National Institute Of Research And Fisheries Development Labour Regimes For Boated Staff - Updated Standard Text


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NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT Decree 630/94 Approve the Labour Regime for the staff on board. Bs. As., 28/4/1994


See Background


That Decree No. 278, of 7 February 1983, approved the specific regime for the staff engaged in the Fisheries Research vessels of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT, by which the staff of the Basic Legal Regime of Public Function were exempted.

That the decree provided that the above-mentioned staff is governed by the provisions contained in the National Trade Code and its modifications and the particularities contained in the Adjustment Contract annexed thereto, empowering the said Institute to apply to such personnel the remuneration that governs for their similar FIFTHAL PETROLIFERS SOCIEDAD OF THE STATE.

That the experience collected by the Institute during the validity of the aforementioned legal regulations advises its repeal, allowing to encourage the retribution during the navigation periods and its retraction during the time the ships are tied in port, or at the time that the corresponding crew members are in a position of disembarkation.

This will enable the direct payment of assets by means of a salary policy of the said Institute, thus avoiding the delays in the liquidations, actions and labour conflicts that may arise within the scope of the Institute because the salaries referred to those of another agency in contrast to the spirit and the provisions of Act No. 23.697 on Economic Emergency.

That the SECTOR ' s TECHNICAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE PUBLICO has taken the intervention that belongs to him.

That this measure is made in the use of the powers conferred by article 86(1) of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.




Article 1 . Approve the Labour Regime for the staff of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT, contained in Annex I, which is an integral part of this decree.

Art. 2° . Apply for the staff of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PESQUERO INVESTIGATION AND DEVELOPMENT, the Agreement on Adjustment, Levels and Loads, Remunerations and Road Regime, contained in Annexes A, B, C and D, which form an integral part of this decree.

Art. 3rd . Revise Decree No. 278 of 7 February 1983.

Art. 4° La The ASSESSMENTAL TECHNICAL COMMISSION OF THE SECTOR PUBLICO shall be the Agency with the power to interpret the rules of this decree, insofar as it is subject to its specific competence, in accordance with the requirements of Act No. 18,753.

Art. 5° El The expenditure that demands the implementation of this measure will be met with the credits allocated in the General Budget of the National Administration in force for the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT.

Art. 6° . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Domingo F. Cavallo.

Annex I



ARTICLE 1 . The present regime will be applicable to the personnel who perform tasks as crew members of the ships or naval devices of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT dedicated to fishing research.

The same is applicable for all types of navigation, under the conditions established above.

ARTICLE 2° : Income: Income of crew members shall be made upon accreditation of the following conditions in the manner determined by the regulation:

(a) Indonesianness to function or post through the selection regimes established.

(b) Moral and behavioural conditions.

(c) Psychophysical fitness for function or position.

(d) Being Argentine, having to have more than CUATRO (4) years of exercise of citizenship. Exceptions to any of these requirements (2) shall be made by the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER in each case.

ARTICLE 3° , Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 2°, you may not enter:

(a) Whoever has been convicted of a criminal offence. The NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER may authorize its entry, if, by virtue of the nature of the facts, the circumstances in which they were committed or by the time elapsed, it does not preclude the requirement set forth in article 2 of this regime.

(b) A person convicted of a crime committed against or against the National, Provincial or Municipal Civil Service.

(c) Failed or civilly contested until he gets his rehabilitation.

(d) Any person who has pending criminal proceedings may give rise to conviction for any of the offences set out in subparagraphs (a) and (b) of the present.

(e) The disabled for public office.

(f) The sanctioned with exoneration at the national, provincial or municipal level, while not rehabilitated, and the sanctioned with cessanty as determined by the regulations in the field of the National Civil Service.

(g) Anyone who integrates or has integrated into the country or abroad, groups or entities that, by their doctrine or action, advocate, publicize or bring to practice the illegal use of force or the denial of the principles, rights and guarantees established by the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION, and in general who carries out or has carried out such activities, in the country or abroad.

(h) Anyone who is in violation of electoral laws or military service.

(i) The Moorous debtor of the Fisco under the Financial Accounting and Administration Act and Public Sector Control Systems, while in that situation.

(j) Anyone who has more than SESENTA (60) years of age, except those persons of recognized fitness, who can only be incorporated as relevant staff.

ARTICLE 4° : The staff has the following duties:

(a) Personally and efficiently render the service in the conditions of time, form, place and modality that determine the rules emanating from competent authority.

