Administration Finances Permanent Funds - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: ADMINISTRACION FINACIERA FONDOS PERMANENTES - Texto completo de la norma

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FINANCIAL AND CONTROL SYSTEMS OF THE NATIONAL PUBLIC SECTOR Decree 2661/92 Regulations to which the governing regimes of Permanent Funds and Girl Boxes will be adjusted for the Central Administration agencies dependent on the National Executive.

Bs. As., 29/12/92

VISTO the provisions of Article 81 of Act No. 24,156, on Financial Administration and National Public Sector Control Systems, and


Article 133 of the Act provides that its provisions shall govern from the first financial period beginning after its sanction.

That it is necessary to modify the regimes of Permanent Funds and Girl Boxes, in order to adapt them to the new systems and procedures of accounting and movement of funds determined by the Ministry of Finance.

Taking into account the country ' s monetary stability, the provisions on automatic adjustment of the amounts for permanent funds and small boxes should be eliminated.

It is necessary to know monthly the status of implementation of budgetary provisions and the funds held by those responsible.

That from 1 January 1993 the funds to be delivered shall be surrendered through a new mechanism in accordance with the provisions of the legal rules to be governed by the provisions of the legal rules to be governed by that date.

It is convenient to set a maximum amount for the creation of permanent funds and girl boxes.

That in order not to interfere with administrative management, it must be exempted from the application of certain rules to agencies that currently have permanent funds.




Article 1 Los The governing regimes of Permanent Funds and Girl Boxes for the Central Administration agencies dependent on the National Executive will conform to the rules set out in the present Regulations and those established by the resolutions establishing each fund and girl box.

Art. 2° . With the Permanent Fund, expenses will be met whose urgency does not allow to wait for a payment order to be processed. Only purchases will be made against the delivery of goods and services purchased by the Girl Fund.

Art. 3rd El The amount of each Permanent Fund may not exceed the amount of TRES MILLONES OF PESOS ($ 3,000.000).

Art. 4° . The payment of expenses from the permanent funds shall be made by the concepts authorized in Article 8 of this Decree and in accordance with what establishes the resolution that creates them.

Art. 5° Cada Each Permanent Fund shall be established by Joint Resolution of the Ministry of the respective jurisdiction or of the Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Nation and of the Minister of Economics and Works and Public Services, following the opinion of the General Treasury of the Nation and the General Account of the Nation. The resolution will set the cost concepts that can be met from the fund amount and the maximum amount authorized for each individual expenditure. When its expansion is deemed necessary by operational needs, the same procedure as for its constitution will be followed.

Art. 6° 6 The Ministers, Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Nation, Secretaries and Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces may, by resolution, create Internal Permanent Funds and Girl Boxes from the permanent fund of their jurisdiction. The creation resolution shall set the concepts and amounts to which the funds may be allocated, in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations. Art. 7° 7 The amount of the girl boxes will not exceed the amount of TEN MIL PESOS ($ 10,000).

Art. 8° s Expenditures may be made from permanent funds or small boxes for the following concepts of the sorter by object of expenditure:

(a) Consumer assets.

(b) Non-personal services.

(c) Goods of use.

(d) Social help to people.

Art. 9° Cada Each individual payment made by the girl-box regime will not exceed QUINIENTS PERSOS ($ 500).

Art. 10. . Expenditures incurred by permanent internal funds and small boxes shall be surrendered to the respective financial administrative service at least on the 25th of each month, regardless of the percentage of payments made.

Art. 11. Los The financial administrative services shall incorporate the information of the payments made, received in accordance with the provisions of the previous article, to that of their own expenses made from the permanent fund during the course of the month and shall present to the General Account of the Nation, at least the last working day of each month, the respective payment order for its replacement in which the legend "to replenish the Permanent Fund".

Art. 12. La The documentation required in each accountability, to be submitted to the Chief of Financial Administrative Services, for the replenishment of the internal permanent funds and the girl boxes, shall be composed of:

(a) Proof of expenses incurred.

(b) List or list of properly charged vouchers and status of the girl box background.

Art. 13. El The Chief of Financial Administrative Service shall:

(a) Refrain from accepting and processing payment vouchers for registration and replenishment of funds that submit amendments or errors of any nature or offer doubts about their authenticity.

(b) To take such preventive and control measures as they deem necessary in order to ensure that staff members administering permanent funds and cash pools do not exceed the planned budgetary provisions and the commitments and orders to pay.

Art. 14. . Officers responsible for the small boxes that were constituted by a provision order issued against the General Treasury, in accordance with article 4 of Decree No. 2078/78, shall refund to that Treasury the funds not used as at 31 December 1992 and submit to the respective financial administrative service the surrender of the payments made to that date.

Art. 15. . In the event of deletion of the merger or transfer of an administrative unit that has assigned a permanent fund or a girl box, the validity of the same will expire automatically and the officer responsible for the administration of the funds will have to account for the documentation and return the funds without using the relevant agencies.

Art. 16. . The rules set out in Articles 3°, 5° and 9° will apply to permanent funds and small boxes that are created or increased from 1 January 1993.

Art. 17. . Destroy the Nros Decrees. 2078/78 and 2642/79.

Art. 18. . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. . Domingo F. Cavallo.