President Of The Nation Decree 479/90 - Modification - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: PRESIDENCIA DE LA NACION DECRETO 479/90 - MODIFICACION - Texto completo de la norma

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PRESIDENCE OF THE NATION Decree 382/92 Amendment of Decree No. 479/90.

Bs. As., 2/3/92

VISTO the Ministry Act (t. 1983) as amended by Act No. 23,930 and Decree No. 479 of 14 March 1990 and 2283 of 31 October 1990 and,


That sport is an ideal means of accessing new health and education sites, being also one of the most valuable supportive elements for the formation of men and their social consciousness, allowing them to channel their feelings of participation and communication.

That sporting activity is a link between peoples in an area where friendship and respect prevails in a strict moral and ethical code, being the conviction of the National Government that must be expressed in support of the growth and development of all areas of sport, in accordance with the means available.

As one of the objectives of the National Government to provide effective implementation of the functions inherent in the promotion, control and protection of sport, it is considered appropriate to introduce modifications to the system of the agency currently responsible for it, making it appropriate for the specific functions of the matter to be exercised by a Secretary of the Presidency of the Nation, thus centralizing the definition and implementation of policies in all matters concerning these matters, at the highest level of national decision.

That the NATIONAL ARGENTINO NATIONAL ENTER OF THE DEPORTE, which is in charge of these functions, has fulfilled the current rationalization standards and its organization adapts to the change that is propitiated, without any other modification than the nominal of its driving levels.

That the present measure is determined in the use of the emerging powers of the Ministry Act (t. 1983) as amended by Law 23.930, and Article 86, paragraph 1, of Law 23.930, and Article 86, paragraph 1, of the National Constitution.




Article 1 Artículo Incorporate into Article 1 of Decree No. 479/90 and its amendments, in the section relating to the NATIONAL PRESIDENCE, the following point:


de Undersecretariat for Coordination

- Undersecretariat Technician-Sport

Art. 2o o Enter Annex IX PPRESIDENCE OF THE NATIONP of the decree quoted, the following point:



Assist the President of the Nation in the consideration of all aspects that make up the sporting activity in the country as inherent in the control, the sports system, the design of the policies and the management of the instruments necessary for its implementation.

Under-Secretary for Coordination


Assist the Sports Secretary in all matters relating to the management, administration, operational coordination, monitoring and monitoring of all support activities in the areas of human resources, economics, provision of services and control of information processing, in order to achieve an efficient development of the activities of the agency.

Undersecretariat Technician-Sport


Assist the Sports Secretary in the formulation of plans, programs and projects for the development and adequacy of the sporting activity of the country, establishing harmonious relations between the sports activities of fans, federated and professionals.

Art. 3o o The SECRETARIAT OF DEPORTS shall be the implementing body of Act No. 20,655, with the powers, powers and powers assigned by that legal norm. Art. 4o — Default of Decree No. 2283/90. Art. 5o o The personnel, elements and other assets of the former NATIONAL ARGENTINE OF THE DEPORTE will be temporarily affected for the operation of the Sports Secretariat. Art. 6o o Within forty-five (45) days, counted from this decree, the SECRETARIAT OF DEPORTS shall elevate the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER, the project of adequacy of its organizational structure to the extent adopted by the present. Art. 7o o The expenses that demand compliance with this decree shall be charged under the jurisdiction 20 .Presidency of the Nation. Art. 8o o Replace the text assigned by Decree 1117/91 to Article 2 of Decree No. 1237 of 13/11/89 and its amendments, by the following: The NATIONAL COUNCIL OF THE DEPORTE, created by Article 7 of the Law 20,655, shall consist of: DOS (2) representatives of the implementing body; OCHO (8) representatives of the Council of the Regions: UNO for each sport region; DOS (2) representatives of the Coordinating Council; UN (1) representative of the Argentine Sports Confederation; UN (1) representative of the Argentine Olympic Committee; UN (1) representative of the associations and/or federations that are disabled;

"One of the representatives of the implementing body will be its incumbent and will serve as the Chair of the NATIONAL COUNCIL and the other, which will be appointed by the Sports Secretary, will serve as the Secretary General."

"The remaining members will be appointed by the Sports Secretary on the proposal of the entities or organizations that represent, in a 'ad honórem' character."

Art. 9o o Replace Articles 5th last paragraph; 6th last paragraph and 7th of Decree 1237 of 13 November 1989, which, according to their order, are as follows:

"One of the representatives of the National Sports Council will be the SECRETARY OF DEPORTS or the official designated and served as the presidency."

"The Sports Secretary will determine which of his representatives will preside over the Council."

"The basic regulations governing the functioning of the councils referred to in Articles 2; 4th; 5th and 6th of the present, shall be approved by the Secretary of Sport."

Art. 10 Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Domingo F. Cavallo.