Without prejudice to what other rules determine, the following are emerging duties of the preceding paragraph:

I- Submit to the competition evidence to be determined.

II- Ensure the conservation of the State and third-party assets, objects and other assets, which are placed in their custody, by handing them over at the appropriate time.

III - Carrying with you in the event that you have been provided with the credential that credits your status as an agent, and return it to cease your duties.

IV- Use the work clothing that has been supplied to it or which is established in each case.

V- Accredit the fulfilment of their civic and military obligations.

VI- Declaring the payroll of the dependants and communicating, within the period of TREINTA (30) days of production, the change of marital status or variants of a family character, accompanying the corresponding documentation.

VII- To keep the information concerning the domicile permanently updated.

(b) Observe in the service and outside it, a proper, dignified and decorous conduct, in accordance with its hierarchy and function.

(c) Obey any order emanating from a competent hierarchical superior to give it, that gathers the formalities of the case and is intended to perform acts of service that correspond to the function of the agent.

(d) To keep the corresponding discretion, with respect to all facts and information of which it is aware in the exercise or on the occasion of the exercise of its functions, regardless of what the existing provisions in respect of secret or administrative reserve, except when released from that obligation by the Director of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT.

(e) To promote the legal actions that correspond when it is publicly subject to criminal charges, in order to obtain free sponsorship of the legal service of the respective agency. He may be exempted from such obligation by the Director of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PESQUERO INVESTIGATION AND DEVELOPMENT.

(f) Declaring under oath their state of affairs and subsequent modifications, with the scope of the regulations of the National, Provincial or Municipal Public Service.

(g) Bring to the knowledge of superiority any act or procedure that may cause injury to the State or set up a crime.

(h) To make a summons for the instruction of a summons.

It shall only be obliged to testify as a witness, and may refuse to do so when indicted.

(i) Staff shall be subject to psychophysical examination on a regular basis, as often as they determine the existing regulations.

Without prejudice to this, a medical review should be made available to the Director of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT.

(j) Excess from intervening in everything in which their performance may result in partiality or moral violence.

(k) To be covered by the legal and regulatory provisions on incompatibility and the accumulation of charges, the official charges, the retirement or retirement status and the private activities that he or she performs must be declared under oath, in order to determine whether he or she is covered by the accruing regime.

ARTICLE 5° El The staff is subject to the following prohibitions:

(a) Make or sponsor for third parties, administrative procedures or arrangements, or not directly in charge, up to UN (1) year after their release.

(b) To direct, administer, advise, sponsor, represent or render remunerated services to persons of visible or legal existence, who manage or exploit concessions or privileges of the Administration in the national, provincial or municipal order, or who are suppliers or contractors thereof.

(c) Receive direct or indirect benefits originating in contracts, concessions or franchises that the Administration concludes or grants in the national, provincial or municipal order.

(d) Maintain links that signify benefits or obligations to entities directly controlled by the Ministry, unit or entity in which it is serving.

(e) To perform on the occasion or on the occasion of the exercise of its functions, propaganda, proselytism, ideological or other coercion, regardless of the scope of such functions. The prohibition of this point does not hinder the regular exercise of political action that the agent does according to his convictions.

(f) Receive gifts, gifts or other advantages on the occasion or occasion of the performance of their functions.

(g) Carry out efforts through strange persons to whom it is appropriate, in all matters related to the rights and obligations of the staff.

(h) Organize or encourage, directly or indirectly, subscriptions, accessions or contributions by the staff of the National, Provincial or Municipal Public Service for political purposes of homage or reverence to active officials.

(i) To use, for particular purposes, the transportation elements and work supplies for the official service and the staff services at their disposal.

(j) Use information related to the service, which you have knowledge directly or indirectly for purposes other than the service.

(k) Make petitions of any nature collectively.

(l) Conduct among staff credit operations.

ARTICLE 6° . The staff of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PESQUERO INVESTIGATION AND DEVELOPMENT is exempted from the Basic Legal Regime of the Public Service approved by Law 22.140. It shall apply to it the provisions contained in Book III of the Trade Code and its modifications, and the particulars established in the present, and the adjustment contract contained in Annex A, which is an integral part of this normative body.

