Housing Armed Forces (Fonavi) - Executing Agencies - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: VIVIENDA FUERZAS ARMADAS (FONAVI) - ORGANISMOS EJECUTORES - Texto completo de la norma

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VIENDS Decree 441/96 Housings for the Armed Forces and Federal Security with partial or total funding of FONAVI. The situation of the operators carried out by the relevant agencies should be addressed.

Bs. As., 23/4/96

VISTO Issue No. 4742/94 of the registration of the Social Development Secretariat of the Presidency of the Nation and the provisions of Laws No. 21.581, 23.110, 23.966 and 24.130 and Decrees No. 977/91, 353/92 and 1,794/92 and


That it is necessary to clarify the situation of the operators carried out by the competent bodies in the field of housing of the Armed and Federal Security Forces, with total or partial financing of the NATIONAL FUND OF THE VIVIENDA (FONAVI), against the rules in force.

That the resources used, mostly corresponded to the contributions made by the respective Forces, by the staff under their dependence, and which constituted the funding ceiling of FONAVI, and therefore, on many occasions, the costs of construction were supplemented, with resources from the owners themselves of the houses executed and/or with additional funding obtained by the executing agencies.

That there are commitments made on the basis of previous standards, with respect to what is necessary to try to make possible the obtaining of financing, through the recycling of the resources already used in previous ventures.

That Decree No. 1794/92 provided that the commitments made by FONAVI to the Housing Agencies of the Armed Forces and Federal Security through the Resolution of the Ministry of Housing and Environmental Quality No. 2316 of 11 August 1992, shall be considered as compromised levels, in the terms of the second paragraph of the Fifth Clause of the Fiscal Pact ratified by Law 24.130, in the prior to the application of the ratio of distribution as set out in the clause.

That the present is given in the use of the powers provided for in article 99, paragraph 1, of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.




Article 1 Todas All dwellings built and under construction by the executing agencies of houses of the Armed and Federal Security Forces, with total or partial funding from FONAVI, and which are not written in favor of their owners, become the property of the respective executing agencies, in the proportion in which they have been financed by FONAVI. Art. 2o Todos All the instrumented or pending instrumentation credits resulting from operations carried out on the basis of the housing referred to in the preceding article also become the assets of the respective executing agencies, in the proportion corresponding to the financing of FONAVI. Art. 3o . The executing agencies of homes of the Armed Forces and Federal Security, may assign or transfer the funds or to be used, derived from the previous articles, in a total or partial way, give them a guarantee, or use them in the manner that their authorities consider most appropriate, for the purpose of reusing those resources. Art. 4o . Income to recover from the agreed financing, as well as the negotiation of mortgages or other credits, will constitute a revolving and recyclable fund of each of the executing agencies of the Forces ' homes, to be completely reinvested, in housing programmes exclusively for the personnel of the Forces. Art. 5o . By virtue of the definitive assignment of all the credits originated in the financings agreed by FONAVI, to the implementing agencies of the Forces housing, which is available through the present, the mutual aggravations that may exist between the parties are settled. Art. 6th La The SECRETARIAT for SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT of the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE, through the competent agency, will be responsible for the pain of the fulfilment of the obligations of the executing agencies of housing of the Forces, for which it is empowered to carry out the technical-counting audits of the case. Art. 7o . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Oscar H CamiliĆ³n. . Carlos V. Corach. Rodolfo C. Barra. . Domingo F. Cavallo.