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Decree 933/94

Consider the Commission of Application of International Humanitarian Law. Integration.

Bs. As; 16/694

VISTO the ratification of the Argentine Republic of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and the Additional Protocols of 1977, through the Laws Nros. 14.467 and 23,379, respectively


That the effective implementation of the provisions of these HUMANITARIAN LAW TREATIES requires the adoption of legal measures of a legislative and regulatory nature within States.

That the above-mentioned international instruments establish an obligation for States parties to take, from peace, the necessary measures to ensure their observance.

That the International Committee of the ROJA CRUZ has been carrying out, in particular, numerous efforts with States, the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES OF THE ROJA CRUZ and NATIONAL SOCIETIES, recalling the fundamental importance of national implementation measures for the effective validity of the norms of the INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW.

That at the Seminar on the Implementation of INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW in the Argentine Republic, held at the Argentine Council for International Relations on 28 May 1992, among the approved proposals, one refers to the creation of an INTERMINISTERIAL COMMISSION for the implementation of the said LAW.

On the basis of such considerations and precedents, it is considered appropriate to establish a TECHNICAL COMMISSION composed of representatives of MINISTERIAs with competence in the field, with the aim of conducting studies and proposing measures leading to the effective implementation, teaching and dissemination of the INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW.

That in the use of the powers conferred by article 86 (1) of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION, the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER may dictate this measure.



Article 1 — Trust the Implementation Mission for International Law HUMANITARIAN for the purpose of conducting studies and proposing the measures it deems appropriate for:

(a) The implementation and implementation of the International Humanitarian Law through legislative or regulatory rules and measures to ensure the validity of those treaties.

(b) The teaching and dissemination of existing international human rights law in the Argentine Republic.

Art. 2° — The Commission shall consist of DOS (2) representatives of the Ministry of Defence, DOS (2) representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DOS (2) representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND CULTOBER, and DOS (2) representatives of the Ministry of Justice. Such representatives shall belong to the staff of the respective MINISTERIAs and their performance shall not incur any additional expense to the National State.

Art. 3° — The Commission ' s SECRETARY will operate at the MINISTERY OF DEFENSA MINISTERY SECRETARIAT.

The studies and measures that are planned will be carried out by the SECRETARIAT OF THE COMMISSION to the MINISTERIES and SECRETARIAT OF THE NATIONAL REPRESIDENCE, which correspond to the matter, for its approval and consequent drafting and processing of the draft Laws, Decrees, Resolutions or Directives that are necessary for its final legal implementation.

Art. 4° — Within a period of NOVATE (90) days, from now on, the Commission shall issue its own Regulations.

Art. 5° —Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. MENEM -Oscar H. Camillion. - Jorge L. Maiorano.- Guido Di Tella. - Carlos F. Ruckauf.