ARTICLE 7° : Personal understood:

(a) Captain

(b) Chief of Machines

(c) First Covering Officer

(d) First Machine Officer

(e) Fluvial pattern

(f) Second Covering Officer

(g) Second Machine Officer

(h) Third Machine Officer

(i) Contractor or First Fisherman

(j) Electrician

(k) Motorist mechanics

(l) Cooking

(m) Nurse

(n) Second Fisherman

(o) Cap Engrasador

(p) Marinero

(q) Greaser

(r) Mozo

(s) Kitchen assistant

ARTICLE 8° . The supply of the fishing research vessels of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT will be fixed by the Director of the latter, in accordance with the needs of the relevant campaigns, in accordance with the safety of the navigation and the rules in force in this regard.

The agency must communicate to the NAVAL ARGENTINA PREFECTURA the specific composition of the respective endowment, at the time of each campaign. The positions of the different jobs of the units of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND DEVELOPMENT referred to in this article shall be covered by the Director of the same, taking into account the needs of each campaign and the suitability of the staff, without the limitations set out in the maximum number of positions of the MERCANT MARINE FORMATION AND CAPACITATION OF THE PERSONAL.

ARTICLE 9° . When the needs of the service so justify, the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT may enroll any crew member in another or other vessels of its fleet, or the fleet of other state research agencies of the ARGENTINA REPUBLIC, maintaining the working conditions and remunerations of effective magazine of its own scale.

ARTICLE 10 . Staff may be encouraged to initiate retirement proceedings when they meet the requirements required to obtain the maximum percentage of regular retirement. The intimation to initiate the retiring proceedings must be carried out by the Director of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT. Staff who are intimated to retire and who voluntarily apply for retirement or retirement may continue in the provision of their services until the respective benefit is agreed upon, for a period not exceeding SEIS (6) months, to which end the agent will be discharged.

The deadline will begin:

(a) Mediating intimation from notification.

(b) At the request of the agent, from the moment he informs the agency of the initiation of the previsional procedure, by means of the patient. No communication character will be given to the simple service certification order.

ARTICLE 11 . The liquidation and payment for the discharged crew members will be carried out in conjunction with that of the other staff of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT, in the corresponding monthly period.

ARTICLE 12 s The integral staff wage is composed of the following categories:

(a) Commodity

(b) Antiquity Supplement

(c) (Section repealed by article 6 of the Decree No. 261/2004 B.O. 3/3/2004).

(d) Refund for Lack of Kitchen to Bordo

(e) (Section repealed by article 6 of the Decree No. 261/2004 B.O. 3/3/2004).

ARTICLE 13 s In a situation "on orders", special leave periods, or when the relevant ship is in the working regime in port, the integral salary of the crew members, will be composed of the following categories:

(a) Commodity

(b) Antiquity Supplement

ARTICLE 14 . In annual vacation periods the integral salary of the crew members will be made up of the average wages of the period to which the holidays refer.

ARTICLE 15 . The Antiquity Supplement will consist of UNO per ICCENT (1 %) of the base salary, for each year of effective antiquity in the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT, up to a maximum of VEINTICINCO (25) years.

As of 1 January of each year, the staff covered by this agreement will receive this supplement for each year of service or fraction greater of SEIS (6) months of registration as at 31 December immediately preceding.

In the event that a crew member is temporarily suspended by an administrative or judicial case, he will not lose the right to the benefit of this article when he has been permanently dismissed or acquitted of guilt and charge.

ARTICLE 16 . A replacement for lack of Kitchen will be awarded to Bordo only when it is without such services. The return will be from THREE THREAT THREAT AND NEW ($399.00), for each day in the pre-indicated situation and will be granted in restrictive form and only in case of force majeure. This amount shall be subject to the salary increments agreed upon in the Negotiating Commission of the General Collective Labour Convention for the National Civil Service approved by Decree No. 214 of 27 February 2006 and its amendments.

(Article replaced by Article 3 of the Decree No. 702/2017 B.O. 8/9/2017)

ARTICLE 17 . When the staff make use of the Compensatory Francs to which he is a creditor, the corresponding crew member shall be liquidated, the full salary of the actual magazine office (in which the Supplement for Austral Zone and/or High Reintegro for Kitchen to Bordo, in the case that they have actually been liquidated) and according to the salary of the staff on navigation that was in force to the date on which he made use of the same period.

ARTICLE 18 O (Article Derogated by Article 6 of the Decree No. 261/2004 B.O. 3/3/2004).

ARTICLE 19 O (Article Derogated by Article 6 of the Decree No. 261/2004 B.O. 3/3/2004).

ARTICLE 20 . In a situation "on orders", the respective crew member does not generate the right to Compensatory Francs or consume them.

ARTICLE 21 . They are established for the personnel referred to in this regime, the levels and charges set in Annex B, which is equally part of the present.

