National Execution Of National Statistical System - Minimas Obligations - Full Text Of The Norm


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National Statistical System

DECRETO 1831/93

Set the minimum obligations for the production or collection of sectoral statistical information to be met by the central and peripheral agencies of the System.

VISTO Law No. 17.622 and its Rule Decree No. 3110/70; and


As part of the current policy of reform and modernization of the State, the reconstruction of the NATIONAL STATISTIC SYSTEM is necessary in order to have accurate and timely statistical information for the decision-making of the Government and citizens.

That such a need was set by the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER, on the occasion of the inauguration of the Ordinary Sessions of the HONORABLE CONGRRESS of the year 1993, when sectoral policies for the period 1993 to 1995.

In order to achieve this objective, it is necessary to establish in a tax manner the minimum obligations that, in the production or collection of sectoral statistical information, must comply with the central and peripheral organisms that make up the NATIONAL STATISTIC SYSTEM.

That the availability of this sectoral information will make it possible to know adequately the evolution of economic, social and cultural activities and that of the privatized services sectors.

That the National Statistical Institute AND CENSES under the SECRETARIAT OF ECONOMIC PROGRAMME OF THE MINISTERY OF ECONOMIC AND ARTWS AND SERVICES PUBLICOS, as the governing body of national statistics, will centralize coordination, monitoring and control actions to ensure the efficient functioning of SISTEMA both at the national and provincial levels.

That this will enable the effective implementation of the ANNUAL PROGRAMME OF STATISTIC AND NATIONAL CENSES.

That this measure is carried out in accordance with articles 3 (b), 4 (a), (b) and (c) and 5 (b) of Law 17.622 and in the use of the powers of Article 86(1) of the National Constitution.





Article 1 - In accordance with the provisions of Act No. 17.622, and in order to comply with the annual programme of statistics and censuses, ministries, secretariats and other State agencies should provide, in time and form, the basic statistical information detailed in annex I to the present decree.

Art. 2o - The National Statistical Institute and censuses are authorized by the Ministry of Economics and Public Works and Services to provide for the incorporation of other State agencies to ensure the continuity and validity of the programme.

Art. 3o - The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses, by resolution of the Ministry of Economy and Public Works and Services, will detail the statistical series that will integrate the annual programme of statistics and censuses, and will constitute the minimum information to be provided by each agency.

Art. 4o - Ministers and secretaries of the Presidency of the Nation shall control in the areas of their competence the effective fulfilment of the obligations in the field of sectoral information set forth in this Decree.

Art. 5o - The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses will establish the use of homogeneous definitions, norms and classifications that will ensure the comparability of the information required by the annual programme of statistics and censuses and will be able to coordinate, monitor and technical control the work included in it.

Art. 6o - The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses under the Economic Programming Secretariat will bring to the National Executive Branch through the Ministry of Economics and Works and Public Services, a semi-annual report on the status of statistical activities that are being carried out in the implementation of annex I and which are integrated into the annual statistics and census programme of law 17.622.

Art. 7o - The ministries, secretariats and agencies covered by this decree shall submit to the National Statistical and Census Institute quarterly progress reports.

Art. 8o - Provincial and municipal governments are invited to have similar rules in their jurisdictions and to ensure their compliance with the National Statistical System.

Art. 9o - Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. - Menem. Cavallo.

Annex I



1. Secretariat of Science and Technology. Total, public and private national expenditure in science and technology. Scientific and technical staff working in the country. State grants and loans granted, total and for purposes and disciplines.

2. Ministry of Tourism. Income and arrival of tourists from and outside. Expenses of foreign tourists in Argentina and of Argentine tourists abroad. Movements of tourists, expenses and capacity installed in the internal tourism.

3. Drug Prevention and Drug Trafficking Programming Secretariat. Preventive actions. Procedures and volume of confiscated and abducted drugs.

4. Secretariat of Natural Resources and Human Environment. Conservation and exploitation of wildlife. National parks. Actions for the preservation of the environment: Soils, water and air. Forest exploitation (responsibility shared with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries).

5. Federal Broadcasting Committee (COMFER). Radio and television broadcasters, open and cable and transmission schedules.

6. Sports Secretariat. Sports activity throughout the country. Grants granted, by purpose and discipline. Participation of Argentine delegations abroad.


7. Secretariat of the Public Service. Amount, characteristics, training and remuneration of national public employees (responsibility shared with the Ministry of Finance).

8. Secretariat for Population and Community Relations. Amount, characteristics and places of origin or destination of persons entering or leaving the country.

9. Secretariat of the Interior. National elections. Documentation of people.


10. Cult Secretariat. Crops registered in the country and its characteristics.

11. Secretariat for International Economic Relations. Commercial opportunities abroad. Country participation in economic activities abroad. Relevant information about the international economy.


12. Ministry of Economy. Foreign investment in the country. Activities of the National Insurance Institute.

12.1. National Securities Commission. Movement and amount of stock exchanges and the open capital market.

12.2. Superintendence of National Insurance. Entities, production, premiums and sinisters.

13. Economic Programming Secretariat. Evolution of the Argentine economy and national accounts system. Public investment. Deregulation and economic organization. Regional economies. Evolution of living standards and poverty.

