Organizational Structure Modification - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: ESTRUCTURA ORGANIZATIVA MODIFICACION - Texto completo de la norma

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Decree 1011/95

Please note that the list of Secretariats and Undersecretariats is up to you.

Bs. As., 7/7/95

VISTO Act No. 24,447 of the General Budget for Expenditures and Calculation of Resources of the National Administration for the Exercise 1995, supplemented by Decree No. 2360 of 28 December 1994, Decree No. 1594 of 31 August 1992, its amendments and supplements, and


That by means of Decree No. 1594/92 and its modifying and complementary standards, it was foreseen, within the formation of the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTS AND PUBLIC SERVICES, the SECRETARIAN OF TRADE AND INVERSIONS and its dependent Undersecretariats, assigning to it the relevant competences.

Among others, the areas of the political level were contemplated in order to deal with everything related to the proposition, execution and control of the management of the foreign trade policy of the Nation, as well as the coordination of the various plans, programmes and projects with the guidelines of economic policy at the fiscal, monetary and income levels and those related to regional and hemispheric integration.

That in the light of the action and development of the SECRETARIAT OF TRADE AND INVERSIONS and given the new plans for regional integration and trade relations in which the ARGENTINA REPUBLIC is immersed as a result of its integration into the MERCADO COMUN DEL SUR and of free trade negotiations with the rest of AMERICA and other areas of the world, it is advisable to proceed to a restructuring of these EXTERIOR integrating into a single unit of political level competencies that can be developed jointly.

That, on the other hand, it is necessary to reformulate the areas corresponding to the current ones SECRETARIAT OF ENERGY AND PUBLIC AND COMMUNICATIONS, transferring from the latter the SUBSECRETARIA DE COMMUNICATIONS and their agencies dependent on the SECRETARIAT OF ENERGIA and COMMUNICATIONS created by the present measure, as well as unifying in a single ENERGY SUBSECBURETARIA the competencies of the current SUBSECRE

In this regard, it is necessary to adopt the objectives of the areas involved.

That the measure that is propitiated does not imply a budget erogation greater than that provided for in the current budget.

That the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ON ADMINISTRATIVE REFORM He has taken the intervention that belongs to him, expiating favorably.

That the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER is entitled to the dictation of the present by virtue of the emerging powers of Articles 99 (1), 100 (1), and the Transitional Provision DUODECIMA of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.




Article 1- Amend Article 1 of Decree No. 1594/92, its supplementary amendments, establishing the list of Secretariats and Undersecretariats of MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND PUBLIC SERVICES, in the corresponding part as detailed in Annex I to this Decree.

Art. 2°- Approve the objectives of the Secretariats and Undersecretariats that are affected by the provisions of Article 1 of this measure, in accordance with the detail contained in Annex II to this Decree.


Art. 4°- Transfer the SUBSECRETARIA OF COMMUNICATIONS and its dependent organisms, from the ex-SECRETARIAT OF ARTWORKS PUBLICS AND COMMUNICATIONS to the SECRETARIAT OF ENERGIA and COMMUNICATIONS created by this act. This transfer includes the current posts, staffing and budgetary provisions.

Art. 5°- Join the ENERGY SUBSECRETARIA established by Article 1 of this event, the former ELECTRIC ENERGY and COMBUSTIBLE SUBSECRETARIAS both dependent on the former ENERGY MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND PUBLIC SERVICES.

Art. 6°- Staff affected by transfers and unifications referred to in articles 3°, 4° and 5°, shall maintain their existing levels and degrees of journal.

Art. 7°- The available transfers and unifications also include the dependent organizational units, as well as the posts with executive functions involved.

Art. 8°- MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWORKS AND SERVICES PUBLICOS shall, within a period not greater than the OCHENTA (180) days from the publication of the present the projects of organizational structure of the areas affected by this decree.

Art. 9°- The expense required by this measure will be met with the credits assigned to the 50.00 Jurisdiction - MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWORKS AND PUBLIC SERVICES.

Art. 10.- Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.- MENEM. - Domingo F. Cavallo. - José A. Caro Figueroa.

Annex I


Annex II



(1) Propose, execute and perform the management control of the foreign trade policy of the Nation.

(2) Understand the formulation and implementation of tariff policy.

(3) Understand the development, proposal and implementation of export reimbursement and refund policies, export credit insurance and other instruments related to foreign trade and export promotion.

(4) Understand anti-dumping practices, compensatory subsidies within their jurisdiction.

(5) Understand, within its competence, international economic and trade negotiations and intervene in the follow-up to and negotiation of regional and hemispheric integration processes, as well as in efforts to address economic blocs and integration zones, multilateral negotiations and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, in order to maintain their consistency with global economic policy.