ARTICLE 22 El The NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND DEVELOPMENT PESQUERO is empowered to pay such staff, remuneration in accordance with the detail contained in Annex C, which is part of the present, and which indicates the basic salary of the staff, as well as the supplements and refunds detailed in this regime where appropriate.


(a) Subscribe the adjustment contracts of all personnel referred to in this regime by determining the necessary requirements for the corresponding campaigns.

(b) Subscribe the time-bound adjustment contracts, which are necessary to complete the strength of the research vessels, where relays are required under any circumstances. To this end, the necessary regulatory rules shall be issued through the competent Authority of the Ministry of MODERNIZATION. (Incision replaced by art. 4° Decree No. 702/2017 B.O. 8/9/2017)

(c) Liquidate annually, up to CINCUENTA (50) days of Compensatory Francs accumulated by staff, if for operational reasons they cannot be usufruced in the year.

(d) Dictate the regulations that cover the specificities of this activity in respect of special labour regimes, schedules, guards, meals and provision of clothing.

ARTICLE 24 . The staff subject to this regime will have the Licenses established in the Labour Contract Act.

The Act will also govern the aspects inherent in stability.

ARTICLE 25 . In the cases that the staff has to assign the via will be applied the Viatic Regime established in the Annex D, which is an integral part of the present.

ARTICLE 26 . These crew members will be provided with the corresponding work clothes, in accordance with the regulations established by the Director of the same.

ARTICLE 27 . The aforementioned staff will have the coverage provided by the Collective Obligatory Life Insurance.

ARTICLE 28 . In cases of accidents of work and occupational disease the legislation in force in the matter will apply.

ARTICLE 29 . The Supplementary Annual Drop will be paid to the crew members in the form and conditions established by the relevant legislation.

ARTICLE 30 . The NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT will make available to the crew the social and assistance services it provides through its Social Work subject to the established regulations or set out the Service on the subject. The respective crew member may make express written waiver of the aforementioned services to receive those provided through the guild to which he is eventually affiliated. This article shall apply in the event that the relevant provisions so establish.


ARTICLE 31 . Being the ship in navigation the legal working day will be OCHO (8) hours a day. The working hours may be modified by the Command of the same, according to the research program to be carried out.

ARTICLE 32 . The Officers of Cover and Machines will perform guards according to the following hours: CUATRO (4) hours of guard by OCHO (8) hours of rest. The guards of the rest of the staff will be determined by the Command of the Ship, according to the research program to be carried out.

ARTICLE 33 . In the cases of assistance, rescue and trailer will be applied the Navigation Law and rules that complement or modify it.


ARTICLE 34 . When the ship is in port, the crew members, the object of the present, will be enlisted in the working regime in port, and will maintain their status of magazine and scale level, conforming to the work schemes established by the NATIONAL INSTITUTO OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT, in order to carry out maintenance, repair and all those that do to the conservation and the equipment.

ARTICLE 35 . During the situation described in the preceding article the legal day of OCHO (8) hours of work from Monday to Friday, and CUATRO (4) hours on Saturdays i.e. CUARENTA and CUATRO (44) weekly hours of work with the corresponding rests on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and national holidays.

ARTICLE 36 . For reasons of service, being the ship in port, the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT will determine the time changes for the best compliance of the operation of the units, according to the time of the year and geographical position of the port in question.

ARTICLE 37 . When it is necessary all crew members must fulfill the following guards: DOCE (12) hours of work by VEINTICUATRO (24) hours of rest. The same decision may be taken when the ship is outside the seat.


ARTICLE 38 . The crew members will enjoy every day of navigation, CINCUENTA and TWO (0.52) of days of rest. For one (1) day of compensatory rest to be computed as such, it must be usufructuated from CERO (0) to VEINTICUATRO (24) hours.

(Article replaced by Article 5 of the Decree No. 702/2017 B.O. 8/9/2017)

ARTICLE 39 . Compensatory breaks will be used exclusively in the vessel's seat port.

ARTICLE 40 . The NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT can grant the compensatory breaks from a port other than that of seat, in which case the expenses of transfer and feeding of the round trip will be on account of the same; not computing the days of travel within the rest period.

ARTICLE 41 . The crew members will not be able to use compensatory breaks during their enrollment period.

ARTICLE 42 . In the case that the computation of the compensatory breaks is a fraction of the day, the amount resulting from the immediate superior unit will be rounded.

