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Decree 1273/96

Bs. As, 7/11/96

VISTO Laws No. 23.696, No. 23.697 and No. 24.629 and Decrees No. 558/96, No. 660/96 and 747/96. and


That the National State, by sanctioning the Nros Laws. 23,696 and 23,697 began a process of reform and modernization of their structures.

Ongoing with the process initiated, Law No. 24,629 is sanctioned which grants the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER special and determined powers to complete the reform scheme.

That activities related to 1st science and technology require by the National Government to take appropriate measures to ensure that such activities contribute in the most effective way to improving the quality of life of the population, to the modernization of the national productive section and to ensuring national defence.

That scientific and technological activities are carried out in different areas of the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER, and the correct administration of State resources requires coordination and coordination between the various areas of conduct of such activities.

That the best administration of the resources of the National State requires proper coordination and coordination between the different areas of conduct of scientific and technological activities.

It is advisable that the responsibilities inherent in the proposed science and technology policies be within the competence of an inter-ministerial body in the area of the MINISTERS GABINETE JEFTURE.

It is also appropriate to frame this coordination and re-engineering of the science and technology process within the Second State Reform.

That the present decree is issued in exercise of the emerging powers of Article 99, paragraph 1 of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.





Article 1 - Créase en el ámbito de la JEFATURA de GABINETE de MINISTROS el GABINETE CIENTIFICO-TECNOLOGICO (GACTEC), que será preside por el Jefe de Cabinet de Ministers

Art. 2°-The CENTIFIC-TECHOLOGIC GABINETE will be permanently integrated by:

Minister of Culture and Education:

the Minister of Economy and Public Works and Services:

the Minister of Health and Social Action:

Minister for Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship:

Minister of Defence:

the Secretary of Natural Resources and Human Environment of the NATION PRESIDENCE.

the Strategic Control Secretary of the MINISTERS GABINETE JEFTURE:

the Secretary of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Culture and EDUCATION.

Art. 3°-The CENTIFIC-TECHOLOGICAL GABINETE will have for its common advice Advisory Council composed of representatives of the business sector and the scientific-technology sector.

The performance of the members of the Consultative Council shall be ad honorem.

Art. 4°-The Secretary of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Culture and EDUCATION shall serve as the Executive Secretary of the CENTIFIC-TECHOLOGICAL GABINETE.

Art. 5°-The SCIENTIFIC-TECNOLOGICAL GABINETE will aim to decide on the policies, priorities and allocation of budgetary resources for the National Public Sector Science and Technology purpose in order to contribute to economic growth and the well-being of the population, to the improvement of education and public health. environmental protection and national defence.

The following will be the functions of the CENTIFIC-TECHOLOGICAL GABINETE:

1- Adopt the National Multi-year Plan of Science and Technology and its annual reformulation.

2- Establish the major priority areas of research in terms of the medium- and long-term strategic definition aimed at addressing the main social problems, with particular emphasis on the continuing improvement of education and public health, the protection of the environment, national defence and the technological development of the productive sector.

3- Define the Annual Budget of Income and Castes of the Purpose Science and Technology to be incorporated into the National Budget Bill and to intervene in the proposal presented by each sector agency for the purposes of its compatibility with the research priorities set out in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article.

4- Define the Public Investment Program of the Science and Technology Purpose to be incorporated into the National Public Investment Plan, of the Science and Technology purpose to be incorporated into the National Plan of Public Investments.

5- Propose policies to promote private sector participation in scientific-technological development.

6- Propose guidelines for international cooperation policies in Science and Technology, especially those related to regional integration processes and the development of strategic technologies.

Art. 6°-For the purposes of the performance of its functions, the CIENTIFICO-TECNLOCICO GABINETE shall constitute an Executive Committee, the Presidency and Secretary of which shall be the responsibility of the Secretary of Strategic Control of MINISTERS JEFATURA of the Secretary of Science and Technology of the MINISTERIO OF CULTURE and EDUCATION, respectively, and shall be composed of a representative of each jurisdiction mentioned in Article 2°, designated by the highest authority of the same.

They will be the tasks of the Executive Committee:

1- Follow-up to the actions provided for in the annual budget for Income and Costs of the Purpose Science and Technology in the programmes defined in the National Multi-year Strategic Plan on Science and Technology

2- Elaborate a quarterly report to the CENTIFIC-TECNOLOGIC GABINETE, in conjunction with the budget report of the Ministry of Finance of MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWORKS AND PUBLIC SERVICES.

3- To collect the information required by CIENTIFICO-TECNOLOGICAL GABINETE, which must be provided by the agencies of the National Public Administration, centralized and decentralized in order to constitute a permanently updated database on all science and technology activities.

Art. 7°-When the nature of the matters to be considered necessary, the CENTIFIC-TECHOLOGICAL GABINETE may convene other Ministers, Secretaries and maximum authorities of the decentralized agencies of the sector.

Art. 8°-The CENTIFIC-TECHOLOGICAL GABINETE is empowered to dictate the necessary clarification and complementary standards.

Art. 9°-Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.-MENEM.-Jorge A. Rodríguez. Susana B. Decide.