General Coordinator Of The President Unit Authorizes To Fill Vacant Posts - Full Text Of The Rule


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PRESIDENCE OF THE NATION Decree 65/96 Authorize the General Coordinator of the Presidential Unit to fill vacant posts in its organizational structure.

Bs. As., 24/1/96

VISTO Decrees No. 2470 of 22 November 1990 and 1289 of 29 July 1994


That by Decree No. 2470/90, article 2 of the Constitution established the position of COORDINER-GENERAL OF THE CHAIRPERSON, with equal hierarchy as the Secretaries of the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE.

That Decree No. 1289/94 approved the organizational structure of the Unit, setting out the objectives, primary responsibilities and actions of each of its openings, as well as its respective staff.

That the fulfillment of the objectives set requires authorization for the temporary coverage of the existing funded vacancies in the area, until the selections provided for by the current rules are performed.

That the present measure is determined by the emerging power of article 99, paragraph 1, of the National Constitution and in accordance with article 13 of Decree No. 977 of 6 July 1995.




Article 1 El The CHAIRMAN'S COORDINER may cover for the period of SEIS (6) months after the validity of this measure, the vacant posts in its organizational structure, in accordance with the provisions of this Decree. (Note Infoleg: By art. 1 Decree No. 223/97 B.O. 18/05/1997 is extended from the date of its expiry and until 31 March 1997 the period established in this article. ) Art. 2o . Designations for the coverage of vacant posts shall be exclusively for persons who meet the required profile for the post to be filled, and shall observe a transitional nature by having a favourable prior opinion of the SECRETARIAT OF THE PUBLIC FUNCTION OF THE NATIONAL PRESIDENCE. Art. 3o s The respective designation of the General COORDINATION OF THE CHAIRMAN UNITY will have an improbable period of NOVENTA (90) days run from the date of the respective administrative act, to prove to the SECRETARIAT OF THE PUBLIC FUNCION OF THE PRESIDENCE OF THE NATION the call to the selection system that corresponds to the existing rules in the matter. Art. 4o Las The designations made in the terms of this Decree shall expire in an indefectible and automatic manner on 30 December 1996, or prior to that date, when he assumes the holder of the position selected through the existing selection mechanisms. (Note Infoleg: By art. 1 Decree No. 223/97 B.O. 18/05/1997, the period established in this article is extended from the date of its expiration and until 31 June 1997. ) Art. 5o El The staff designated in the terms of this Decree may submit to the general competitive examinations provided for in Decree No. 993/91 (T.O. 1995). Art. 6th a Fill out the SECRETARIAT OF THE PUBLIC FUNCTION OF PRESIDENCE OF THE NATION to dictate the clear and complementary rules that might require the application of the provisions of the present. Art. 7o La This measure will take effect from 1 January 1996. Art. 8o . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Carlos V. Corach.