President Of The Presidential Counciling Nation - Creation Of Office - Full Text Of The Norm


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PRESIDENCE OF THE NATION Decree 84/93 The position of Presidential Councilor shall be established in his field.

Bs. As., 26/1/93

VISTO Law No. 23.179 and Decree No. 1426 of 7 August 1992 and


That by the Act referred to in the View, the Argentine State acceded to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, while by Decree No. 1426 of 7 August 1992 it established the NATIONAL COUNCIL of WOMEN.

That the National Government promotes an unpublished and founding equality agreement, to be expressed at the highest levels of State decision.

That such a pact tends to build a new social model, implying a redefinition of relations and links, based on new treatments of equity.

That it is the purpose of the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER to act in an exemplary form of the spirit of democratization that is expressed as the will of Argentine society.

That is why the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER has decided to take the initiative by creating PRESIDENTIAL CONSEMBERS in all areas of the National Civil Service that merit it.

That the MINISTERY OF INTERIOR is the body of consultation in this measure of modernization of the Public Administration.

That the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF WOMEN is the body that deals with policy development and advice in the field to the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER, and its institutional strengthening is necessary.

That this measure is determined by virtue of the powers conferred by article 86 (1) of the National Constitution.




Article 1 Artículo Trust in the area of the Presidency of the Nation the position of CONSEJERA PRESIDENCIAL, in order to include women at the highest levels of decision of the National Government. Such office shall be a Registrar.

Art. 2o o The post of President of the National Council of Women, established by Decree No. 1426 of 7 August 1992, shall be from the date of this hierarchy and rank of Registrar.

Art. 3o o Designa como CONSEJERAS PRESIDENCIALES a Zelma Mireya Emilse REGAZZOLI (M.I. 3.612.221); Marcela DURRIEU (M.I. 6.664.305); Elida VIGO (M.I. 4.925.175); Liliana GUDURLICH de CORREA (M.I. 5.784.668); Cristina ZUCCARDI of FLAMA.

Art. 4o — The PRESIDENTIAL CONSEMBERS will constitute a Cabinet, which will meet regularly with the President of the Nation to analyze the progress of their management. A representative of MINISTERIO DEL INTERIOR will be an integral part of the Cabinet of Presidential Advisers on a permanent basis. The Presidency of the NATIONAL COUNCIL of WOMEN shall assume the coordination of that Cabinet.

Art. 5o o The Cabinet of PRESIDENTIAL CONSEMBERS, and the NATIONAL COUNCIL of WOMEN, will have the responsibility to develop a Plan for Equal Opportunities for Women of immediate implementation and a Triennial Plan of Actions of Government for the Promotion and Equal Participation of Women Argentina (period 1993-1995), monitoring its development.

Art. 6o o The various areas of the National Government will align their actions with the specific issue of women to the objectives and lines of action set out in the Equal Opportunities Plan for Women.

Art. 7o o The post of PRESIDENCEL CONSEJERA will be exercised "ad-honorem".

Art. 8 The MINISTERY OF INTERIOR and the NATIONAL COUNCIL of WOMEN will provide administrative, human and material support corresponding to the Cabinet of Presidential Advisers.

Art. 9o o Communicate, publish, give to the Official Registry Directorate and archvese. . MENEM. . Gustavo O. Béliz.