Automotive Park Renewal Of Vehicles - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: PARQUE AUTOMOTOR RENOVACION DE VEHICULOS - Texto completo de la norma

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PARQUE AUTOMOTOR Decree 647/95 Renovation of vehicles.

Bs. As., 4/5/95

VISTO Issue No. 060-002533/95 of the registration of the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWS AND PUBLIC SERVICES, Law 21.932, Law 24.449, Decree No. 2677 of 20 December 1991, and


That the average age of the Argentine motor park has such an antiquity that it negatively affects road safety and environmental protection.

That the National State through Law 24.449 and regulations regulated the use of the public road in relation to the movement of persons, animals and land vehicles.

That the regulations of the said Law established the requirements for vehicle safety, environmental pollution control, uniform road signaling devices and other provisions that make the general system of vehicle traffic.

That to control compliance with such requirements a vehicle technical inspection system was implemented that will determine which vehicles will be in a position to circulate through the public road.

That the favourable effect obtained by the Automotive Regime established by Decree No. 2677/91 and its modifiers, in terms of both the decrease in the average age of the automotive park and the modernization of the models, should be added mechanisms that combine the requirements of safety and protection of the environment with the possibility of access to a vehicle that meets the existing regulations, to those vehicles owned by individuals and legal entities that are not subject to the minimum requirements of freedom of movement.

That in the face of the need to reverse the aforementioned problems, which gradually become more burdensome, there must be a common effort on the part of the National State, as well as the entire Private Sector directly related to the problem, together with all individuals who constitute potential beneficiaries of the measures to be implemented.

That in several countries, experiences have been carried out for the modernization of the motor park with positive effects on road safety and the environmental environment, promoting the quality of life of all the inhabitants, which must be contemplated when implementing similar mechanisms in our country.

That the Directorate-General for Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and PUBLICOS has taken the intervention that belongs to him.

That the present is dictated in the use of the powers conferred by articles 99 (1), 100 and the transitional provision of the National Constitution.




Article 1 . Institutionalize by this decree the rules governing the renovation of the automotive park in the Argentine Republic, which will allow access to new vehicles to those who opt for the destruction of the units of their domain. The present regime shall apply until 31 December 1997.

Art. 2o ). The operations of sale of cars, utilitarians, trucks and chassis for buses, carriages or not, carried out by the automotive terminals and their dealers within the regime established by this decree will receive a tax refund of the TEN BY SCIENTO (10%) on the sale price to the public of the car CERO KILOMETRO (0 Km.) as at 30 April 1995, provided that the resulting amount is not. For the case of utilitarian vehicles with load capacity up to DOS MIL KILOGRAMOS (2,000 Kg) the same procedure will be applied provided that the resulting amount does not exceed PESOS DOS MIL ($ 2,000) and in the case of trucks and chassis for slated or not buses, the same criterion will apply provided that the resulting amount does not exceed PESOS SEIS MIL ($ 6000).

Art. 3o . Those who choose to access the benefits of this plan should proceed, as of 1 July 1995, to unsubscribe their vehicle from the NATIONAL REGISTRATION OF THE AUTOMOTOR ' s PROPERTY under the MINISTERY of JUSTICE and then turn to the centers of dismantling and destruction of vehicles that will be enabled for that purpose. Once the vehicle has been destroyed, it will be awarded a certificate that will enable it to receive the benefit established in the present regime, which will be granted by the SECRETARIAT OF INDUSTRIA of the MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA and ARTWORKS and PUBLIC SERVICES.

Art. 4o Los Certificates issued by the SECRETARIAT OF INDUSTRIA of MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWORKS AND SERVICES PUBLICS shall be nominative with the sole effect of being able to verify that each certificate issued by the company in charge of the dismantling and destruction of the vehicle corresponds to a given vehicle of the NATIONAL PROPERTY REGISTER of the AUTOMOTOR under the MINISTERY OF JUSTICE.

Art. 5o . The certificates will be endosable, and the benefit can be realized at the time of the purchase of a new vehicle of national manufacture or imported by the terminals within the compensatory import regime established by Decree No. 2677/91 and modifiers.

Art. 6th . Each certificate serves for the purchase of a single vehicle and each vehicle can have the benefits of a single certificate.

Art. 7o . To become creditors to this benefit, whose liquidation will be effected from 1 May 1996, the automotive terminal companies will have to prove that they transferred this benefit to the final buyer and made additionally a discount equivalent to that described in the second article of this decree.

Art. 8o . In order to match the demand for vehicles by the exchange system, with the total supply of units intended for the internal market, the application authority may, based on the monitoring and analysis of the variables involved, determine the maximum or minimum quantities of units marketed under this modality, based on the evolution of the market conditions.

Art. 9th La The Authority for the Application of the present decree shall be the SECRETARIAT OF INDUSTRIA of the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTS AND PUBLIC SERVICES, which is entitled to conclude agreements with the NATIONAL DIRECTION OF NATIONAL REGISTERS OF THE PROPERTY OF THE AUTOMOTOR and of PRENDARY CREDITES, subject to the present decree

Art. 10. . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Domingo F. Cavallo.