13.1. National Institute of Statistics and Censuses. In addition to its leadership role in the National Statistical System, it will have a direct responsibility to produce the national population and housing censuses, economics and agribusinesses; intercensional agricultural statistics of the main variables (responsibility shared with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries); statistics of the main agricultural products of the regional economies (in coordination with the provinces); progress in the statistical use of satellite images; The statistical yearbook of the Nation will be published every year in which all relevant statistical production of the National Statistical System will be reflected.

14. Ministry of Finance. Information on the national budget and its implementation, the savings-investment account, the evolution of the treasury, external and domestic public financing, the evolution of public debt, residual entities, provincial finances and State heritage. Amount, characteristics, training and remuneration of national public employees (responsibility shared with the Public Service Secretariat).

15. Public Income Secretariat. Evolution and main characteristics of State and Social Security revenues. Origin of collection by sectors of economic activity and income sections.

15.1. National Customs Administration. Participate with INDEC in foreign trade statistics.

16. Ministry of Industry and Trade. Industrial Registry of the Nation. Cost structures in the industry. Exportable production offer. Prices of internal trade (responsibility shared with INDEC), marketing margins, competition defense and commercial loyalty. Viticulture. Participate with INDEC in foreign trade statistics.

17. Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. Seed and harvested surface and yields of all economically relevant crops (responsibility shared with INDEC). Livestock stocks of all economically relevant species (responsibility shared with INDEC). Production and marketing of meats and by-products. Fisheries production and exports. Forest exploitation (responsibility shared with the Secretariat of Natural Resources and Human Environment). Daily prices of agricultural products (responsibility shared with INDEC).

18. Energy Secretariat. Power and energy installed. Physical value and units of the production, transmission and distribution of electricity at the national level, by sources and users. Exports and imports of electricity. Energy balance and projections of supply and demand for energy and power. Existence, production, distribution and marketing of fuels and by-products by sources and users. Prices and prices of energy and fuels. Electricity and gas regulators should contribute as much as necessary to the production of the appropriate statistics.

19. Mining Secretariat. Volume and value of national production of metallic, non-metallic, application rocks and semi-precious stones. Production and consumption of minerals and non-ferrous metals.

20. Transport Secretariat. Parking of units, passengers and cargo transported in commercial aircraft, river and maritime transport, urban motor transport (Multilateral Area) and passenger intercity, motor transport of cargo, railways and underground. Port movement. Sailing roads. Prices and transportation fees. Regulatory entities within the Transport Secretariat should contribute as much as necessary to the production of the appropriate statistics.

21. Secretariat of Public Works and Communications. National and international telephone communications and value-added telecommunications services. Movement of state and private mail. Public works carried out and in execution. Production, distribution and marketing of drinking water. Prices and rates of communications, water and health services. Regulatory entities within the scope of the Secretariat for Public Works and Communications should contribute as much as necessary to the production of appropriate statistics.

22. Secretariat for Institutional Relations. Existence, activity and movement of cooperatives.

23. Central Bank of the Argentine Republic. International reservations and compliance with the law of convertibility. Money. Financial system. Interest rates. Exchange market.

Ministry of Justice

24. Ministry of Justice. Statistics on the initiation, status and completion of judicial cases in national courts. Federal Prison Service statistics.

25. Registry of Registrars. Proceedings and convicted of criminal justice and recidivism.


26. Secretariat of Culture. Statistics of cultural activities promoted by the National Government. Establishments and visitors or spectators in museums and historical monuments, libraries, cinematographic and theatrical rooms, exhibitions.

27. Secretariat for Educational Programming and Evaluation. Educational establishments, equipment, enrolment, graduates and teachers at all levels of public and private education, except universities. Defection, repeat and educational performance indicators. Expenditure in education per pupil and for levels and costs of education in different jurisdictions.

28. University Policy Secretariat. Establishments, equipment, tuition, graduates and teachers and non-teachers in university education. Defection and educational performance indicators. Expenditure in student education and costs of university education in different jurisdictions.


29. Secretariat for Social Action. Statistics on social programs developed with funding from the National Government. Minor and family. Mutual. Gambling and water meetings.

30. Ministry of Health. Hospital establishments, equipment, income and patient discharges. Social works and health insurance. PAMI. Private health establishments, equipment, income and patient discharges. Medical emergency services. Vaccination programs. Nativity, cause mortality, infant mortality, morbidity. Quality and diversity of foods and medicines.

31. Ministry of Housing and Environmental Quality. Housing plans made with state funding by jurisdictions, built units, target types, sums and unit costs and funding sources.


32. Working Secretariat. Collective labour agreements and their characteristics. Basic schedules of agreement. Professional associations. Unemployment insurance. Working accidents. Construction record. Conflicts.

33. Social Security Secretariat. Benefits to retirees and pensioners by regimes, amounts, recipients and features thereof. Direct and indirect grants received by retirees and pensioners in public services, taxes, food, medicines, etc. Evolution of debt to retirees.


34. Planning Secretariat. Decentralized companies and agencies of the defense area. Staff in activity and retirement. Military retirement and pension payments. Statistics on the main socio-economic and health characteristics of persons cited in military service.

35. Argentine Air Force. Climate and meteorological information. Airport movement (responsibility shared with the Transport Secretariat).

36. Naval Prefecture Argentina. Existing vessel park.