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Please outline the scope of article 23 (a) of Act No. 24,156 to the resources of operations or contracts with international financial agencies to which the Nation is a party. Treatment to be granted to the contributions of the National Treasury provided for in each Loan Contract for the mandatory local contribution. Integrated Financial Information System. (S.I.D.I.F.)

Bs. As., 7/7/1995

B.O., 24/7/1995

VISTO Act No. 24.156 on Financial Administration and National Public Sector Control Systems, and


That article 23 (a) of the said legal body provides for the existence of resources from public credit operations.

That those who originate in operations or contracts with international agencies of which the Nation is a party shall be used in the form and for the purposes provided for in the respective loan agreements between the Nation and the grantor agency.

That it is necessary to determine precisely the resources and their use, which must be considered within the framework of the aforementioned legal norm.

That these operations are part of the National Administration ' s Expenditures and Resources Budget, as the erogations made to implement these conventions constitute public expenditure funded by the acquisition of Public Credit.

That, on the other hand, it is advisable to establish the treatment to be granted to the contributions of the NATIONAL TESORO provided for in each Loan Contract for the mandatory local contribution.

That the rules to which the operator of the loan contracts should be adjusted should be established in terms of their execution and accounting, within the harmonic operation with the Integrated Financial Information System (S.I.D.I.F.)

That, since these loan contracts have external and local input components from the National Treasury, rules relating to the procedures, of a uniform nature for the entire contract operator, its accounting administration and registration, should be issued, thereby facilitating automatic integration through a single entry record of transactions carried out in the Financial Information System Database (S.I.D.I.F.).

That the information recorded in the Financial Information System Database (S.I.D.I.F.) will produce the financial reports required by the users of the Financial Information System.

That the present act is in exercise of the powers conferred by article 99, paragraph (2) of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.



Art. 1.- The resources of operations or contracts with international financial agencies to which the Nation is a party are considered under article 23 (a) of Act No. 24,156.

Art. 2.- The application of these resources shall comply with the rules set out in each loan contract and its annexes and, in a supplementary manner, with the local legislation provided that it does not object to the former.

The executing units of the Préstamos (UEP) created in compliance with the special conditions provided for in the contracts will be responsible for requesting the corresponding disbursements, leaving the movements that are carried out in writing accounts that are open in the General TESORRY of the NATION dependent on the SECRETARIAN OF HACIENDA of the MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA AND SERVRAS. The registration of local inputs will also be included in those accounts. The total amount recorded in such accounts will be used in compliance with the Operations Plan and payment schedules set out in the Loan Contract and, against those accounts, the Executing Unit of the Loan (EUP) will order all payments linked to its execution, using the electronic transfer system of funds that rule for the Unique Treasury Account the General TESORRY OF THE NATION dependent on SECRET.

Art. 3.- Pursuant to the previous article, the Implementing Units of Loans (UEP) to use the resources allocated in the National Administration Budget and Resource Act shall proceed to:

(a) Project before 31 July 1995 the changes to the 1995 National Administration ' s Expenditure and Resource Budget of the Jurisdictions and Implementing Entities of the Loan, in accordance with Decree No. 2360 of 28 December 1994.

(b) To effect within the CINCO (5) working days from the approval of the budgetary modification in the terms of subparagraph (a) the recording of the income and expenses incurred whose credit is included in the Budget of Expenditure and Resources of the National Administration of 1995, using the procedures established by the General CONTADURY of the NATION dependent on the SECRETARIA DE HACIENDA of the MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA AND ARTH.

(c) Support the disbursements made by the Financial Agencies through the issuance of Reimbursements or withdrawal of funds, signed by those responsible authorized to the borrowing entity.

(d) To effect the collections of such disbursements by making the bank deposit in the Unique Treasury Account in the ARGENTINA NATION BANK, which will operate in accordance with the regulations established by the General TESORRY OF THE NATION under the SECRETARIAT OF HACIENDA of the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND SERVICES PUBLICOS, which shall take the necessary measures to ensure that the funds are freely available, that the clauses of the loan agreement are complied with with reference to the special or descriptive account of the borrower, referred to in article 2 of the present, authorizing the conduct of the audits of such account.

(e) Complete, for the approval of the acts of acquisition and procurement of Goods and Services, the issuance, signature of payment orders that give rise to the mobilization and use of the aforementioned current account in respect of the erogations to be met with such resources, with the procedures and competencies arising from the loan agreement.

(f) The Leading Unit (UEP) will act as the primary income and expenditure registration centre and operate an accounting system that will allow it to obtain the information requested by the Financial Agency using identical procedures to those established by the Integrated Financial Information System (S I.D.I.F.).

(g) The Implementing Unit of Loans (UEP) on the occasion of the periodic shipment to the Financial Agency, of physical-financial performance information of the progress of the Draft agreement, will at the same time send to the NATIONAL BUDGET OFFICE under the SECRETARIAT OF HACIENDA of the MINISTERY OF FINANCIAL ECONOMY AND OURTS AND PUBLIC SERVICES, identical information paid

Art. 4.- Amend the powers set out in Decree No. 2662 of 29 December 1992 on authorization and approval of expenses in respect of such agreements that are replaced by those established in the respective loan contracts and their annexes.

Art. 5.- Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. MENEM - Domingo F.- Cavallo