National Superintendence Of Borders Its Dissolution - Updated Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: SUPERINTENDENCIA NACIONAL DE FRONTERAS SU DISOLUCION - Texto actualizado de la norma

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NATIONAL SUPERINTENDANCE OF FRONTIES Decree 483/96 Proceed to its dissolution in the context of the administrative reorganization provided for in Act No. 24.629.

Bs. As., 2/5/96

VISTO Law No. 24,629, and


That the above-mentioned law delegates authority in the area of administration in the National Executive Branch in the terms of article 76 of the National Constitution, in order to carry out, in its scope, the reorganization of the national public sector in order to achieve greater efficiency and rationalization of the same, through the modification, merger, transfer of agencies to the provinces, prior agreement, and total or partial deletion of objectives, competencies, functions and responsibilities superimposed, duplicated or whose scope has become unnecessary.

That the NATIONAL SUPERINTENDANCE OF FRONTERAS has as its mission to assist the Minister of Defence in the planning, coordination and monitoring of actions aimed at promoting the development of the Area and Areas of Border and to act as a working body for the fulfilment of the responsibilities assigned to the National Security Zones Commission.

In turn, Act No. 22,352 established the legal regime of border centres, assigning the administration of border centres to the NATIONAL SUPERINTENDANCE OF FRONTERAS.

That the role of the NATIONAL SUPERINTENDANCE OF FRONTERS as a cross-cutting general coordinator of the activities common to the implementation of national, provincial and municipal agencies acting in the international authorized border crossings is delegated to the National Gendarmerie.

With regard to the border centres, the only centre with such a category is that of Paso de los Libres, in the Province of Corrientes, the development of other border centres has not been promoted since its creation.

That in terms of the authority to authorize residencies in security zones, such attribution is the responsibility of the National Security Zone Commission, which currently exercises the aforementioned NATIONAL SUPERINTENDANCE OF FRONTERAS, by delegation of the Commission.

That the functions relating to the defence of national security have been delegated by the NATIONAL SUPERINTENDANCE OF FRONTERAS in the Argentine Naval Prefecture and the National Gendarmerie.

That the analysis of the functions assigned to the NATIONAL SUPERINTENDANCE OF FRONTERAS arises that they are mostly covered by other agencies, which reveals the overlapping of functions and therefore the desirability of dissolution within the framework of the administrative reorganization provided by Law No. 24,629, to achieve greater efficiency and rationalization of the national public sector.

That the present measure is determined in the exercise of the powers of article 99, paragraph 1, of the National Constitution and Act No. 24,629.




Article 1 . Displace the NATIONAL SUPERINTENDANCE of FRONTERS. Art. 2o . Please refer to the Chief of Staff of Ministers for reassignment in the agencies that are competent in the matter of the functions assigned to the NATIONAL SUPERINTENDANCE OF FRONTERS by Decree "S" No. 2563/79 and any other modulatory and/or complementary rule. Art. 3o . Delete the full number of staff posts in the NATIONAL SUPERINTENDANCE OF FRONTERS, except for the positions of the Permanent Plant and Transitory Plant set out in the Annex to this article.

The staff of the permanent plant whose charges are eliminated will be incorporated into the National Public Sector Labour Reconversion Fund, provided for in Act No. 24,629.

(Article replaced by Article 4 of the Decree No. 1409/96 B.O. 31/12/1996) Art. 4o Los Budgetary credits for the full charges of the NATIONAL SUPERINTENDANCE OF FRONTERS s PROGRAMME 18 DE CONTROL AND ADMINISTRATION OF FRONTERS DE JURISDICTION 45 . MINISTERIO DEFENSA, must be transferred to the National Public Sector Labour Reconversion Fund provided for by Law No. 24,629, the relevant budgetary changes must be made. Art. 5o . The remaining budgetary provisions for the NATIONAL SUPERINTENDANCE OF FRONTIES, not affected by the previous article, should be redeployed within the headings assigned to JURISDICTION 45 . MINISTERIO DEFENSA, the relevant budgetary adjustments should be made. Art. 6th . The Chief of Cabinet of Ministers and the Minister of Labour and Social Security, within the time limit of TREINTA (30) days from the date of the present, shall specify the transfers of the staff of the permanent plant of the agency that is dissolved by Article 1 for the purposes provided for in Article 3 of the present. Art. 7o El The Chief of Cabinet of Ministers, within the time frame mentioned in the previous article, shall make the relevant budgetary transfers in order to comply with the provisions of Articles 4 and 5 of the present. Art. 8o . Please note that the present decree will begin to govern once the Joint Commission on State Reform and the Monitoring of Privatizations takes action. Art. 9th . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Jorge A. Rodriguez. . Oscar H. Camilión. . José A. Caro Figueroa.