Transit Regulation 24319 - Full Text Of The Rule

Original Language Title: TRANSITO REGLAMENTAN LEY 24319 - Texto completo de la norma

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Decree 1312/94

Appropriate Law No. 24,319

Bs. As. 1/8/94

VISTO Law No. 24 319, which states in emergency the traffic of vehicles in the City of Buenos Aires, and


That it is appropriate to regulate the above-mentioned Act in accordance with the provisions of Article 86(2) of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION, which dictates the necessary measures to ensure effective compliance with the legal provisions subject to regulation.

That this measure is dictated in the use of the powers conferred on the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER by Article 86(2) of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.




ARTICLE 1 .-Approve the Regulations of Law No. 24,319 as Annex I as an integral part of this Decree.

Art. 2°-Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.-MENEM.-Carlos F. Ruckauf

Annex I


ARTICLE 1The state of emergency of vehicle traffic in the City of Buenos Aires, declared by Article 1 of Law No. 24,319 governs from June 19 to December 16, 1994.

ARTICLE 2°- The Cabinet for the Emergency of the Transit of the City of Buenos Aires, created by Article 2 of Law No. 24.319 will be constituted within the CINCO (5) days of publication of the present decree, and will dictate its internal regulation within the TEN (10) days of constituted. Its members shall be elected by a simple majority, UN (1) President and UN (1) Vice-President, the latter shall have the function of replacing the President in the event of a temporary impediment or absence.

ARTICLE 3°- The national bodies mentioned in subparagraphs (c), (d), (e) and (f) of Article 3 of the Law shall designate for the purpose of integrating the Cabinet within the three (3) days of the publication of the present decree, UN (1) titular representative and UN (1) alternate.

The incumbent representative shall review at a level not less than the Assistant Secretary; the alternate at a level not less than the National Director or equivalent. The representatives of the FEDERAL POLICE ARGENTINA will review not less than the Inspector and Commissioner, respectively.

The Executive Department of MUNICIPALITY OF THE AIRES GOOD CIUDAD shall designate one (1) alternate representative of level not less than Director General.

ARTICLE 4°-These are the duties and powers of the Cabinet:

(a) Develop a comprehensive proposal for the vehicle traffic order for the City of Buenos Aires.

(b) Define actions that aim to regulate transit in Buenos Aires City.

(c) Immediately receive detailed information regarding the dictation of rules relating to matters falling within their competence by the bodies dependent on the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER or the MUNICIPALITY OF THE CITY OF GOOD AIRES.

(d) Propose to the Executive Department of MUNICIPALITY OF THE CIUDAD OF BUENOS AIRES- or to the competent national bodies, if any, the adoption of measures that it considers to be conducive to a better system of vehicle traffic in that jurisdiction.

(e) Determine that entities other than those expressly identified in Article 6 of the Law shall constitute the Honorary Advisory Council and designate its members.

ARTICLE 5°-Members of the Honorary Advisory Council shall not have the right to vote in decisions to be taken by the Cabinet.

ARTICLE 6°-The technical report referred to in the last paragraph of Article 8 of the Law must be prepared and forwarded to the Honorable Council of the City of Buenos Aires within the ten (10) days of the constitution of the Cabinet, sending a copy of the same tenor to the Municipal Executive Department.

ARTICLE 7°- The prohibition established in Article 8 of the Act shall be between 18 July and 16 December 1994.

ARTICLE 8°-For all purposes provided for in Act No. 24,319, it is understood that:

(a) Individual motor: motor for the transport of persons up to OCHO (8) places, excluding the driver, with CUATRO (4) or more wheels that are not affected by the provision of a public or semi-public service.

(b) A motor vehicle owned by persons with disabilities: those protected by the Nros Acts. 19,279 and 22,431 and their modifications duly identified in accordance with this regulation.

(c) Automobile affected by the provision of public safety and health services: those affected to the police service, firefighters, ambulances and civil defence.

(d) Automobile affected by the Foreign Diplomatic Corps: those that correspond to diplomatic and consular representations accredited in the country, which possess patent granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, INTERNATIONAL TRADE and CULTO.

(e) Automobile affected a medical professional in the exercise of his or her professional activity: those affected by the use of medical professionals who are accrediting his or her condition and are in a medical state of emergency.

ARTICLE 9MUNICIPALITY OF THE CITY OF GOOD AIRES will open an account at the Banco de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. for the purposes provided for in Article 13 of the Law.

ARTICLE 10.The Executive Department of MUNICIPALITY OF THE CIUDAD OF BUENOS AIRES, will set up in its jurisdiction a Commission that will aim at the elaboration, organization and operation of road education bells, which will be responsible for the administration of the funds referred to in Article 13 of the Law.

ARTICLE 11.In order to ensure strict compliance with the provisions contained in Article 8 and 14 of the Law, the MUNICIPALITY OF THE CIUDAD OF GOOD AIRES will require the services of the FEDERAL POLICY ARGENTINA, which will have to provide the utmost cooperation.

ARTICLE 12. - Failure to comply with the provisions of Article 15 of the Act shall be deemed to be a serious offence, when the offender or his or her deputy is a concessionaire, a licensee contractor or is contractually linked by any legal entity with the National State or with the MUNICIPALITY of the CIUDAD DE BUENOS AIRES.