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SOCIAL ARTWORKS Decree 580/95 Regulation of Law No. 24,455.

Bs. As., 12/10/95

VISTO file No. 2002-6832-95/6, Resolution No. 87 of 23 March 1995 both of the Ministry of Health and Social Action, and Law No. 24.455, and


That by the above Law all Social Works and Associations of Social Works of the National System included in Law 23,660 recurrents of the redistribution fund of Law 23,661 must incorporate as a mandatory provision the coverage of medical, psychological and pharmacological treatments of persons infected by human retrovirus.

That coverage also covers those who suffer from acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and those who depend physically or mentally on the use of narcotic drugs.

It also includes coverage of AIDS prevention and drug addiction programmes.

That for this purpose it is appropriate to proceed with the regulation of the aforementioned Law 24,455, specifying the scope of the respective implementing authorities, in this case the MINISTERY OF HEALTH and SOCIAL ACTION, in relation to the development of the programmes intended to cover the contingencies provided for in Article 1 of the said Law and the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF THE SEGURO OF HEALTH .ANSSAL asignado in respect of the allocations and financing of the contracts.

That this act is given in the exercise of the emerging powers of article 99, paragraphs (1) and (2) of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.




Article 1 . Approve the regulation of Law 24,455 under Annex I, which is an integral part of this Decree. Art. 2o . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archévese. . MENEM. . Eduardo Bauzá. . Alberto J. Mazza.

Annex I


ARTICLE 1 . Unregulated.

ARTICLE 2 Unregulated.

ARTICLE 3 EL THE MINISTERY OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL ACTION OF THE NATION through the areas available, will develop programs to cover the contingencies provided for in Article 1 of Law 24,455, taking into account for the drug programme to the Secretariat of Programming for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and the Fight against Drug Trafficking of the National Decree No. 64919/ These programmes will be presented to the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF THE SEGURO DE SALUD .ANSSAL., in order to provide the coverage of all the levels mentioned in the programme of social work with the assistance structures that the Administration finances and supervises.

Programs should be presented within the first TREINTA (30) working days each calendar year, to the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF THE HEALTH SURVE, providing this one of other QUINCE (15) working days to indicate the scope of coverage of the program.

For all programme contingencies, ANSSAL will hire and finance according to the budget allocated in accordance with Article 5 of Law 24.455, the qualified effectors for comprehensive and necessary coverage that will be credited and categorized by the implementing authority and registered in the National Registry of Providers.

ARTICLE 4o cumplimiento The control of the compliance of the precautions required in Article 1 of Law 24.455 shall be carried out through the MINISTERY of HEALTH and SOCIAL ACTION OF THE NATION, which shall provide through the SECRETARIAT OF HEALTH POLITICES AND SANITARIA REGULATION, the conditions of accreditation and categorization of the delivery of the services necessary for each program

All borrowers shall be registered in the National Registry of Providers, as indicated in Act No. 23.661 of article 29.

ARTICLE 5o . Specific provisions in the general budget of the Nation for the objective set out in Law 24,455 shall be allocated in that budget to the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF THE SEGURO DE SALUD .ANSSAL..

The above-mentioned items shall be in the budget of the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF THE HEALTH FOLLOW-UP, with specific charge within the scope of Law 24.455.