Presidency Of The Nation Program Arraigo - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: PRESIDENCIA DE LA NACION PROGRAMA ARRAIGO - Texto completo de la norma

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Decree 846/91

Trust the National Tax Land Commission in its scope - "Arraigo" Program.

Bs. As., 2/5/91

VISTO Article 60 of Law No. 23.697 and Decree No. 1757/90 as amended by its similar Law No. 2.154/90, and


That the lack of land ownership for the definitive root of their families constitutes one of the basic needs of the most humble social sectors of the population.

It is a continuing concern of the National Government to address the situation with regard to national tax lands in which small-scale family groups have been installed peacefully and for many years.

That the regularization of these lands with access to property by their occupants will allow the harmonious development of existing settlements throughout the national territory.

In that regard, the development of the ARRAIGO Programme, which is established by the present, is of particular importance.

That the present measure is in use of the emerging powers of article 86, paragraph 1 of the National Constitution.





Art. 2°.- The Commission established by the preceding article shall have the following mission and functions:

(a) To carry out the national survey of the tax lands occupied by irregular settlements.

(b) Conduct censuses to determine the socio-economic situation of the target social groups of the programme.

(c) Coordinate their actions with relevant national, provincial and/or municipal bodies.

(d) To propose agreements on mutual cooperation with professional associations, social organizations, international cooperation agencies and universities for the implementation of comprehensive training, urban reorganization and housing projects.

(e) Organize population-oriented training workshops that are the objective of this programme, with the participation of other national agencies, inviting Provinces, Municipalities and other social organizations to integrate themselves.

(f) Conduct national, regional and seminars for the compatibility of actions to be developed.

(g) Evaluate the possibilities of complementing the program with other nationals, provincials, municipal or private organizations, in progress and/or to implement, with a view to optimizing its results.

(h) To encourage, where appropriate, all actions aimed at the regularization of domestic tax lands by transferring them to the current occupants.

(i) Promote the participation of the programme ' s social organizations, through the holding of national, provincial or district coordination tables.

Art. 3rd.- The Commission established by the previous article shall consist of UN (1) President, UN (1) Executive Secretary and THREE (3) Vocals. All of them will serve as "ad Honorem."

Art. 4°.- Dismiss the Undersecretariat for Political Action of the INTERIOR MINISTERium to preside over the NATIONAL FISCAL EARTH COMMITTEE - PROGRAMME "ARRAIGO", who will designate the other members of the same.

Art. 5°.- The Commission may require reports and consultations to any area of the National Administration that is linked to the topics of its competence, and may also contact representatives of the private sector in accordance with its purposes.

Art. 6°.- Expenditures required to comply with this decree shall be treated provisionally and until the specifics are settled, with available credits from the General Budget of the National Civil Service, Jurisdiction 20 - NATION PRESIDENCE.

Art. 7°.- Contact, post, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.- MENEM.- July I. Mera Figueroa.