Military Personnel Regimen Of Volunteers - Modification - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: PERSONAL MILITAR REGIMEN DE VOLUNTARIOS - MODIFICACION - Texto completo de la norma

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MILITAR PERSON Decree 800/91 Amend the "Volunteer Troop Personnel Regime" approved by Decree 724/87.

Bs. As., 25/4/91

I am informed by the Chief of the General MAJOR STATE of the ARMADA, as proposed by the Minister of Defence, and


That by Decree No. 724 of 14 May 1987, the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE PODER approved the "Volunteer Troop Personnel Regulations".

That the approved regime envisages that staff who are incorporated into the ARGENTINA ARMADA under such conditions can only remain in the Institution for a limited period of eight years and reach only the rank of Marinero Primero.

That the conditions offered by the current regime, while responding to the persecuted purpose, lack incentives to the point where they doubt that the desired objective can be realized.

That what is indicated in the previous considerations makes it necessary to introduce to the Volunteer Troop Staff Regime modifications to create incentives for the better use of this staff.

That when the "Volunteer Troop Staff Review" was approved, it was misidentified as "Title 7", which must be Title 8" of the Regulations for the Navy of the Military Staff Act No. 19.101.

Article 107 of the Military Personnel Act No. 19.101 authorizes the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER to regulate it in a jurisdictional manner.




Article 1 Artículo Replace the "Volunteer Troop Staff Amendment" approved by NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER Decree No. 724 of 14 May 1987 and incorporated as Title 7 to the Armed Regulations of the Military Staff Act No. 19.101, which adds as Annex I and forms part of this Decree, which shall be incorporated as Title 8 of the Military Armed Regulations of the Law for the Military Arms of the Law No.101.

Art. 2o o Communicate, publish, give to the NATIONAL DIRECTION OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION and archvese. . MENEM. . Antonio E. González.

Annex I

RG -6-001





Art. 8.001. Definition.

Art. 8.002. Income requirements.

Art. 8.003. Admission course.

Art. 8.004. Change of scale.

Art. 8.005. High confirmation.

Art. 8.006. Ascense to Marinero 1o.

Art. 8.007. Second chance to change the scale.

Art. 8.008. Cowboys.

Art. 8.009. Military Obligatory Service.

Art. 8.010. General rules.

8.001. Definition.

The personnel who enter the Navy under the regime established by this Title shall be incorporated into a Scale which shall be called "Volunteer Troop" and in accordance with the knowledge acquired in the Training and Training Centres, shall be grouped into the orientations corresponding to the Scalephones of the rest of the Sub-Altern Military Staff, according to the vacancies established by the Naval Staff Armament Directorate.

8.002. Income requirements.

The following are required to enter the Voluntary Troop Scale:

1. Being native Argentine or by choice.

2. Being a single civil state.

3. To have the authorization of the legal representative in case of a minor.

4. To be between 17 and 22 years old at the time of incorporation.

5. Adopt an admission course.

6. The other requirements established by the Regulations for the Administration of Navy Personnel (R.A.P.A.) Volume 2 . Sub-Alternate Military Staff.

8.003. Admission course.

The admission course will last for eight weeks, at the end of which those who approve it will be given high "by commission" in the permanent picture by Provision of the Director of Naval Staff Armament, with the degree of Marinero Segundo and will sign a contract for four years, renewable for the same time and for the only time, except for the staff who change the scale.

8.004. Change of scale.

By completing a year of seniority in the Navy, the staff of this Scalephon who has at least the 7th grade of primary schooling approved, may apply to the School of Junior Staff Training to which it is applied and to its approval to join the scaffolding corresponding to the course.

8.005. High confirmation.

In fulfilling the second year of the commitment, Mr. Naval Staff Armament Director will ratify the discharge of those Mariners to whom the Qualifications Board proposes to remain in active service and will have the deduction of those qualified not proposed to remain in active service.

8.006. Ascense to Marinero 1o.

The staff of Marineros to whom the high is ratified will be promoted to the rank of first sailors, being their desirable two-year promotion time in the rank of Second Marine, but the promotions will occur on December 31 of each year.

8.007. Second chance to change the scale.

In the month of April of each year, the Naval Personnel Armament Directorate will consult in writing the personnel of Marineros Primeros from the second year of seniority to the degree and who have at least, approved the primary cycle, on their will to change to the general scaffolding.

From the volunteer staff, following the opinion of the Permanent Advisory Board, Mr. Naval Staff Navy Arms Director will select those who consider fit for the change of scale.

The selected staff will conduct a course for change of scale up to one year in schools and/or centres to be determined.

Those who pass the course will be incorporated into their new scaffolding at the end of the course.

8.008. Cowboys.

When it is necessary to produce vacancies, the Chief of the General Staff of the Navy may arrange for the termination of the Service Commitment and the withdrawal of staff in the previous article which is to the maximum extent possible, with the minimum time and 25 years old in the Navy. In this case, and when ordered by the Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, the Naval Personnel Armament Directorate shall make a warrant of merit in accordance with the provisions set out in this regard by the Regulations for the Administration of the Navy Staff (R.A.P.A.) Volume 2 . Junior Military Staff and those who obtain the lowest merit order will be withdrawn.

8.009. Military Obligatory Service.

It will be considered approved if at the end of the 1st. Year of incorporation is described as instructed. The particular rules shall be established in the internal regulation of the Navy.

8.010. General rules.

With the exceptions provided for in this Title, the Voluntary Troop Staff shall apply to the entire Military Legal Regime.