Foundations Foundation Export. Constitution - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: FUNDACIONES FUNDACION EXPORTAR. CONSTITUCION - Texto completo de la norma

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Decree 2303/93

Authorize the constitution of the “Fundación Exportar”. Designase Executive Director.

Bs. As., 10/11/93

VISTO the creation of the Business Council for Foreign Trade, established by the Joint Resolution of the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWS AND PUBLIC SERVICES No. 556 and then MINISTERY OF FOREIGN RELATIONS AND CULT No. 641, dated 10 April 1992, and


That Council proposes, through the agreement concluded with the Club Europe – Argentina and the MINISTERIAS OF EXTERIORS, INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND CULTO and ECONOMY AND ARTWORKS AND PUBLIC SERVICES, the constitution of a Foundation, as an entity of public and non-profit, whose main purpose will be the study of foreign trade and the promotion of local production exports, especially those from the small and medium enterprises.

That the evolution of global economic reality exhibits foreign trade processes and systems of the most varied and complex developments and requires the specialization of entities composed of the public and private sectors, which assume the different roles that are required to achieve the highest degree of efficiency, in the face of international demand, with local products and services.

That organizations or entities, such as those that are encouraged, should have as an essential objective the study of foreign trade in general and the promotion of local exports, providing the exporting community with a set of support services that is normally not possible to obtain from other sources.

That such organizations should also carry out their tasks without creating a onerous structure, but rather by using specific forms of collaboration or agreements with other organizations for the provision of services, and the recruitment, where required, of individuals and legal entities possessing the knowledge and skills necessary for the fulfilment of their purposes.

That both the objectives and purposes of the Foundation to create, as well as the broad spectrum of private entities and associations of public good, as well as the representative of various sectors of production, trade and banking, which will form their driving and operating structures, indicate that it will be a useful element for the growth of international trade, not only for agents already engaged in export activity, but also for those who have concerns and purposes of transcending the attention of local markets.

That it is necessary to modify the existing provisions of Jurisdiction 35 - MINISTERY OF EXTERIORS, INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND CULTO, and 9100 - OBLIGATIONS TO THE CHARGE of TESORO in order to meet emerging needs of the commitments to be addressed by the State.

That such a measure shall be financed for compensation of receivables.

That the present measure is determined in the use of the powers conferred by article 86, paragraph 1, of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION and articles 5, 7 and 8, of Law No. 24.191.




Article 1 - Authorize the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship and of Economics and Public Works and Services, to constitute, together with the Business Council of Foreign Trade and the Club Europe – Argentina, the “Export FUNDATION”, on the basis of the projects of “Constitution Act” and “Statute” which, as Annex I and II, form part of the present decree, and to introduce in such instruments the general inspections that the modifications and/ordinance of the

Art. 2° - Authorize the Ministers for Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship and Economics and Public Works and Services to the Secretaries of International Economic Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND CULTO and of Trade and Investments of the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWORKS AND PUBLIC SERVICES and the Assistant Secretaries for International Trade Relations of the MINISTERIO DE RELATIONS EXTERIORS, INTERNATIONAL TRADE And CULTO and Foreign Trade of the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY AND ARTWS AND PUBLIC SERVICES, to integrate the Organic Bodies of the EXPORT FUNDATION, as established in the Statute of the same.

Art. 3rd - Mr. Marcelo Carlos AVOGADRO (L.E. 7.823.212).

Art. 4° - Modify the distribution of the budget of the National Administration for the year 1993, in the jurisdictions 35 – MINISTERY OF EXTERIAL RELATIONS, INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND CULTO and 9100 – OBLIGATIONS A CARGO DEL TESORO, in accordance with the working detail in the table annexed to this article.

Art. 5° - Authorize to make a contribution from the National State, to the EXPORT FUNDATION, which will be made effective after the signing of the Act of the Constitution and the adoption of the Statute of the Constitution and prior to the submission of the respective documentation to the General Inspectorate of Justice as a requirement for its constitution, which reaches the sum of PESOS UN MILLON ($ 1,000,000.00).

The amount referred to shall be deposited in the BANCO OF ARGENTINA NATION to the order of EXPORT FUNDATION and General INSPECTION OF JUSTICE and in accordance with the requirements of Act No. 19,836 and its regulatory decrees.

Art. 6° The authorized contribution shall be intended to implement the purposes of the Foundation, specifically to finance the organization and implementation of the activities arising from the functions referred to in Article 4 of the Draft Statute which, as an Annex, is part of the present decree.

Art. 7° - Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.- MENEM.- Guido Di Tello.- Domingo F. Cavallo.

NOTE: This Decree is published without Annexes.

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