Administration National Public Strategical Plan-Design - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: ADMINISTRACION PUBLICA NACIONAL PLAN ESTRATEGICO- DISEO - Texto completo de la norma

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Decree 928/96

Please note that the decentralized agencies mentioned in article 22 of Decree No. 558/96 should design a Strategic Plan within the framework of the new State Rol, which is aimed at the citizen, the measurement of results and the hierarchy and participation of their human resources.

Bs. As., 8/8/96

VISTO Law No. 24,629 and Decree No. 558 of 24 May 1996 and


That Act No. 24,629 provides standards for improving the functioning and quality of services provided by different units of the National Civil Service.

That Decree No. 558/96 creates the UNITY of REFORM AND MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE by the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers.

That the above-mentioned Decree establishes that the decentralized agencies of the National Public Administration, among others, should give prior intervention to the UNITY OF REFORM AND MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE in all programmes that contain components of institutional strengthening, without prejudice to the origin of their financing.

That the aforementioned UNITY may require the elements of judgment that it deems relevant to the purposes of the said intervention.

That said Decree determines that any modification of structures, functional or hierarchical units or administrative reorganization shall have the intervention of the UNITY OF REFORM AND MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE.

That there are decentralized agencies that have initiated organizational and managerial transformation actions, which need to be duly approved by the MINISTERS GABINETE JEFATURA without making delays in their respective developments.

That the present is dictated in the use of the emerging powers of Article 99(1) of the National Constitution.





Article 1-The decentralized agencies of the National Civil Service mentioned in article 22 of Decree No. 558/96 should design a Strategic Plan within the framework of the new State Rol, which is citizen-oriented. to the measurement of results and the hierarchization and participation of their human resources, ensuring transparency in management.

The aforementioned Plan will be approved by the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, following the intervention of the UNITY OF REFORM AND MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE.

Art. 2°-Such agencies shall report within the end of TEN (10) days to the UNITY OF REFORM AND MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE, its basic requirements, the methodological approach and, if necessary, the resources and the expert support required for the formulation of the Strategic Plan.

Those who have or already have a developing plan shall submit it to the aforementioned Unit in the terms of this Decree, within a period not exceeding TREINTA (30) days from the date of the present.

Art. 3°-The Strategic Plan referred to in article 1 should include:

(a) The redefinition of the Agency ' s mission within the framework of the new State Rol and its guiding principles:

(b) The definition of a management model aligned with that mission. which must have at least the following components:

-Processes based on targeting the citizen in terms of quality of service, cost and speed, which represent a significant simplification and improvement compared to those currently in existence.

- Organizational architecture based on the processes to redefine with their respective management indicators established to measure performances.

Human resources management policy to ensure, at all levels of the organization, commitment to established service targets.

-Technologies that enable to reach the levels of service established in the processes and allow the optimization of the performance of human capital.

-Impact on costs and occupational performance.

(c) The formulation of a diagnosis of the current situation, with the same components indicated in the previous paragraph, which will serve as a basis for developing the transformation plan and for setting benchmarks for transformative management.

(d) The formulation of a transformation plan that covers from ]a situation diagnosed to the proposed management model, explaining its different levels: of contingency, in the medium and in the long term. It should also detail specific projects with objectives, main activities, results to be obtained, associated schedules and necessary resources, with its corresponding planning and progress control system.

(e) In the field of human resources, it should include a proposal for the redesign of organic-functional structures and the system of remuneration for varying degrees. The establishment of the different levels of remuneration should contain explicit productivity criteria, related to:

- The performance of the organization as a whole

- The performance area results.

-The individual performance of each agent

Art. 4o- The agencies indicated should create special programs aimed at enhancing the mechanisms already instituted to prevent and detect situations of fraud and corruption, as well as areas specialized in assisting the user in their claims, needs and emergencies.

Art. 5°-With regard to the transparency of management, the Transformation Plan should include the implementation of an information system that will enable the periodic availability of accounting states that reflect the state of property and the financial economic management carried out. It must also present an annual report that integrates and synthesizes the above information with the main indicators of the agency's operational behavior.

Art. 6°-Instrumentated by the Plan, the body ' s highest authority must convene public hearings. at least once a year, in order to publicize the results of its management and to outline the outstanding aspects of the annual report.

Art. 7°-Contact, post, go to the National Directorate of the Official Registration and archívese.-MENEM-Jorge A. Rodríguez.- Roque B. Fernández.-José A. Caro Figueroa. - Alberto J. Mazza.