Property Acquired Abroad - Faculties - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: INMUEBLES ADQUISICION EN EL EXTERIOR - FACULTADES - Texto completo de la norma

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INTERNATIONAL TRADE And CULTO Decree 650/96 Amend the Ministry to acquire property for diplomatic, consular and official residence offices abroad.

Bs. As., 24/6/96

VISTO the Ministry Act (t. 1992), as amended by Act No. 24.190, which assigns functions to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, INTERNATIONAL TRADE and CULTO, Act No. 24.156 on Financial Administration and the National Public Sector Control Systems and their regulatory decrees, and Act No. 24,624 on the General Budget of the National Administration for the Exercise 1996, and


It is necessary for the Ministry to rationalize its spending to dispose of the properties it requires to locate the diplomatic, consular and official offices abroad, in accordance with Law No. 20,957.

That most of the properties available on the outside are leased.

That the prestige recovered by the REPUBLIC ARGENTINA, in international areas, makes it possible to access mortgage credits for the purchase of properties, in convenient conditions.

It is advantageous to transform the spending for the payment of leases, which has been carried out since the creation of the Representations that do not have their own building, into convenient investments in the purchase of properties.

As laid down in Table No. 8, annexed to Article 6 of Law No. 24,624, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, INTERNATIONAL TRADE And CULTO is authorized to perform, during the current exercise, public credit operations for the acquisition of properties, in the amount of CINCUENTA MILLONES DE PESOS ($ 50,000) with a minimum period of repayment of VEINTICINCO (25) to TREINTA (30) years.

That it is necessary that different areas of the National Civil Service MINMINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA AND ARTWS AND PUBLIC SERVICES and CENTRAL BANCO of the ARGENTINA REPUBLIC take action, consensing the minimum parameters to be taken into account in the negotiations.

That the properties to be acquired should seek a design that conforms to the criterion of efficiency and effectiveness, without detrimental to the optimal image and representativeness that diplomatic and consular representations must have on the outside, in the framework of strict austerity enshrined in Decree No. 290 of 27 February 1995, ratified by Article 18, paragraph final, of Law No. 24,624.

That procurement shall be carried out in accordance with administrative rules appropriate to the characteristics of the countries in which the purchases are made and that guarantee the convenience and transparency of such acts, provided that it is not possible to apply the provisions of Chapter VI of the Accounting Act in force, pursuant to Article 137 (a) of Law No. 24.156.

For the purpose of evaluating the convenience of the purchase, it is necessary to know the rate or price of witness provided by the competent agencies.

That in order to carry out such financed operations, it might be necessary to waive immunity from jurisdiction.

That the measure to be issued is made in the use of the powers conferred by Article 99, paragraph 1 of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.




Article 1 al Facultase the MINISTERY OF FOREIGN RELATIONS, INTERNATIONAL TRADE And CULTO to acquire properties intended to locate diplomatic, consular and official residences of the ARGENTINA REPUBLIC outside the country, through cash and/or public credit operations, which have budgetary credits in the year that are made.

Art. 2o Las The characteristics of the goods acquired will be established by the technical areas of the Ministry, based on reasonable criteria of space, representativeness and functionality, in a framework of sobriety and austerity.

Art. 3o . The acquisitions shall be carried out by adopting appropriate mechanisms, adapted to the modalities of the country in which the purchase is made, which apply the basic principles of advertising, competition of prices and equal treatment of the offenders, provided that the tender is not possible in them, as determined by Articles 55 and 56, subparagraph (3) (h), of the Accounting Act, in force for the application of section 137, subparagraph (a), of Law No. 24.156.

Art. 4o . In all cases, to assess the desirability of the purchase of property referred to in the present decree, the rate or price of witnesses of the relevant agencies should be required to ensure that the price to be agreed is convenient and appropriate to the values of the square. In the event that the valuation is made by the mortgage creditor, to ensure that its credits are supported by a certain value of the property, an additional valuation will be made by qualified specialists independent of the credit entity.

Art. 5o El The MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWORKS AND PUBLIC SERVICES and the BANCO CENTRAL OF THE REPUBLIC ARGENTINA, shall take the intervention that belongs to them, in the operations that are carried out in the framework of the provisions of this Decree, to which end the MINISTERIO OF FOREIGN RELATIONS, INTERNATIONAL TRADE And CULTO shall refer to the respective agencies the background and detailed information of the properties that are acquired and the purchase operations that are carried out.

Art. 6th . For the purposes provided for in Article 1 of this Decree, the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWORKS AND PUBLIC SERVICES, through the corresponding area, will project the budgetary modifications that allow the recording of the operations carried out and the subsequent cancellation of the constituted credits.

Art. 7o al Authorize the MINISTERIO DE RELATIONS EXTERIORS, INTERNATIONAL TRADE And CULTO to waive, following the opinion of its competent legal areas, the immunity of jurisdiction that corresponds to it, within the limits and with the scope established by Law No. 23.928 and Decree No. 2006/92, and in relation to the present.

Art. 8o . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Jorge A. Rodriguez. Guido Di Tella. . Domingo F. Cavallo.