Budget Work Risks - Full Text Of The Standard

Original Language Title: RIESGOS DEL TRABAJO PRESUPUESTO - Texto completo de la norma

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RISKS OF WORK Decree 577/96 Superintendence of Labour and Insurance Risks of the Nation. In addition, they will cover the costs required for the creation of the first and the budgetary strengthening of the second, from the remnants who throw the net premiums of the annual Collective Obligatory Life Insurance period.

Bs. As., 30/5/96

VISTO Decree No. 1567 of 20 November 1974, amending Decree No. 1912 of 21 October 1986, and


Article 4 of Decree No. 1567/74 establishes the destination to be assigned to the remnants who throw the net premiums for the annual Collective Obligatory Life Insurance period.

That, as a result of this distribution, the forecasts to cover any deficits of this operation are surplus as expressly stated in the reports produced by the NATIONAL ASSESSMENT.

That it is an inescapable duty of the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER to allocate sufficient resources for the implementation of the regime established by Law No. 24.557, entitled "LEY ON RISKS OF WORK".

That this should be done taking into account all areas of the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER that will require sufficient funds for the fulfilment of the powers assigned to them by this Law.

That in particular, the necessary steps should be provided for the implementation of the RISK SUPERINTENDANCE OF WORK and for the strengthening of the SUPERINTENDENCE OF NATIONal NORTS in the necessary aspects to develop the new functions assigned to them.

Although such provision of budgetary resources was not foreseen in a timely manner, this omission may be supplemented by the granting of a new destination to the amounts that, as noted above, are surplus to the forecast of possible diversions in the sinisterness of the COLLECTIONAL FOLLOW-UP.

That in order to ensure that the GARANTIA FUND OF THE LAW ON RISKS OF WORK has sufficient funds for the fulfillment of the specific purposes assigned by the law, the excess amounts resulting from the application of Decree No. 1567/74 after the date of the present dictation shall be assigned to the SUPERINTENDANCE OF RISKS OF WORK, to be directed by the Fund.

That the present is given in the use of the powers conferred by article 99, paragraph 1, of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.




Article 1 Las The sums that at the date of the present dictation exceed the provisions necessary to deal with the provisions of Article 4th, second paragraph of the Decree No. 1567/74 amended by Decree No. 1912/86 will be allocated in an OCHENTA and CINCO FOR SCIENTI (85 %) to cover the costs required by the creation of the WORK RISK SUPERINTENDANCE and in a QUINCE FOR SCIENTO (15 %) to the budgetary strengthening of the NATIONAL SUBMISSION.

The amounts resulting from that date will be allocated to the GARANTIA FUND of the LAW ON WORK RISKS provided for in article 33 of Law No. 24.557.

Art. 2o . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . José A. Caro Figueroa. . Domingo F. Cavallo.