National Council Of Women Decree 1426/92 - Amendment - Full Text Of The Rule

Original Language Title: CONSEJO NACIONAL DE LA MUJER DECRETO 1426/92 - MODIFICACION - Texto completo de la norma

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PRESIDENCE OF THE NATION Decree 291/95 Amend Decree No. 1426/92 establishing the National Council for Women in its jurisdiction.

Bs. As., 14/8/95

VISTO Decrees No. 1426 of 7 August 1992, No. 84 of 26 January 1993 and No. 315 of 24 February 1993 and


That by the decree quoted first, the NATIONAL COUNCIL was established in the jurisdiction of the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE OF WOMEN, with direct dependence on the CHAIRMAN OF THE NATION.

That later, by Decree No. 84/93, the post of PRESIDENCIAL CONSEJERA was created to include women at the highest levels of decision of the national Government.

That by article 3 of the said Decree, modified by its similar No. 315/93, the PRESIDENTIAL CONSEMBERS were designated.

It is one of the most important objectives of the national State to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women, to defend equal opportunities and to engage them in all areas of the national Government.

It is necessary to bring together the efforts of the National Council for Women and the presidential advisers, with the aim of defining joint policies that enable the realization of solutions to the problem of women.

Moreover, and in the light of just reasons for representativeness in all areas of the national civil service, it is advisable to integrate the board of the National Council for Women in this regard.

That, taking into account the Federal System of Government, it is appropriate that the conduct and administration of the NATIONAL COUNCIL of WOMEN is in charge of a federal board and board.

That this measure is determined by virtue of the powers conferred by article 99, paragraph 1 of the National Constitution and article 13 of Decree No. 977/95.




Article 1 ArtículoReplace article 3 of Decree No. 1426/92 with the following:

"ARTICULO 3o ". The driving and administration of the NATIONAL COUNCIL of WOMEN will be in charge of a Directory and a Federal Council."

Art. 2o oReplace article 4 of Decree No. 1426/92 with the following:

"ARTICULO 4o.The Board will be composed of UN (1) president, UN (1) vice president and, as members, one (1) representative of each Ministry of the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER and one (1) representative by the HONORABLE SENADO DE LA NATION, one (1) representative by the HONORABLE CAMARA DE DIPUTADOS DE LA NATION and one (1) representative by the JUDICIAL POWNATION. Each Minister shall propose for the representation of his Ministry to the highest-ranking official of the same or to a woman related to the specific object of the Council; whereas each House of the NATIONAL CONGRESS and the JUDICIAL PODER of the NATION, upon invitation to be extended through the Ministry of the Interior, shall decide the procedure to elect its applicant."

Art. 3o oReplace Article 6 of Decree No. 1426/92 with the following:

"ARTICLE 6o:These are functions and powers of the President of the National Council of Women:

(a) To legally represent the National Council of Women.

(b) To convene and chair meetings of the Board and/or FEDERAL COUNCIL with voice and vote.

(c) On the proposal of the headlines of the jurisdictions to the members of the Board; on the proposal of the respective authorities to the members of the FEDERAL Council and on the proposal of the FEDERAL COUNCIL to the Vice-President and members of the honorary advisory commissions.

(d) To participate, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, INTERNATIONAL TRADE And CULTO, in the celebration and implementation of the instruments of an international character that the Nation subscribes or to which it accedes when they affect or refer to the matter of their competence.

(e) Formalize by means of administrative acts decisions emanating from the Directory and the FEDERAL COUNCIL.

(f) To conclude agreements with institutions or companies to provide training and jobs for women.

(g) To exercise the representation of the NATIONAL COUNCIL of WOMEN in acts, ceremonies and different events and in the signing of agreements and agreements.

(h) Direct the activities of the units of the NATIONAL COUNCIL of WOMEN in accordance with decisions that the FEDERAL COUNCIL and the Board adopt and monitor their compliance and conduct the internal administration of the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF WOMEN.

(i) Exercising the administration of the staff of the units dependent on it.

(j) Order the instruction of summary information and administrative summaries, which may be delegated to officials of their dependence."

Art. 4o —Replace Article 7 of Decree No. 1426/92 with the following:

"ARTICULO 7o . The vice president will be elected by the FEDERAL Council among the representatives of the provincial states and the MUNICIPALITY of the CIUDAD OF GOOD AIRES. He will be appointed by the President of the NATIONAL COUNCIL of WOMEN and will have the mission to collaborate with the presidency. It will be a natural substitute for the president for the cases of temporary absence or leave of office."

Art. 5o oReplace article 11 of Decree No. 1426/92 with the following:

"ARTICLE 11. El The FEDERAL COUNCIL will be made up of the Board members together with the representatives appointed by the provincial governments and the MUNICIPALITY OF THE CIUDAD OF GOOD AIRES, which will integrate it as Vocales. Once the representation is accredited, the president will carry out the appointment of the incumbent and alternate Vocals. The Vocals of the FEDERAL COUNCIL shall remain in their positions for the time established by the respective authorities and may be replaced at any time with the sole designation of a new representative of their agency of origin."

Art. 6o oReplace article 12 of Decree No. 1426/92 with the following:

"ARTICLE 12. . In order to complete the integration of the FEDERAL COUNCIL, the authorities of each province and the MUNICIPALITY of the CIUDAD OF GOOD AIRES, through the MINISTERY of the INTERIOR, will be invited to designate one (1) representative and one (1) alternate. In the invitations to be made, it will be proposed that the eventual appointment of representatives be made on the holders of areas with competence in the subject of Women that may exist within each jurisdiction."

Art. 7o oReplace article 14 of Decree No. 1426/92 with the following:

"ARTICLE 14. delThe functions of the FEDERAL COUNCIL:

(a) Define the agency ' s annual policy.

(b) Engage the strategic formulation criteria.

(c) Promote measures that contribute to eliminating discrimination against women in our society.

(d) Promote the provision of services for women and, in particular, those for social sectors with a special need for assistance.

(e) Adopt the semi-annual reports that will be submitted to the President of the Nation.

(f) Perform the annual evaluation of the actions in different jurisdictions.

(g) Dictate its internal regulations."

Art. 8o oReplace article 15 of Decree No. 1426/92 with the following:

"ARTICLE 15. El The FEDERAL COUNCIL will meet at least DOS (2) times a year and will sessitize with half plus one of its designated members; it will adopt its decisions by a majority of votes, and in case of a tie it will decide the presidential vote."

Art. 9o oPlease refer to the Annexes to Decree No. 1426/92, which should be referred to as "the FEDERAL COUNCIL" whenever the "to the Plenary" is invoked. Art. 10. Destroy the Nros Decrees. 84/93 and 315/93. Art. 11. Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. .MENEM.EEduardo Bauzá.. Carlos V. Corach.