional Modules of the managerial levels, which are regulated by the present.

(c) The distribution of the profits by Productivity will be determined annually and will not exceed the VEINTICINCO per ICCENT (25 %) of the total assets for the Executive Director and the General Manager, the VEINTE BY CIENTO (20 %) for the Sustantive and Support Managers and the QUINCE FOR SCIENTO (15 %) for the Second Level Managers, in each case, Functional and its own.

(d) The regulation should provide for, inter alia, minimum time frames for the presentation and approval of objectives; determination of measurement indicators: target assessment period; Productivity verification methodology obtained: period of payments for achievements: scope of distribution of productivity benefits; model of contract assuming commitments; responsible for monitoring and auditing the process; positions, methods and scope of the audit and sanctions for non-compliance.

Art. 7o-Refer to the Joint Resolutions of the MINISTERY of WORK and SOCIAL SECURITY. 52 and 53 and the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWORKS AND PUBLIC SERVICES. 1477 and 1478 respectively, all dated 28 December 1992,

Art. 8o-The changes resulting from the present do not imply in any way an increase in the current budget of the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY (ANSES).

Art. 9o-The emerging provisions of the present shall apply from the 1st of the month following the date of the same.

Art. 10.-The NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY (ANSES), shall be in the maximum term until 31 December 1997 for the implementation of the regime adopted by the present.

Art. 11.-Get in, get out, get down. MENEM.- Jorge A. Rodríguez

Annex I

I'm sorry.
Executive Director
General Manager
Sustained and Support Manager
Second Level Manager

Annex II

Functional MODULES
Executive Director
General Manager
Sustained and Support Manager
Second Level Manager