ARTICLE 43 . The accident or inculpable illness of the worker interrupts the usufruct of compensatory breaks, to give rise to the license by accident or illness. After this, the crew will continue to enjoy compensatory breaks.

ARTICLE 44 . Compensatory breaks can only be converted into the payment of a sum of money, when the crew disconnects from the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT, or when the latter, with the consent of the interested party so agrees in exceptional circumstances. Its settlement and payment shall be made in accordance with article 11 of the present regime.


ARTICLE 45 . Buy a CONCILIATION COMMISSION composed of three (3) members by the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PESQUERO INVESTIGATION AND DEVELOPMENT and three (3) members by the corresponding union.

To this end, the union entity shall, prior to the adoption of any measure of force, communicate it in earnest to the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT with CINCO (5) working days in advance, and promote the convening of the CONCILIATION COMMISSION within the same period.

Once the same is assembled, it will be issued on the matter within the time of SETENTA and DOS (72) hours, which the Commission itself may extend by the term it deems appropriate, attentive to the complexity of the subject submitted to its analysis. In cases involving the parties to an agreement, the agreement shall be binding on both parties. If there was no agreement, the topic may be derived from the treatment of WORKING MINISTERY AND SECURITY SOCIAL by any of the parties, remaining the same ones released to take the measures that they jointly or separately deem appropriate, respecting the pre-avigation period previously established.

Under these circumstances, the parties are empowered to consensually submit the deferendum to UN (1) arbitrator, in order to a list of negotiators to be made previously.

In all cases, a system of guards will be established to ensure the delivery of the essential services of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT.

ARTICLE 46 . The NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PESQUERO INVESTIGATION AND DEVELOPMENT, with their respective guilds, will be able to create a HIGIENE COMMISSION, SECURITY AND WORKING ENVIRONMENT constituted by THREE (3) members representing each party, for the purpose of providing technical advice, on the matters they do for their specific task.

ARTICLE 47 . The crew members will be governed by the Investigations Regulations approved by Decree No. 1798 of 1 September 1980 and its complementary and modifying rules. As the applicable disciplinary regime, as determined by the Navigation Act and subsidiarily by the Labour Contracts Act.

(Note Infoleg: by art. 9th of the Decree No. 702/2017 B.O. 8/9/2017 states that the current Investigations Regulations applicable to staff on board of the National Institute referred to in this article are the provisions of the Decree No. 467 of 5 May 1999.)

ARTICLE 48 . All the rights and obligations of the parties, emerging from previous conventions, records, resolutions or derivatives of any other act or provision, which had not been included in the present regime, shall be without effect, null and void, which governs the relations of the parties arising from the employment contract that links them.

Annex A


Between him...

on the one hand, and on the other, the lord.........

Embark Notebook N° ... ....., henceforth............. named THE CONTRATADO, it is agreed to conclude this contract of adjustment for the crew of the ships that for such purpose discontinued the ARMADOR, in the capacity of..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

FIRST: This contract is held for undetermined time, and may be terminated by the parties at any time, with a written notice of TREINTA (30) days. This deadline may not expire after the day and time set for the ship's sail.

SECOND: THE CONTRACT shall have the right to be compensated in accordance with the legal rules in force for seafarers.

THIRD: During the validity of the present Agreement on Adjustment, the Contract shall be obliged to comply with the rules of the onboard service established by the ARMADOR, and all the provisions emanated from the applicable legislation.

FOURTH: During the validity of this Agreement of Adjustment, the Contract shall receive for its effective work, a Basic Drop of PESOS........................ .

which will be paid for the last month, plus the corresponding supplements and refunds, and the family allowances provided for the National, Provincial or Municipal Public Administration.

QUINTA: For any divergence that arises in the performance of this contract, which should be settled by judicial tribunals, the parties accept from now to submit to the jurisdiction of the Federal Justice of the City of Mar del Plata (or which corresponds to the seat of the Institute), excluding any other.

SEXTA: For all the purposes of this contract the ARMADOR fixes his legal domicile in and THE CONTRATADO in......................

DOS (2) copies of the same tenor and only one effect are signed in accordance with the test, the original remaining in the possession of THE ARMOR and the other in the possession of THE CONTRACT.

Annex B










Chief of Machines



First Officer



First Officer



Fluvial Pattern



Second Officer



Second Officer



Third Officer



Contractor or First Fisherman






Motorist mechanic









Second Fisherman



Cabo Engrasador






Kitchen Mozo/Aider

Annex C

(Annex replaced by art. 1 Decree No. 702/2017 B.O. 8/9/2017)



Annex D


1) VIATICO: It is the daily compensation that crew members are reminded, excluding passages or cargo orders, to attend to all personal expenses that would result in the performance of a commission of the service when the place is located more than CINCUENTA (50) kilometers from the usual seat of the ship where the corresponding crew provides services.