6) Understand the establishment of trade promotion policy and participation in trade fairs, exhibitions and missions aimed at stimulating foreign exchange. To this end, it will administer research and advisory services in support of exports, such as opportunities and access to external, current and potential markets with rules of restrictions on free multilateral trade, export standards and procedures. Efforts will be made to organize these services by country and region, or groups of countries according to the commercial importance of each.

7) Intervene together with the other areas of the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWORKS AND PUBLIC SERVICES with competence in production and services, in the development of the regulations and the granting of certificates of origin and quality of products for export.

8) Assist the Secretary, for the purposes of foreign trade and investment, in the coordination of the various plans, programmes and projects with economic policy guidelines at the monetary and income fiscal level, as well as those for regional and hemispheric economic integration.

(9) Coordinate and develop studies aimed at assessing the situation of international trade, in its real and financial aspects and its relation to general economic policy with foreign trade in particular.

(10) Assist the Secretary of Trade and Interventions in the coordination of the policy guidelines and guidelines for action of the Investment and Foreign Trade Bank, as well as in the study and analysis of external financing opportunities for foreign trade and investment.

11) Centralize and coordinate the relations between the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND OURS AND SERVICES PUBLICS are established with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, INTERNATIONAL TRADE And CULTO, concerning foreign trade and regional and hemispheric integration.



(1) Assist the Minister of Economics and Public Works and Services in the areas of his competence, including the development, proposal and implementation of the national energy and communications policy, monitoring its implementation and proposing the regulatory framework for facilitating its implementation.

(2) Lead actions to apply sectoral policy by guiding the process of adapting new operators to the general interest.

(3) Resolve the resources that stand against the actions of the Regulatory Entities of specific activities.



(1) Intervene in the determination of sectoral policies, implementing and controlling compliance.

(2) Coordinate relations with the different operators of the electrical system. ensuring your proper information about the conditions of demand and supply in the short, medium and long term.

3) Evaluate natural resources available for energy use. Develop specific regulations in the technological and environmental fields. Promote programmes conducive to the rational use of energy.

(4) Understand the determination and implementation of the national policy on hydrocarbons, mineral coal and other fuels, in promoting and regulating their stages of exploration, exploitation, transport and distribution.

(5) Control the management of public companies in the sector and understand in their privatization process. Monitoring also the behaviour of the deregulated hydrocabide market, promoting competition and efficiency policies in resource allocation.

(6) Promote and monitor the rational exploitation of hydrocarbon resources and

preservation of the environment at all stages of the oil industry and the execution of the other control and control actions envisaged for the enforcement authority of Law No. 17.319 and Decree No. 44/91 and the exercise of police power in the field of liquefied gas packed.



1) To generate, through the study of the advances that have occurred in the world, proposals on policies to apply in the postal and telecommunications sphere of the Nation.

(2) Assist in the control, together with the respective counter-reference agencies, of the communications service providers.

3) Generate proposals on optimal mechanisms for the protection of the rights of users in postal and telecommunications matters.

(4). Elaborate the draft regulations on postal, telecommunications and/or radio spectrum, bringing them to the SECRETARIAT OF ENERGIA and COMMUNICATIONS for their relevant procedure.

5) Coordinate the implementation of policies that, in the field of postal or telecommunications, have established the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER, the MINISTERY OF ARTWS and PUBLIC SERVICES or the SECRETARY OF ENERGIA and COMMUNICATIONS, as appropriate.



(1) Assist the Minister of Economics and Works and Public Services in the areas of his competence, understanding in the development, proposal and implementation of the national policy or in the field of public works, monitoring its compliance and coordinating the plans, programmes and projects linked to them.

It also proposes the regulatory framework to facilitate its implementation, exercising the powers conferred directly by the existing public works regulations or those delegated to it in the future.

(2) To assist the Minister of Economics and Public Works and Services in the aspects of his competence, understanding in the development, proposal and implementation of the national water policy, monitoring its compliance and coordinating the plans, programmes and projects linked to water resources in all its manifestations in order to provide its proper knowledge, use and preservation, as well as scientific and technological research, and participation in tariff and concession policies.

(3) Defining and coordinating the restructuring of privatization and economic-financial sanitation of the sectors responsible for the administration of public services and also providing, where appropriate, the implementation of agreed policies.

(4) Exercising the powers of the Comptroller in respect of those entities or bodies of control of the public services privatized or granted in the area of the SECRETARIAT OF PUBLICS, when they have a functional link with the said Secretariat and enforce the corresponding regulatory frameworks.