Aerea Of The Military House Supplement Per Specific Function - Updated Text Of The Norm


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PRESIDENCE OF THE NATION Decree 713/96 Provide for the granting of a Supplement for Specific Function provided for in Decree No. 993/91 to the personnel belonging to the Military House Air Group.

Bs. As., 28/6/96

I look at the file. E 001-004990/95 and Title VI of the National System of Administrative Profession, approved by Decree No. 993 of 27 May 1991 (T.O. 1995), and


That Title VI of the above-mentioned system establishes the retributions and incentives of the agents covered by that system.

That the supplements provided for in this title include the Supplement for Specific Function.

That Article 73 of Annex I determines the staff entitled to the perception of the same, as well as the amount and procedure to be followed for granting it.

That the specific tasks to be performed by the personnel of the AEREA AGRUPATION of the MILITAR CASE of the NATION PRESIDENCE require the NATION to possess a high training and solid experience in the aeronautical field.

That the activities carried out by the agents referred to are of utmost responsibility, since they must carry out the transfer of the first magistrate and of officials of the national government of the highest ranks, as well as of foreign authorities of the highest level.

That in view of the fact that the activities described constitute tasks of particular importance, for which the recruitment of staff in the labour market is particularly critical, it is of strict justice to recognize the agents who perform such duties as a specific compensation.

It is therefore appropriate to provide for the granting of the Supplement for the Specific Function to staff exercising the above functions.

That the TECHNICAL COMMISSION ASESORA DE POLITICA SALARIAL DEL SECTOR PUBLICO y la Comisión Permanente de Carrera have taken the intervention that belongs to them.

That the present measure is in use of the powers conferred by article 99, paragraph 1, of the National Constitution and in accordance with article 13 of Decree No. 977/95.




Article 1 . The personnel belonging to the Air Group of the MILITAR HOUSE of the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE shall be paid the Special Function Supplement provided for in articles 65 (b) 3 and 73 of Annex I to Decree No. 993/91 T.O. 1995, in accordance with the detail contained in the Annex that forms an integral part of this decree. Art. 2o El The amount of the Supplement for Specific Function assigned by Article 1 shall consist of an amount equivalent to SESENTA BY SCIENTA (60 %) of the basic allocation of the level at which each agent is reviewing. Art. 3o . Deróganse los Decretos Números 6141 del 13 de septiembre de 1972, 1159 del 17 de octubre de 1974, 1814 del 15 de diciembre de 1988 y 2385 del 11 de diciembre de 1992, a partir de la vigencia del presente Decreto. Art. 4o . The expense that demands the application of this decree will be charged to the specific provisions of the budget of the Jurisdiction 20 NATIONAL RESIDENCE. Art. 5o . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Domingo F. Cavallo.


Number of charges

Task description

Supplement for Specific Function


To carry out the functions of the commissioner on board in the basic transfers of the First Magistrate, of officials of the National Government of the highest rank, and of foreign authorities of the highest level.

60% of the basic allocation of the level in which

(Annex replaced by art. 1 Decree No. 1071/96 B.O. 02/10/1996)