(2) They shall not be paid vials, or percentages of them, when they are lacking of kitchen on board the respective vessel, and they shall be given accommodation in it to the corresponding crew members; for that reason that forbearance is contemplated by the payment of the Reintegro for Lack of Kitchen on Bordo.

For which reason, the collection of vitics in this case is exclusive of the perception of the precited complement.

When the commission takes place in places where the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND DEVELOPMENT PESQUERO provides the agent with accommodation and/or food, the following percentages of vitics will be liquidated at most:

VEINTICINCO BY CIENTO (25 %) if you are given accommodation outside the ship and food (or in your case you are abbreviated from Kitchen to Bordo).

CINCUENTA POR CIENTO (50 %) if you are given accommodation (anything this is) without food (nor payment of Lack of Kitchen to Bordo).

SETENTA AND CINCO FOR SCIENT (75 %) if you were given food (or if you had a name for lack of kitchen on board) without accommodation.

(3) The daily amount of this compensation shall be from the CUATRO BY CIENTO (4 %) of the base salary of the corresponding crew member, as set out in Annex C of the Labour Regime.

(4) The crew members who, on the occasion of the commission of the service, should be transferred to more than QUINIENTS (500) kilometres from the usual seat of the ship, shall be granted orders of departure and return by plane.

(5) It will begin to accrue from the day the agent leaves the usual seat to perform the commission of the service, until the day he returns from it, both inclusive.

6) In the opportunity to authorize the commissioning, the means of mobility to be used for compliance should be established in addition to the corresponding motivations, with the factors leading to the lowest cost in the emergency.

7) It will be liquidated full by the day of departure and the return, provided that the commission of service that originates has begun before the DOCE (12) hours of the day of departure and ends after the same time of the day of return. If the commission of service could not conform to the preceding rule, the CINCUENTA BY CIENTO (50 %) of the via will be liquidated.

8) It will correspond to the CINCUENTA BY CIENTO (50 %) of the via, to the staff who in the performance of special commissions stays away to more than CINCUENTA (50) kilometers from their usual seat, in the morning and in the afternoon, without returning to noon.

9) It will correspond to the CINCUENTA BY CIENTO (50 %) of the via to the agents who during the journey motivated by the commission, being this of a longer duration of VEINTICUATRO (24) hours, whatever the means of transport used, have included the food in the passage.

10) The agents to whom they stand in commission, have the right to receive advances in the amount of the corresponding vitics, up to a maximum of TREINTA (30) days.

11) In case an agent should reside in the same accommodation of his superior, either for reasons of service or for lack of minimum amenities in others, the same via will be liquidated as the last one.

12) In the event that staff from one jurisdiction attends another to serve as a subscriber, or for the purpose of carrying out a service commission, the corresponding via will be liquidated from the budget of the delivery required by the services.

13) When commissions are carried out in remote, unhealthy, inhospitable and/or desert areas, where permanent staff have a coefficient of increase established on their salaries, the via to liquidate the agents performing them will be bonused in the same percentage.

The area plus established by Decree No. 2094 of 29 October 1970 (article 4), its modifications and supplements shall be applied in all cases of commissions fulfilled in the areas specified by that regulation.

14) Agents who receive funds for road advances, at the end of the commission and within SETENTA and DOS (72) hours of return will pay the outstanding balance. The surrenders will be submitted through the Chief of the respective division to the Administration or Office of Directors who will do their time. In the surrenders will consist of the time of duration, dates of departure and arrival, this information must be certified in each case by the competent authority.

15) Orders of passage and load. The crew members who are required to travel in compliance with the Services Commissions shall be granted the corresponding orders of one-way and first-class return of the means of transport to be determined by the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT.

The above-mentioned passages may be replaced by another class when no first class is available or when the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT so provides for them on the basis of service reasons.

16) The daily amount of road compensation will not be modified or adjusted when variants of any kind arise in staff remuneration. Its modification will only proceed when it considers it especially the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INVESTIGATION AND PESQUERO DEVELOPMENT with the prior approval of the Comptroller's Agencies.


- Annex C replaced by art. 1 Decree No. 913/2006 B.O. 21/7/2006. Watch: from 1 March 2006