Privatizations Somisa - Nationalization Of Goods Consigned - Full Text Of The Norm


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PRIVATIZATIONS Decree 1922/92 Delárase nationalized, of full law, goods consigned in favor of Sociedad Mixta Siderurgia Argentina (SOMISA).

Bs. As., 19/10/92

VISTO Laws 23.696 and 24.045 and Decree No. 1398/90 and 1144/92,


That it is necessary to ensure the normal entry of essential goods to the General Savio plant of the SOCIEDAD MIXTA SIDERURGIA ARGENTINA (SOMISA) in order to deliver it to the adjudicators of the privatization process provided for in Decree No. 1144/92, under the conditions specified in the Base and Conditions fold.

That such a society does not currently have the financial resources necessary to pay taxes on the goods from abroad.

Article 15, paragraph 9, of Act No. 23.696 provides that the National Executive Power may authorize deferments, removals, waits or referrals in the collection of credits from official agencies against entities that are deprived by application of the Act.

That SOCIEDAD MIXTA SIDERURGIA ARGENTINA maintains claims of repetition of taxes against the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF ADUANAS, whose extinction has been offered, by Resolution I-N. 042/92, by that society subject to condition, which would be fulfilled by this act.

That the present is given in the exercise of the powers conferred in article 86, paragraphs 1 and 2, of the National Constitution, and article 15, paragraphs 9 and 13, of Law 23696.




Article 1 Artículo Declárase nationalizada, de plena derecho, cualquier artículos que ha ingresado a Puerto Ingeniero Buitrago o a lospósitos fiscal ubicados en la Planta General Savio, o a lospósitos fiscal del Puerto de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, o a deposit provisorio de importa, aún la hasta por las predictes del artículo 417 del Código Aduanero, consignada a favor de la SOCIEDAD MIXTA SIDERURG Art. 2° . The nationalization of the full right which is declared by the preceding article also includes the goods consigned in favour of the aforementioned society, for its productive activity, which enters the aforementioned ports or deposits, until the day of the inauguration, by the owners of the privatization, of the Business Unit contemplated in Decree No. 1144/92. Art. 3° . Determine, in full law, any emerging debt of customs rights, Tax on the Value Added the rate of statistics and other taxes whose collection is carried out by the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF ADUANAS, accrued by goods covered by article 1 of this decree, as well as any interest, fine, surcharge, sanction or other obligation that has been generated. Art. 4° . Determine exemption from customs duties, taxes on added value, statistics and other taxes on the goods referred to in article 2 of this decree. Art. 5° . Accept the resignation made by SOCIEDAD MIXTA SIDERURGIA ARGENTINA (SOMISA), by Resolution I-No 042/92. Art. 6° 6 Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM . Domingo F. Cavallo . Antonio E. Gonzalez.